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Awesomeness – congratulate Archbishop Raymond Burke! October 26, 2010

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I found this on New Liturgical Movement – a link to a site that lets you send congratulations to Archbishop Raymond Burke on his appointment to the Cardinalte!  My friend Steve B also gave me an e-mail address where you can send a quick, kind, appreciative word. 


Many, including me, are very pleased that such a man, who so boldly proclaims the Truths of our Faith, has been elevated to such a high, influential position in the Church.  Let us pray we have many more such men!

And for something similarly uplifting……..tonsures!  When will our local priests get theirs? 

There is a place for righteous anger October 26, 2010

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Recently, a writer for AP wrote a story that discussed how faithful Catholic (she used the dread term “conservative”) bloggers dominate the Internet and are making life more difficult for those who reject Church doctrine but insist that they, the rejecters, are the true faithful Catholics.  She quoted John Allen of the Distorter referring to faithful Catholic bloggers (like me?) as “Taliban Catholics” and used other emotional terms like “purge,” “enraged,” “witch hunt,” etc.  to describe faithful, or orthodox, Catholics.  The image she was trying to create was of borderline insane spittle flecked hyper conservative hypocritical morons engaging in thoughtless attacks on those they deem less holy than they.  Not a flattering portrait.  I wasn’t going to comment on it (the story has been out since last week), but the very good Msgr. Charles Pope at the Archdiocese of Washington, DC blog had a post that I think is intended to address these criticisms, at least tangentially.  Pope argues that too many people conflate holiness with “being nice,” and faithful humility with being uber-politically correct and progressively tolerant (basically, agreeing with the mores and customs of the dominant society).  Msgr. Pope rightly reminds that there is much more to holiness than that:

But true holiness, while it does not seek a fight, does not easily fit into this world’s schemes and categories. It tends to run against the grain and upset the status quo. Jesus could surely be kind, merciful and forgiving. But he was also holy. And true holiness does not compromise the truth, does not go along to get along. It does not remain silent just so everyone can be happy and unoffended. Jesus did not end up on the Cross because he was “basically a nice person.” He spoke the truth in love. He prophetically denounced hypocrisy, duplicity, sin and injustice. It is true he also blessed children and repentant sinners found refuge in him and a strong advocate. But Jesus was no fool, and he didn’t just go around slapping every one’s back and being nice. Jesus was holy. And holiness is hot to the touch. It is not easily endured by the tepid and worldly minded. They killed him for it.

Too many Christians have substituted niceness for holiness and hence endure almost no hostility from the world. Too many Christians think that getting along and being popular is their main task. Having enemies is somehow “unchristian.”  Never mind that Jesus told us to love our enemies (which presupposes we have some). No, having enemies is surely a sign that we are not getting along with people and that is not very nice (err….”holy”).

Now this attitude is deadly to living a prophetic Christian witness. Of course the word “witness” is Biblically tied to the word “martyr.”  Martyrs do not end up dead by being nice. They usually end up dead or at least persecuted by running afoul of the world’s norms and priorities. And when told to be nice and go along to get along, they declined and continued as an irritant to a world that demands compromise with evil, approval of sin,  and silence about faith. But this is our call, not to be nice, to be holy. Holy means “set apart,” “distinct from what is around it.”

There is a  place for niceness and ordinary human kindness. But the point is that holiness cannot be reduced to this….

All of the above is very true.  Too many conflate “niceness” and “holiness.”  And there are a number of people in the Church who may not be doing what they should be doing, or who have left the reservation, if you will, regarding one issue or another of Catholic doctrine, and they get angered when they are called to account.   But, more importantly, above and beyond any issue of “winning” the debates between orthodox and progressive Catholics, is the fact that there are far, far too many people who let the culture tell them to shut up regarding their faith.  After all, you don’t want to be one of those holy rollers, do you?  You don’t want to be ……extreme.  And so, as the pervasiveness of the dominant culture has steadily increased through the omnipresent exposure to media and advertising, there has been more and more pressure on Catholics and all people of faith to “JUST……SHUT……UP!!!!”  Just be nice.  Don’t question anything anyone else is doing.  After all, we’re all basically “good” people, right?  It’s not like we’ve murdered anyone!   This view is so wrong.  So few Catholics have a clue as to what it really means to live the Faith, to live like a Saint, to give all for God.  I’m not saying I do have such a vision, I wish I did, but I do my best trying to adhere to the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church, and I try not to be shy in proclaiming that Truth.  I know I fall very short of where I should be, but I pray that God’s Grace will help me to grow.  The problem is that the vast majority of Catholics and all American people of faith simply have no idea they are supposed to be doing any better! 

Back to my original point…..obviously, “progressive” Catholics who became accustomed, over decades, to having their way in the Church, to having only their views be seen as normal and acceptable in modern American culture (against the stupid bullheaded obstinacy of Rome), are becoming increasingly upset at constantly losing the arguments on the internet and constantly having their influence reduced.  That is the reason for an article like the one published in AP.  Carl Olsen does a great job of pointing out the flaws in the AP article, and progressive Catholics joining in the calumny,  here and here.  You should read them both. 

We in the blogging world can expect more attacks on our collective character.  I’m afraid at this point, its better to be hated than to be ignored.  Orthodox Catholics were frequently ignored from the period say 1960 – 2000.  It is almost impossible to do that now, and so the feelings are running hotter.  I am certain there will be calls for the Vatican to somehow censure bloggers.  I doubt it will happen, but keep praying for conversion, for all of us, and that our Church may become a more faithful and glorius instrument of God’s Will, whatever happens.

Offensive democrat party ad attacks Church October 26, 2010

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This is everywhere, so I may as well add my bit.  A picture below shows a Catholic priest wearing a button that says “IGNORE THE POOR.”

So, a democrat party group in Minnesota is using this ad apparently to stir up an anti-Catholic vote.  It is amazing to me how shabbily the democrats treat the Church, and those Catholics who continue to vote for the party of death just keep taking it.  I feel badly for those folks.  I’m not sure why they continue to support this party, when so little of its agenda is in alignment with Catholic doctrine, but I pray they will come to realize that their constant giving cover to the democrats is not going to make that party any more respectful of the Church or the Truth it holds.  The democrat leadership views people as tools with which to advance an agenda, nothing more, and will throw you under the bus at the first convenient moment.

One more thought – if a Repubnican ad had done something attacking the Church in this manner, would we ever hear the end of the howls of protest from the NCR and America/Commonweal types?

Remember – Fr. Bill Casey at St. Anthony all this week October 26, 2010

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I was there last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed Fr. Casey’s talk.  He’s continuing to speak for the next 3 nights, all starting at 7 pm. 

All the details here.  And it’s free, although on Thursday they will take a collection for the Fathers of Mercy seminarian fund. 

If you don’t go you’re not allowed to read my blog anymore.  What?  You’re in Yellowknife?  So?

Bishop Farrell wins high praise in DMN October 26, 2010

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So, many may have seen this already, but the Dallas Morning News had an article on Bishop Farrell this last Sunday.   Full disclosure: I was interviewed for this article, but none of my comments made it into the article.  My reaction to the article?  Meh.  It’s very laudatory, and Bishop Farrell does merit praise for the fact that the vocations implosion/massive drought has seemingly ended, but I’m not certain his actions have played too much of a role in that (maybe they have behind the scenes, I don’t know, but publically it’s hard to see any concrete actions that would contributed to the rise).  I have been disappointed/mystified by some of the actions taken in the Diocese over the last year or more – I was told by diocesan staff that Bishop Farrell personally reviewed and approved various problem speakers like Sr. Rupp and Dr. Gaillardetz.  There is much more that has merited comment over the past year, and I have some personal issues close to my heart that I haven’t blogged about much that is a further source of disappointment, but I must also recognize that there do seem to be a number of areas where things are going much better than they were under the previous reign of terror (joking……or am I?).  Thank God we haven’t had any major abuse scandal.  Vocations are up, way up.  The Diocese and most of the parishes are on more solid financial footing.  And the gradual return towards orthodoxy continues, painfully slowly, but this is more driven by the laity and a few priests than by anything else.  Bishop Farrell did allow Mater Dei to acquire their own parish facility, and that is a great thing for which many, myself included, will always be thankful.  Catholic formation remains terrible, but the Bishop says he is trying to improve that, so, I pray he is successful in whatever endeavours are ongoing. 

It is no secret that Bishop Farrell inherited a, how should I say this?……..truly challenging situation.  There were a huge number of problems.  I would say his leadership is needed and appreciated.  Hot heads like me always clamor for more more more, because I really love the Church and the people in it and want what I, probably pridefully (sorry Lord) think is best for the Church, so there are areas of disappointment for me but I must recognize that that Diocese appears to be much better off than it was a few years ago. 

I don’t think anything could help Bishop Farrell more than our continuing prayers for him and this Diocese.

Fantastic video from PRI detailing how Obamacare funds abortion October 26, 2010

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Alot of people get confused about how Obamacare might pay for abortion.  Between all the different versions of the bill that created Obamacare, all the subterfuge floated by Obamacare supporters, and just the arcane process by which language gets included in a bill and then the smoke screen of Obama’s executive order, alot of people don’t know what to believe, and that’s the point.  Obamacare supporters like Sr. Carol Keehan use all this confusion to create doubt about the true nature of Obamacare, and whether it provides a means to fund abortion with your federal income tax dollars (Sr. Keehan may actually believe that Obamacare doesn’t fund abortion, but she is deluding herself if that’s the case).  To cut throught the fog, the great Population Research Institute has produced another one of their very clear and concise videos to show how Obamacare can/will fund abortion.  We’ve already seen cases where local agencies, using provisions of Obamacare, were preparing to pay for women’s abortions using federal dollars, but vigilant pro-lifers caught on and were able to prevent that from happening.  But the enemies of life are very clever, and will likely succeed in their efforts to fund abortion more often than not.  The video: