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Perhaps one reason why Fr. Euteneuer’s book was pulled…… November 16, 2010

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…….many in the Church do not like talking about, or even thinking about, exorcisms and spiritual warfare.   A priest from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (are alarm bells going off?) and apparently a leader at the National Federation of Priests Councils (do we really have time for such things, with the enormous shortage of priests?), has belittled exorcism as a valid rite of the Church.  

The conference on exorcism comes at a time, he said, when the church is bringing back traditional practices. The Vatican has authorized the revival of the Latin Mass, and now a revised English translation of the liturgy, said to be closer to a direct translation from the Latin, is to be put in use in American parishes next year.

“People are talking about, are we taking two steps back?” Father Vega said. “My first reaction when I heard about the exorcism conference was, this is another of those trappings we’ve pulled out of the past.”

But he said that there could eventually be a rising demand for exorcism because of the influx of Hispanic and African Catholics to the United States. People from those cultures, he said, are more attuned to the experience of the supernatural.

Is that a bit condescending, perhaps even more than just condescending, but tending towards an air of effete superiority?  Fr. Z then comments:

I think we are more in need now of good and holy exorcists than ever because the Enemy is bold, cunning and has succeeded with the help of men who ought to know better in belittling his malicious work to the point where the “devil” is a punchline.

But consider: the enemy has ability of fallen angels.   They have knowledge and patience.  They never sleep.  They are never distracted.  They never forget.  They never flag in their malice.

Priests would do well to think about the four last things before going to bed.  A priest will be judged by the Just Judge as a priest, not as Joe Sixpack.

Then think about what must go through the mind of a soul during those first ten seconds in hell.

They had better think about hell good and hard, because they are going to go to hell if they by negligence prompt people to stop believing in the attacks of the enemy and the possibility of a judgment that could go very badly indeed.  And he would be, in hell, also a priest forever, with particular torments, special pains.

I am very gratified that Bishop Paprocki has recognized the lack of attention paid to exorcism and spiritual warfare and is seeking to begin to redress this problem.  I pray this conference is well attended, and that bishops everywhere will take exorcism and spiritual warfare very seriously.  With more and more people turning away from God, and more and more influence of the occult and wicca type practices in the culture (and frequently associated with abortion), I pray that bishops will not only allow, but encourage priests to become trained exorcists, as we will likely need their services increasingly in the future.  I pray that Fr. Euteneur and his 5 cohorts, the only current exorcists in the country, will have much company soon.

I was told the story of a girl in this area who may have had a demonic curse placed on her, or something similar.  Anytime she came near the Blessed Sacrament, she would have serious medical problems.  This is a real phenomenon.  It can be very frightening, but we must put on the armor of God, stay in a state of Grace, and trust in the Saving Grace of Christ’s Body and Blood.

Someone asked me about Eastern Rites November 16, 2010

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So here you go, Dave, here is a Byzantine Liturgy done up right, in Rome, courtesy of Orbis Catholicus.

Don’t you like the tiara on the bishop?

For my daughter, also from Orbis Catholicus, St. Philomena’s tomb in Rome Naples:

Dolan named new head of USCCB November 16, 2010

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Praise God!   Eschewing normal procedure, whereby the vice president of USCCB normally ascends to the presidency, the collective bishops of the United States voted to elect Archbishop Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York to head the (misbegotten) USCCB.  I don’t know what role the controversies surrounding Bishop Kicanas of Tuscon affected this decision, or whether the bishops are collectively (and finally) turning away from the Bernadin mode of “engagement” with the culture (meaning tacitly allowing the culture, and most Catholics, to do what they want, irrespective of Church Doctrine), but yippee!  Who cares?!  Dolan may not be perfect, but he’s a far better voice for the leadership of the Church in this country than a man cut in the mold of Bernadin and far too closely associated with sex abuse scandals. 

I will personally say many thanks to God for this decision by the bishops, and pray repeatedly that Archbishop Dolan may be a very strong voice in defense of Catholic Doctrine, always very clearly and forcefully asserting that Doctrine and the rights of the Church with respect to the culture at large.  The back of the Church is rather against the wall, and now is not the time for “accomodation,” but for clear declarations of the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church and leadership that will insist on the best possible service to Christ through His Church from all the members of the Body of Christ.  This is not a “win,” except in the sense that the Church deserves the best leadership possible, and my sensus fidei tells me that Archbishop Dolan will fulfill that role better than Bishop Kicanas.


Another strongly orthodox bishop, Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville, who brought the TLM back to Louisville, KY, was named vice president.  Arch-revisionist Thomas Reese is very upset.

The world is truly upside down November 16, 2010

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First, this:

Then, this:

Now, this, with some beginning comment from Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom:

I bring this up here because over the last few days we’ve been learning quite a bit about enhanced screening machines, radiation scatter, and opt-out pat downs that include “groin checks” — and yesterday, amid an understandable backlash against tales of nuns and children being groped by unionized airport monkeys, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano, while counseling travelers to “be patient” and insisting on the righteousness of this kind of invasive approach to airline security, did make one startling concession: under pressure from CAIR, a Muslim “advocacy” group with ties to Hamas, Napolitano noted that the rules could possibly be changed for Muslims, specifically Muslim women in full hijab. Citing Muslim concerns with modesty, CAIR has told the TSA that scans are out of the question and that pat downs are only permitted around the head and neck of Muslim women. Napolitano was asked specifically about this concern at yesterday’s press conference, with (sadly) predictable resultes:

When asked today if she will insist that Muslim women wearing hijabs must go through full body pat downs before boarding planes, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano did not say yes or no, but told CNSNews.com there will be “adjustments” and “more to come” on the issue.[…]

“Look, we have, like I said before, we are doing what we need to do to protect the traveling public and adjustments will be made where they need to be made,” Napolitano responded. “With respect to that particular issue, I think there will be more to come. But, again, the goal here, you know, we’re not doing this just to do it. We’re doing it because we need to keep powders and gels and liquids off of planes that are unauthorized just as we need to keep metals off of planes.

So nuns can be groped, kids can be literally molested all over, but, my, those fundamentalist muslims in the hijab or burqa are just so sweet and innocent they absolutely cannot have their sacred modesty violated!  That would be horribly un-American!

What a pathetic crock.   Ah, the left……..I cannot say anything without having to go to Confession.

Send message of support to Iraqi Catholics! November 16, 2010

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I think it is fair to say that the Iraqi Catholics have suffered as much as just about any group of Christians on the planet over the last decade or so.  Once a group of almost a million, today it is estimated that only tens of thousands remain.  This ancient Church has existed since apostolic times, and is in danger of being wiped out forever in the horrid violence in that country (way to go, Rummy!).  You can offer them support, however.  Read below:

The Nuncio at the United Nations is offering his diplomatic pouch for direct mail to send messages of fraternal solidarity, support, prayers, and encouragement to the Iraqi Catholics. They need to be to him by Tue and can be emailed.

In case you aren’t aware, the Chaldean Catholics in Iraq, who are Oriental Catholics in full communion with Rome and who are the majority Christian church in Iraq–where Christianity is a very tiny minority–are being targeted for martyrdom in a Christian genocide by Muslim extremists there. While this has been ongoing for years with little to no mainstream publicity, the attacks are ramping up again and are getting a little more publicity as scores more die with increasing regularity.

If you are interested in being one drop in the ocean of prayers and support we hope to flood the remaining Iraqi Christians with, please send your emails to tonuncio@gmail.com and address them to His Beatitude Mar Emmanuel III Delly, Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans. It will be printed and hand-delivered to Archbishop Chullikatt on Tuesday, November 16 and passed on to the nunciature in Iraq on Wednesday morning.

I had this yesterday, but didn’t get to post it until today.  Today is the deadline for messages of support, so e-mail at the address below today!

Fr. Suarez, “healing priest,” coming to area November 16, 2010

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I don’t know much about this guy, but a reliable source informs me he’s legit.  Fr. Fernando Suarez of the Companions of Christ will be in the Dallas area the last week of November.  Details below:

6:30 PM
Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service
1585 E. Cartwright Road
Mesquite, Texas 75149
Pastor: Rev. Father Ernie Torres

Gina Wong : (214) 235 1942 e-mail: gina.dfw@gtttravel.com
Anthony Wong : (214) 882 0492
Emmie Samaniego : (469) 951-4366


7:00 PM
Eucharistic Celebration followed by Healing Service
950 Trails Parkway
Garland, Texas 75043
Pastor: Rev. Father Joseph Mahan Jr.

Gina Wong : (214) 235 1942, e-mail: gina.dfw@gtttravel.com
Anthony Wong : (214) 882 0492
Emmie Samaniego : (469) 951-4366

If you need some healing or just want to see a charismatic, healing type priest in action, go check him out!

CCHD insider speaks November 16, 2010

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