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Hating on the Church October 28, 2010

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Voris comments on the recent AP article decrying the “conservative” Catholic blogosphere.  If you go to the websites of some newspapers running that article, you will find the most vile anti-Catholic hatred you can imagine.  Many people hate the Church.  It is one of the most acceptable bigotries around.  And some of the strongest haters are former Catholics, the vast majority of which left a Faith they barely, if ever, knew:

BTW, at the link, which I fixed (thanks Fr. Jordan!), the Arizona Central site used the .html “catholic rage” to describe this article.  This is the pushback I was talking about.  There is an inherent bias in that .html tag, and it’s used many other places, from the Washington Post to the Grande Island Gazette.  Plus, the unhinged commenters pick up phrases like “Catholic taliban” and instantly parrot them.   Knowing Alinskyite tactics and how they work (pick a target, freeze it, frame it, destroy it), I have a hard time believing this AP writer just randomly chose to write a high profile article on faithful Catholic blogs.  As the reaction to the Tea Party movement has revealed (plus, an almost infinite number of other examples), if liberals feel they are losing an argument, they call in the hounds.


1. FrDarryl - October 28, 2010

Wrong link (I think)?

2. FrDarryl - October 28, 2010

Thanks. I wanted to read the ‘urquelle’ (azcentral).

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