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CCHD plans reforms October 27, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, scandals.

CCHD, oft the target of many Catholic bloggers (including me) is claiming it will institute reforms to “insure” funds don’t go to groups that work against the Doctrine of the Faith.  10 new “commitments” are promised, which, we are told, will absolutely GUARANTEE! that noooo pro-abort/gay marriage/leftist apparachik  (oops) group will ever again get Catholic money.   Apparently, there was at least a semi-serious move afoot within the USCCB to kill of CCHD, but its supporters obviously successfully staved that off.  It remains to be seen whether these “reforms,” like many that have gone before, will result in better results.  I pray it does, but I’m not going to just blindly declare victory for CCHD.  With such a checkered history, this group definitely bears continued monitoring (to the complete annoyance of Bishop Morin). 

One odd factoid is that CCHD normally releases its list of grant recipients in early September, but, this year, is delaying that release until November, shortly before the annual Thanksgiving-week collection in almost all US diocese.  Many critics of CCHD feels this late release of data may be a tactic to reduce the amount of time CCHD critics will have to go over their donation rolls.  I suppose we’ll see how well this ‘reform’ has been implemented when the data are finally released.


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