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Bishop Farrell wins high praise in DMN October 26, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, North Deanery.

So, many may have seen this already, but the Dallas Morning News had an article on Bishop Farrell this last Sunday.   Full disclosure: I was interviewed for this article, but none of my comments made it into the article.  My reaction to the article?  Meh.  It’s very laudatory, and Bishop Farrell does merit praise for the fact that the vocations implosion/massive drought has seemingly ended, but I’m not certain his actions have played too much of a role in that (maybe they have behind the scenes, I don’t know, but publically it’s hard to see any concrete actions that would contributed to the rise).  I have been disappointed/mystified by some of the actions taken in the Diocese over the last year or more – I was told by diocesan staff that Bishop Farrell personally reviewed and approved various problem speakers like Sr. Rupp and Dr. Gaillardetz.  There is much more that has merited comment over the past year, and I have some personal issues close to my heart that I haven’t blogged about much that is a further source of disappointment, but I must also recognize that there do seem to be a number of areas where things are going much better than they were under the previous reign of terror (joking……or am I?).  Thank God we haven’t had any major abuse scandal.  Vocations are up, way up.  The Diocese and most of the parishes are on more solid financial footing.  And the gradual return towards orthodoxy continues, painfully slowly, but this is more driven by the laity and a few priests than by anything else.  Bishop Farrell did allow Mater Dei to acquire their own parish facility, and that is a great thing for which many, myself included, will always be thankful.  Catholic formation remains terrible, but the Bishop says he is trying to improve that, so, I pray he is successful in whatever endeavours are ongoing. 

It is no secret that Bishop Farrell inherited a, how should I say this?……..truly challenging situation.  There were a huge number of problems.  I would say his leadership is needed and appreciated.  Hot heads like me always clamor for more more more, because I really love the Church and the people in it and want what I, probably pridefully (sorry Lord) think is best for the Church, so there are areas of disappointment for me but I must recognize that that Diocese appears to be much better off than it was a few years ago. 

I don’t think anything could help Bishop Farrell more than our continuing prayers for him and this Diocese.

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