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Sister Carol Keehan visited White House 15 times October 21, 2010

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My favorite woman religious (no, really), Sr. Carol Keehan, visited the White House 15 times over the past year and a half.  This includes 7 meetings with the president.  That is an incredible level of access.   To give you an idea of how important sweet Sr. Carol is to President Obama, Gen. David Petraeus, you know, the commander of our forces in Afghanistan and formerly commander of all of USCENTCOM, has only been to the White House 4 times in that timeframe.  That doesn’t mean that Obama hasn’t met with Petraeus in other locations, but it gives a feel for how important Keehan is to Obama, and how key a role she played in getting Obamacare passed into law, especially with her giving cover to ostensibly pro-life Catholic democrats to support this disastrous bill.  Some other notable names that have been in the White House less than Keehan –

  • Jim DeMint, senior senator from SC – 1 time
  • Barney Frank, a very important dem represenatative – 2 times
  • David Obey, another key democrat – 9 times
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – 10 times
  • Chuck Schumer, another leading dem senator – 11 times

How many times did some other important Catholic leaders appear in the White House?

  • Cardinal George, head of USCCB – zero times
  • Cardinal-elect Wuerhl, Archbishop of Washington, DC – zero times
  • Archbishop Dolan, Archbishop of NY – 1 or zero times (some person with the same name may have been to White House)

Well, you get the picture.   Obama doesn’t want to meet with the senior leadership of the Church in the United States in order to have his administrative priorities and decisions influenced by Catholic doctrine, he wants to use progressive Catholics for cover to advance his policy agenda.  Don’t believe me?  Well, here are some other Catholics who have gained great access to the President:

  • Larry Snyder, CEO of Catholic Charities USA has visited the White House 12 times, including 3 meetings with Obama.  Catholic Charities USA was/is a strong supporter of Obamacare
  • Lloyd Dean, head of Catholic Healthcare West, the largest Catholic Health Association hospital group (and the most profitable – non-profit is for suckers), and another Obamacare supporter – 4 White House visits including 1 meeting with Obama
  • David Nolan of Catholics for Choice, three visits
  • Chris Korzen, head of Catholics United, 4 visits

There’s a pretty clear connection.  All those who have had access to the President and White House staff support Obama’s agenda in no uncertain terms.  They are plainly involved in advancing that agenda.  They seem to have determined that their support for “social justice” agenda items trumps numerous concerns by bishops and virtually all pro-lifers,  and seek to advance the progressive agenda, and, specifically, the passage of a national socialist health care scheme, the great dream of progressives for decades.  I’m sure there was also a great deal of strategizing, etc., and perhaps even some lip service was paid to trying to convince the most pro-abort President in history to make Obamacare ‘abortion neutral.’  The simple fact of the matter is, that was never going to happen, and you’d have to be deliberately blind not to see that.  We had the most pro-abort democrat administration and congress ever – there was no way they would make Obamacare abortion neutral.  Too much of their support and funding comes from the pro-abort side for that to ever happen.

The long road ahead – government funded contraception and the collapse of Catholic faith October 21, 2010

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So, Planned Parenthood, those champions of the unborn <cough>, are not satisfied with having Obamacare provide the single largest expansion in abortion since Roe v. Wade.  See, that only takes care of the current customers.  In order to insure a steadily growing supply of those seeking abortion, Planned Parenthood is targeting the seed bed for that abortion demand – getting contraception funded by Obamacare drug plans. 

There is no doubt, Planned Barrenhood knows how to sell.  Any group that can make the grisly murder of children sound like a idyllic, empowering experience, has got to be good at the art of the sale.  And so, they have commissioned polls, asking whether “free” contraception (meaning, paid for by you and me) should be included in the Obamacare drug care plans.  According to the PP poll, 70% of Americans think it’s a wonderful idea.  And, as a further measure of how Catholics no longer fight the dissolution of Christian culture, but are actually leading the destruction, 77% of Catholic women think that “free” contraception should be provided by Obamacare – higher than the national average.  In fact, Catholics are slightly more likely to use artificial contraception than the average US population – way to go Distorter, CCCB, and others! 

I’m not surprised by PPs actions – they are in the business of abortion, and they intend to insure that business remains good.  I continue to be shocked by the mass apostasy of Catholice, however.

We’ve a long row to hoe.  So, let’s see, how many Catholic doctrines have been rejected by the majority of US Catholics, as revealed by recent polls?

We don’t have any recent polling data, but most Catholics probably also reject Church doctrine on priestly celibacy, the impossiblity of ordaining women to the priesthood, papal infallibility, and apostolic succession/the priesthood as a necessity for the reception of the Sacraments.  However, American Catholics do strongly believe in the existence of both unicorns and vampires, so there’s that. 

These polls are beyond sad, they’re tragic, but some of these figures are so low they’re almost a joke.  They also point to a complete, systemic breakdown in the dissemination and enforcement of doctrine in the US Church.   How could this come to be?  How could the leaders of the Church have failed so completely, utterly in their mission to support, defend, and spread the Faith?   Is anyone else embarrassed by this?

We are in the midst of the biggest mass apostasy  since Arius.  Where is our Athanasius?

Well, I wish, but not really.

St. John Bosco’s vision of hell October 21, 2010

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My lovely wife sent this to me.  I pray she is not sending me a discreet message, but I would be wise to take the hint, regardless.

Too many Catholics, and Christians in general, reject the notion of hell today.  We think it is a medieval concept we have evolved far beyond.  The Saints did not share this happy outlook.  Most despaired that only a very small part of humanity would be saved, even with God’s infinite Mercy, because most have turned so far from that Mercy that they cannot even recognize its presence.  I think we would do well to hear far more frequent, and, frankly, frightening, discourses on hell, as it is a fate that could await any of us.

We can only follow the Church to the very best of our ability, turn away from sin, and fling ourselves on the ground before God’s Mercy.  I pray that we may all be found pleasing to Him at that moment of judgement.