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Shock! Democrats for Life choose democrats instead of life October 20, 2010

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Perhaps you’ve heard that an ugly Obama democrat, Steve Dreihaus of Ohio’s first congressional district, is suing the very good pro-life group Susan B. Anthony list for running ads highlighting the fact hat Dreihaus voted for abortion funding Obamacare.  He’s managed to force the pro-life ads out of his district with a court injunction.  Too bad, he’s going to lose badly, anyways.  But, as per their usual modus operandi, Democrats for Life is endorsing Dreihaus in this fight, even though Democrats for Life originally opposed Obamacare, until it was passed into law, when, all of a sudden, it’s the most pro-life piece of legislation in the history of the UNIVERSE!  Jill Stanek has the complete story here.  The turnaround would be pathetic, if it weren’t such a tired cliche by now.

I wish, I pray, there would be truly pro-life democrats.  Sadly, for the vast majority of that group, when it comes down to “support the party” vs. “support the most innocent among us,” guess which they almost invariably choose?

St. Augustine on ‘the primacy of individual conscience’ October 20, 2010

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St. Augustine struggled massively with his conscience on his road to becoming not just a faithful Catholic, but also a Saint and Doctor of the Church.  He remains one of the leading Catholic thinkers of all time.  But, for a very long time, St. Augustine could not reconcile himself with the Church because he had interests (and sins) that cut him off from the Church.  At least St. Augustine was honest – while these failings remained, he would not even try to become a member of the Church.  But he recognized how our thinking can remove us from the Light of Christ and cut us off from God’s Grace, whether we are “in” the Church or not.

From Confessions, Book VIII, Chapter 10:

These people want to be light, not in the Lord, but in themselves, because they think that the nature of the(ir) soul is the same as God.  In this way their darkness becomes denser still, because in their abominable arrogance they have separated themselves still further from you, who are the true Light which englightens every soul born into the world [Jn 1:9].  I say to them ‘Take care what you say, and blush for shame.  Enter God’s presence, and find there enlightenment……’

……when a man tries to make a decision, he has one soul which is torn between conflicting wills. 

From Book IX, Chapter 1:

But you, O Lord, are good.  You are merciful.  You saw how deep I was sunk in death (due to his unwillingness to accept Church doctrine – ED), and it was your power that drained dry the well of corruption in the depths of my heart.  And all that you asked of me was to deny my own will and accept yours.

For St. Augsutine, then, one could either conform one’s mind and heart to the Doctrine of the Faith, or remain outside the Church.  Unfortunately, because of the Vatican II Declaration on Religious Liberty Dignitatus Humanae and a phrase “the primacy of the individual conscience,” many Catholics have presently convinced themselves that it is quite noble and wonderful to reject Church Doctrine, if, after ‘prayerful’ contemplation and review of their conscience, they find that they just cannot ‘accept’ some aspect of that doctrine, the crotchal issues generally being the most popular sources if dissent.  St. Augustine would have found this unthinkable, and would have lambasted modern day dissenters in the same manner he lambasted the Manicheans.  It is impossible to form one’s conscience and arrive at a point outside the Doctrine of the Church if you are a faithful Catholic.  Much doctrine requires a positive assent, including those sexual issues that are so little followed today. 

But, of course, many Catholics have received very bad models in the form of wayward shepherds, who, for whatever reasons, have rejected the Faith themselves.  This was the crux of Cardinal-elect Raymond Burke’s speech, wherein he stated, “Man is tempted to view the magisterium in relation to his individualism and self-pursuit,” he told the large gathering of representatives belonging to the pro-life movement. Referring to the popularly known phrase “cafeteria Catholicism,” he called first and foremost on bishops to uphold the natural moral law, reminding them of Benedict XVI’s exhortation to bishops “to be aware of the challenges of the present hour and have the courage to face them.”  We will never have great adherence to the Doctrine of the Faith among the laity so long as there are numerous bishops, like Gumbleton and Mahoney and  McCarrick and many others, who publically either reject, or simply ignore, Doctrines of the Faith, and who provide cover for others who are even more bold.  This lack of leadership, this equivocation on the Faith and hobnobbing with public sinners like the Kennedy’s, is beyond a scandal, it is a grave sin.  We will not have unity in the Church and adherence to the Truths revealed by Christ until the leadership of the Church provides a strong example.  There is much pruning that will have to occur to get to that point.

So, uh, yeah, Burke’s speech has me kind of fired up.  I pray he is our next Pope.  Or Ranjith.  Or Arinze.  Or maybe Ouellet.  There’s getting to be a number of good choices.

One more thought on the Intercessors of the Lamb October 20, 2010

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The evidence we’ve been presented makes it seem that the closing of the Intercessors was a good and prudent move on the part of Archbishop Lucas.  I’m wondering, though, when will Archbishop Lucas act against similar groups that are outside the bounds of Catholic Doctrine or morals?   Virtually every diocese nowadays, sadly, has its ‘progressive’ priests or religious who are rejecting Church doctrine, and I’m certain that Omaha is no different.  I know that our good friend Sr. Joyce Rupp and her order hail from there (at the Servite Center of Compassion). 

We all know there are a number of very problematic religious orders out there boldly proclaiming how they reject the Truth of the Faith.  I would feel quite comforted if such quick and decisive action could be taken against them, as it was in the case of the Intercessors.

What a nice pic October 20, 2010

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A recently ordained Carmelite Monk of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Wyoming (commonly known as the Mystic Monks) offers Communion to his parents after his ordination.  I got sent this picture as part of a mass mailing from the Mystic Monk coffee side of the monastery, so you may have seen this already, but I don’t care, this is just too awesome not to share.  Tonsures rock!  Tonsures used to be a common sign among male religious, but not so much today.  I am gratified they seem to be making a comeback!

Not to be too much like Fr. Z, but, you know, Christmas is coming, and speciality coffee might make a nice gift.  I’m just saying….

Rejoice – Archbishop Raymond Burke made Cardinal October 20, 2010

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Ah, if only we had a few dozen other prelates with the fire and zeal of Archbishop Cardinal-elect Raymond Burke.   Voris has another video on Burke and his recent speech at the 5th Annual Human Life International meeting, giving more details on the gauntlet Burke has thrown down.  When Burke was transferred to the Roman Curia, many American progressive catholycs rejoiced, feeling that he was being punished for his “transgressions” of boldly proclaiming the Truth of the Faith and refusing to mince words or tolerate dissent.  Yes, quite a punishment, Cardinal-elect Burke has only grown in influence and now will be one of the princes of the Church. 

God has seen fit to answer many prayers with this elevation to the cardinalate.  What to pray for next for this very good man?

Another excellent addition to the Cardinalate – Cardinal-elect Malcolm Ranjith.  You should check out what he’s doing with the Diocese of Colombo’s Year of the Eucharist.