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The man who most directly contributed to the division of the episcopal church is resigning – UPDATED! November 9, 2010

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“Bishop” Gene Robinson, the man who was named a bishop of the episcopal church in spite of being an admitted adulterer and abandoner of his wife and children (remember, what God has joined together let no man put asunder?) and thus became the first gay bishop in the episcopal church, is resigning, citing the glare of the international spotlight (did he not crave that?) and its impact on his relationship with his “beloved husband Mark.”   He is retiring from the episcopate almost a decade younger than normal for an episcopal bishop.   In addition to essentially splitting the episcopal (and Anglican) church when elected, Robinson has been a further source of strife due to his novel views rejecting much of Scripture and Tradition. 

It is tempting to say uncharitable things, but I think the facts speak for themselves.  This man broke some very solemn vows, and was then elected bishop by a wing, albeit dominant, of the episcopal church that seems at times to view that very old US church more as a platform for political statements than for the proclamation of the gospel.  His election has quickened the split in the US and worldwide anglican church, and started a trend that has now led to the Ordinariate, which some episcopals and a larger number of Anglicans will adopt.  In that way, God has actually used his sin as a tool to bring about unity in the Body of Christ.  There is nothing our Lord cannot, and I pray God and the Holy Spirit may continue to bring more and more anglicans home.

UPDATE: VirtueOnline, a fairly traditional episcopal site, has additional commentary, and it’s pretty hard (but probably just about what is needed).  The money quote: “In or out, Robinson has done all the damage needed to send The Episcopal Church into perpetual decline. He has effectively, by proxy, destroyed the Anglican Communion, as we know it.”

I cannot disagree, although the seeds of decline were sown long ago……about 500 years ago, to be exact.  Once you place the Truth under the dominion of man, it is no longer Truth.  Sorry, but a the major point behind the formation of the Anglican sect was to get out from under the dominion of Rome.  Rome, the Bishop of, is the direct lineal descendant of St. Peter, to whom Christ said “Thou art Cephas (huge rock, boulder, Peter), and upon this Cephas I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

Abortion twits… November 9, 2010

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..errrr, twittering.  It’s all the rage nowadays, a very hot topic on Twitter.  Apparently, pro-aborts feel that making some statement about being proud about one’s abortion in 140 characters or less is sure to win the culture war finally and definitively in favor of abortion, a sort of technological leap beyond ultrasounds (funny that a pro-abort would sound hostile towards ultrasounds, I thought ultrasounds provided knowledge about the infant, and knowledge is power, and feminists/pro-aborts are all about empowering women, so…….anyways).  CNN even did a story on the topic.   So, what are those who have had abortions saying?  Let’s see:

Almost half my life ago, #ihadanabortion. I’m not sorry. I’ve never been sorry. I will never be sorry. Just very, very grateful.

Yep, #IHADANABORTION.. more than one, now that I am ready I am now 7 months pregnant w/ my 2nd child…my body, my decision!

Those who are ANTI-choice shd B glad #ihadanabortion. I went on to finish college, support myself, marry … have 2 honor students. Nice, huh?

“Why is saying #ihadanabortion ‘provocative?’ I had my wisdom teeth out. Is that needlessly provocative? Or ‘i had a baby at 15?’No?”

Ahem…..well, I suppose it is difficult to be artful in 140 characters or less, but are such statements really likely to swing the culture from its current, predominant, and long term pro-life trend towards being in favor of unconstrained abortions?   How do these statements support the major themes of the pro-abort mentality?  To me, these statements sound prideful….”I am sooo proud I had my child violently removed from my body!”  Is this the mentality that pro-aborts want to project?  Do they really want to trivialize it, by comparing it to a wisdom tooth extraction?  It’s hard to see how that supports the claim that abortion is a terribly difficult choice for any woman to make.  None of the above statements seem to corroborate that common pro-abort claim.  And I thought that abortion was something intensely personal?  We always hear pro-aborts claiming that an abortion involves “no one but a woman and her doctor” (leaving untold numbers of would-be fathers likely devastated).  How is sounding “loud and proud” about one’s abortion going to further that major pro-abort theme.

I, of course, am very biased, being completely, 100% dedicated to the Church’s doctrine on the subject, but don’t these “twitters” sound horribly shallow?  Do they not convey a certain, frighteningly blase attitude regarding the death of their child?  My wife will be aghast when she reads this, it would be utterly unthinkable for her to harm one of her children in this manner.  As a father, I cannot fathom it, either, if we lost a child for any reason I would be devastated, and I certainly would not be advertising the fact.  I know many women are devastated by abortion, those involved Silent No More and other groups, but these twits (there I go again) twitterers seem rather different.  These “twitterers” seem to be allowing their pro-abort politics dominate their empathy, love, and common sense.  I wonder if this campaign may not completely backfire, and convey the message that many fanatic pro-aborts (some folks have tracked down some of these twitterers, and a number are involved in the abortion industry) are painfully narcissistic and shallow and seemingly very low on empathy for the life they chose to end?

Homeschooler performance far exceeds public, private schools November 9, 2010

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I’m not kicking you in the groin if you don’t homeschool, but some data are shown below.  Homeschool kids academic performance exceeds either public or private schools, at least in the areas listed here (big hat tip, Aggie Catholics): 


None of this is to say that a public school kid won’t be the next Michael Faraday, but it’s interesting that funding appears to be less an issue in education that other factors like direct contact with the teacher and the curriculum covered.  It’s also interesting that almost 60% of homeschool families have 3 or more kids.  Most Catholic homeschool families are much larger than that.  It ain’t easy, it’s not for everyone, but I think the data shows that homeschooling can be a quite attractive option for many, and I pray the state does not interfere to mess up this good thing that’s going on.

Jesuit university to honor Sr. Carol Keehan November 9, 2010

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Sr. Carol Keehan is the head of the Catholic Health Association, a group of ‘non profit Catholic hospitals’ that manage to make billiosn of dollars a year in profits.  She was instrumental in the passage of Obamacare, providing ‘cover’ for ‘pro-life Catholic politicians’ to vote for the bill that created Obamacare, stating repeatedly, in the face of contradictions from virtually every major bishop and all pro-life groups, that Obamacare would not possibly, never, ever, fund abortion.  She is to be honored soon at the Jesuit University of San Francisco (I would say poor St. Francis, but no one is sorrowful in Heaven):

The University Ministry’s Social Justice Program at the University of San Francisco will honor Sister Carol Keehan, who broke with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to lend support to health care reform legislation after a pro-life amendment was defeated.

According to the announcement, Sister Keehan “has devoted her life to ensure that the poor receive adequate access to health care. Indeed, in her letter sent to Congress representing 59,000 Catholic nuns and more than 50 heads of religious congregations and organizations she remarks, ‘Health care reform is a faith mandate for life and dignity of all of our people’”

I don’t think anyone is arguing that the poor should not have access to health care, and what the above statement ignores is the certitude that Obamacare will fund abortion at some point unless it is barred by law (not executive order) from doing so.  See the video below:

It is disappointing to see a Jesuit university hosting Sr. Keehan, but at the same time, it is not exactly shocking, unfortunately.  There are a number of Catholics and Catholic institutions that seem to either believe that somehow Obamacare will not fund abortion (which is really hard to understand), or feel that the benefit of providing marginally better health insurance coverage some of the poor in this country is a sufficient “achievement” to warrant the permanent enshrinement of abortion as a state guaranteed  “right” (I thougth our rights came from God?).  Either way, it is not a positive reflection of the University of San Francisco’s adherence to the Doctrine of the Faith.