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Priest involved in “Muslim-Catholic” dialogue decries discrimination against Muslims in US November 11, 2010

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Oh, come on!  Could you have a little more one sided view of things!  Hundreds of Christians are killed in Iraq, and not a peep, but if some jackass in Florida threatens to burn a Koran (while Bibles are burned Saudi, and I know a woman who smuggles Bibles into Iran who would be killed if caught), it’s the end of the world.  And, of course, don’t forget to mention the oh-so-very topical, or-so-very high minded demand that muslims be able to build a cultural indoctrination center, a veritable planting of the flag, so to speak, a couple of blocks from the old WTC complex.  I think we all know why I refer to it as the “old” WTC complex.

The priest quoted, a Fr. Jeffrey Day, went on to state:

Given the current socio-political environment and what is at stake for all of us as people of faith, I believe that it is necessary for us to continue to strive for a relationship where Catholics and Muslims are truly committed to each other’s welfare.

That would be lovely.  And while the muslims Fr. Day is dealing with directly may be fine and kind and tending towards religious tolerance (although, historically, examples of Islamic ‘tolerance’ or not exactly copious), I think it important to  keep in mind that, in the big picture, there is far more persecution of Christians by muslims than the other way around.  I think it might be a good idea to try to keep that perspective in mind.

I would also remind everyone, that violence against other groups, in particular Jews, is far more common, lamentably, than violence against muslims (it is lamentable that any group is experiencing such treatment).  There are about as many incidents of violence against Catholics in the US as there are muslims.

Words cannot express…. November 11, 2010

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….what is owed when so much is given.  All I can say is I and millions of others are in your debt.

Oh, and peace time training can frequently be life threatening.  Case in point – F-22 post stall “maneuvering”