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Late breaking news from 1978 – “New Mass” opposed November 15, 2010

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No, the Church is not a democracy.  What “the people want” does not really matter.  But, while we were down in God’s Own Country, my charming, beautiful wife was digging through some books at my father-in-law’s former abode and found a clipping from a newspaper from 1978.  It’s from the San Francisco Chronicle, dated April 15, 1978, and it is an op-ed concerning complaints by Catholics regarding the New Mass, the Mass according to the 1970 Missal, the Novus Ordo, whatever you want to call it, it’s now the Ordinary Form of the Mass and what is celebrated in 97% or so of parishes in this country.  Why is it interesting?  Because it references a Gallup Poll of Catholics, and bear in mind, this is 1978, after the New Mass had been in use for a decade, and it finds that 70% of Catholics would have preferred, at that time, to have gone back to the “Old Mass.”  They seem to be saying “Yes, thank you, we appreciate your liturgical innovations disconnected from organic development, but we’ll be having no more, thanks, and can we please go back to what the Church celebrated for many centuries?”

But, but but……I thought we had been assured that all Catholics hated the “old” Mass and had been desperately relieved to finally have a Mass they could “understand,” one celebrated in the vernacular?  I thought virtually all the “old” Masses had been celebrated irreverently in 20 minutes by a mumbling priest who was so beaten down by the Latin he could barely stand to get through the liturgy?  Why, after 10 years of “liberation,” would the vast majority of Catholics have wanted to go back to the “old” Mass?  How can this be?

I can see, now, why there were such onerous restrictions placed on the celebration of the Mass of the 1962 Missale Romanum.  I had often wondered about that – it’s one thing to have introduced a “new” Mass, but why be so draconian in eliminating access to the “older” form?  Now I understand.  It seems, if those restrictions had remained in place, the “new” Mass may have been largely ignored and remained largely an exercise in “liturgists run wild.”  It would have died a quiet death.

And we just couldn’t have that.

And, yes, I am now an official “rad-trad” rabid traditionalist foaming at the mouth with sedevacantist conspiracy theories regarding usurped papal elections and the fact there has been no valid Pope since Leo the Great!  So……….I have that going for me.

Yay me!

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