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Dear God – study determines how long it takes to starve an infant to death October 25, 2010

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And no, this isn’t some sicko computer model or something – some Canadian “doctor” has been conducting studies on severely disabled children to see how long they can will last when food and water are withheld as part of “palliative care.” 

Neonatal survival after withdrawal of artificial hydration and nutrition can last up to 26 days, according to a case series presented here at the 18th International Congress on Palliative Care. Although physical distress is not apparent in the infants, the psychological distress of parents and clinicians builds with the length of survival, said Hal Siden, MD, from Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“These babies live much, much longer than anybody expects. I think that neonatologists and nurses and palliative care clinicians need to be alerted to this,” he said. “The time between withdrawal of feeding and end of life is something that is not predictable, and you need to be cautioned very strongly about that if you are going to do this work.” He presented a series of 5 cases that clinicians at his hospice had overseen over a 5-year period.

This makes me want to jump off a bridge.   How sick is this world we live in?  How can this be, that a doctor can publish in a “distinguished” medical journal the effects of intentionally starving a poor baby to death?!  I don’t care what disease the poor child had – why would you do this?  They lasted weeks!  They suffered who knows how much.  What kind of a person could stand by and watch the baby grow more and more emaciated, suffering more and more.  This is unspeakable.

One of the terrible cults that existed in the Holy Land at the time the Jews came into their inheritance after the Exodus was the cult of Moloch/Baal.  This monstrous cult involved a statue shaped like a half-man/half animal (sometimes a bull, sometimes a dog?), which contained a fire pit within it or just in front, where the human like hands of the creature were heated to red hot, and on which were placed infants to be burned alive.  Faithful Jews repeatedly had to stamp this cult out, as related in the books of Kings.  Even back then, people just couldn’t stand not killing their own children, apparently, because the cult kept coming back and back and back, only to be wiped out again and again.  Well, I fear it is making a comeback today, between abortion, infants born alive and left to die, and now this.  We humans, in our fallen nature, are easy prey to the forces of darkness if we do not cling tightly to God.  And many people have completely lost sight of this. 

Lord God, source of all life and holiness, source of all that is good, infinitely merciful and tender beyond measure, please accept these poor suffering children into your loving embrace.  May they bask eternally and blissfully in your glory forever, amen.

Progressive nuns channel Alinsky, engage in corporate politics October 25, 2010

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How are these activities related to their religious rule?

A number of “progressive” women religious have chosen to use donations to their orders (and, one would presume, investments) to attack corporations by purchasing stock, and then using that stock ownership to pester corporations through proxy fights:

Although the Vatican has yet to complete its apostolic visitation of women’s religious communities in the United States, many Catholics are already aware that the more progressive religious orders have moved far from their original mission of supporting the Church through prayer, service, education, and evangelization. Shifting into the areas of politics, gender rights, environmental issues, and finance, some of these women religious  have become so involved in proposing shareholder-sponsored resolutions in proxy voting on corporate finance that Time magazine recently published an article titled “Nuns vs. Bankers: The Shareholder Proxy Wars.”

Drawing from Saul Alinsky’s 1970s “Proxies for People” strategy, progressive nuns are now attending shareholders’ meetings and engaging in proxy votes to confront corporations on issues ranging from executive compensation and derivatives to military spending to “ending the corporate control of (bottled) water.” (Time reports that under “Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules, any shareholder of a publicly traded company that has held $2,000 worth of that corporation’s stock for at least a year can send in a proposal to be voted on at the firm’s annual meeting.”)

In “Nuns vs. Bankers,” Time reported on the role that the New Jersey-based Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth played in demanding that Citigroup ratify a proposal requiring the company to issue a report by the end of the year stating its policies on the collateral used to back many of the bank’s most complicated trades. The Sisters of Mercy have demanded that Lockheed Martin detail how much money it spends developing space weapons.

Another issue of interest to progressive religious orders, especially the Franciscans, is environmentalism. Claiming that the Franciscan Federation has a “special tie to environmental issues because of the emphasis on nature in the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi,” the federation has collaborated with Protestant churches in making interfaith statements at the World Water Forum…..

The commitment to end what the nuns see as the “corporate claim on water” has led Sr. Betty Kenny, a member of the (Rochester, Minnesota) Sisters of St. Francis to lead her sisters to buy “token shares of stock in the big water companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle. We do this so we can work the stock—vote proxies, contact the company CEOs, and attend the shareholder meetings.”

Of all the possible problems facing the Church, of all the calls to serve the Lord, to bring souls to a loving, devout relationship with Jesus Christ, to pray for the good of souls, to work in an active external apostolate……a number of “progressive” nuns have determined that Coca Cola makes too much bottled water.  It would be laughable if it weren’t true.  This is nothing more than pursuing another sacred shibolleth of the left – corporations are bad, evil, and greedy, and if they are successful producing, marketing, and selling a product, there must be some nefarious purpose afoot.  That the efforts of these female religious seems to coincide with far, far left political agendas is, I am quite certain, strictly accidental, and would certainly in no way indicate  that these sisters have perhaps co-mingled Jesus and Marx just a bit too much. 

Whatever the intentions, they are following a plan put together by that scion of American leftist radicalism, Saul Alinsky:

Alinsky, Time reported in 1970, “would solicit proxies from foundations, mutual funds, union welfare funds, churches, and universities and vote them to compel corporations to pursue such social goals as ending pollution,” adding that he was “getting voluntary proxies every day from individual sympathizers—and telephone calls from worried and presumably un-emancipated corporate executives sounding him out about his intentions.”

Progressive Catholic parishes always held a strong appeal for Alinsky because of the access these parishes afford to organizers. As we reported earlier in CWR (April 2010), Alinsky began his “Proxies for People” program in Catholic parishes in Rochester, New York in the aftermath of serious race riots in the late 1960s. Convincing Catholic parishioners who held Kodak stock to turn their proxies over to his organizing group…….

So, there you go….channeling their leader.  But, one of Alinsky’s most important lessons to his followers was that it is critical to choose your target carefully.  Coca Cola, Pepsico, these are big, ugly corporations that every good daughter of Marx religious sister should hate.  Others, not so much:

Still, these nuns are selective about exactly when and where they choose to wield that passport. Attempting to transform the bottled water industry, and claiming that they care deeply about out-of-control executive compensation in financial firms, progressive nuns ignore the fact that among the highest-paid executives in the country are those who run Catholic health organizations and institutions. These progressive nuns conveniently pay no attention to the fact that most of these highly paid administrators are members of the Catholic Health Association, a lobbying organization led by one of their own sisters, Sr. Carol Keehan.

As CWR reported earlier this year, Lloyd Dean, the CEO of Catholic Healthcare West, is one of the highest-paid hospital administrators in the country. Recently appointed to chair the board of the Catholic Health Association, Dean received a salary of $5.3 million from Catholic Healthcare West, a hospital system based in San Francisco. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ascension Health paid its CEO an annual salary of $3.3 million.

Well, I’m sure they have a very good explanation for their selective outrage.  Shut up, they explained.

Huge swaths of American female religious are utterly out of control and use the Church solely as a (still) highly respected organization with which to give their efforts more credence.  After all, who could deny the plaintive cries of a poor, downtrodden religious sister, and who could possibly be more selfless, more caring for the good of all the oppressed proletariat masses people?

This apostolic visitation, I pray there are very significant changes coming from it.  But, by the by, it will not matter, ultimately – most of these orders will be completely gone within 20 years or so.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Read the whole thing.

Oh, I almost forgot – one female religious, so called “Green Franciscan sister” Janet Corcoran refers to our planet as “Sister Mother Earth”

Pelosi – “My faith……..does not pass through the hierarchy” October 25, 2010

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Wow.  She just does not/will not get it.    I don’t know who formed Nancy Pelosi, but she sure did not get formed in the Faith very well. 

Catholyc Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, whose days in Congress are numbered, in an interview with Politics Daily published today (emphasis mine):

[Pelosi’s] own pro-choice votes have caused her some agita as a Catholic who attends daily Mass, and whose staff has to locate a church for her wherever she travels. Given her clashes with the hierarchy of her church, has there ever been a moment when she thought of leaving it? This notion doesn’t seem to compute.
“Leaving?” Leaving the Catholic Church, I clarify. “Nooo,” she says, laughing as if the thought is too ridiculous to even contemplate. “No, no, no. I think some people might like me to do that. No, no, my faith is very important to me, and I view my connection to the church to be a very personal one — not passing through the hierarchy of the Catholic Church — but it is a source of strength and joy to me in my life.”

The tragedy of Nancy Pelosi, I’m beginning to think, is not so much that she has intentionally warped her faith, but that she is woefully ignorant of it (the question about whether she is willfully ignorant is beyond my ability to surmise).

The responsibility for this pitiful state of affairs, considering the havoc she has caused for a culture of life during her tenure as speaker of the house, I am tempted to say sits squarely on the shoulders of her bishop Archbishop Niederauer.

It is up to the Archbishop to speak to this woman, to invite her for a conversation about what the Church is and how her faith, by nature, is indeed “passed through the heirarchy.” (Apostolic succession, anyone?). If the Archbishop’s attempts to have this one-on-one have been rebuffed, it is up to him to use other pastoral means of communicating clearly to her that her salvation is in jeopardy.

Ignorance is not an ultimate excuse for Nancy Pelosi. And her comments above reinforce my conclusion that, when it comes to the most basic questions about our Catholic faith, Pelosi isn’t deriving any personal benefit from the bishop’s heirarchical responsibility to teach.

Ouch.  Peters is what I would term a very reasonable voice.  He’s no screeching bombast like me, so that last sentence has to leave a mark.   Who, then, will take the responsibility to try to shake this woman from her “spirit of Vatican II, primacy of the individual conscience”  stupor?  Who will have the mercy to save her?  Numerous lay people have tried publically, the Pope has apparently tried privately…..the only recourse would seem to take the formation/criticism public.  That’s what many orthodox/traditional Catholics have been saying for  years.  It would almost certainly engender an extremely nasty retaliation.  I’m sure it would cause the Church, and the bishop, pain.  But what price a soul? 

Problems with the New American Bible October 25, 2010

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Have you ever been at Mass, and realized that the day’s readings included one of your favorite parts of a Gospel, say, and then, when it is read by the priest, it’s totally different from what you remember?  The language is all changed, it’s clumsy, the meaning may have seemed to have changed, and poetry that existed before has been completely butchered.  If you’ve noticed this, you’re not alone.  Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC blog (if you don’t read this blog, you should – it’s about a  post a day of some very timely topics with a healthy dose of orthodoxy and even some in depth coverage, incredible for a diocesan blog) has taken on the New American Bible (NAB), the ‘Catholic’ translation used during Mass, and the many problems therein.   His latest post discusses how the NAB, through continual re-translations/mistranslations, has seemingly changed Catholic doctrine on purgatory.  He has also noted in the past that NAB has rendered specific condemnations of sexual immorality down to just immorality – which could mean almost anything.  Political correctness run amock?  Scholars caving to the culture? 

If you go to the first link, Msgr. Pope asked readers to chime in with some problem areas they’ve found in the NAB, and many of the comments are quite informed.  Any particular problems you’ve found with NAB, aside from the butchering of the language in order to be gender neutral?

Home Depot continues to fund pride parades October 25, 2010

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Recently in Atlanta, another gay pride festival was held.  Atlanta is the site of the corporate headquarters of Home Depot.  Home Depot chose to again be a major sponsor of a gay pride parade/festival, and, this being their hometown, were the major sponsor for the event.  They handed out numerous goodies, operated a booth, and paid, at least partially (but it looks more like entirely) for the festival map.  Some of the events associated with this festival included a “Dyke March,” a “Trans(gender) March,” and a gay marriage “commitment ceremony.” 

I used to do alot of business at Home Depot.  I no longer will due to their support of events like this and their associations with Planned Barrenhood.