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Conference to address dirth of exorcists November 10, 2010

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A while back, I noted a comment from Spirit Daily regarding the shutdown of the Intercessors of the Lamb by the Diocese of Omaha and the near-simultaneous pulling of Fr. Thomas Euteneuer’s excellent, if scary, book on Exorcism, and wondered if there was a connection (the book is now virtually entirely out of stock – maybe a few Catholic booksellers still have a copy, but they are getting rare – and within a couple of months of release).  Now comes news of a conference to address the dirth of trained exorcists in the United States – there are only 5 or 6.  That’s amazing – that’s one exorcist for every 10 million reported Catholics.  Those guys  must not sleep much – no longer Fr. Euteneur was sacked left Human Life International.

Apparently, this conference, being sponsored by Bishop Paprocki of Springfield, IL, is going to bring in several dozen bishops and priests.  That is very good news, a definite blessing.  After reading Fr. Euteneur’s book, it is apparent that spiritual warfare and even possession are far more real phenomenon than many would like to admit – almost to the point of being frightening. With the darkness gathering in our culture, I am afraid that the services of exorcists will be increasingly in demand as time goes by.  I think I will say a few extra prayers that more priests receive training in this very important apostolate.

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