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40% of Americans say marriage doomed November 18, 2010

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Doomed as an institution, that is.  Well, what do you think when most folks reduce their marriage to an infertile cohabitation, a sort of friends with benefits kind of existence? 

Other findings include a plurality of Americans thinking “new modes of family life” like unmarried couples having children together, single parent households, etc,. are a postive development for society vis a vis the traditional two parent household (34%), while 29% think it makes no difference, confirming what sociologists have been claiming for years – 2/3 of the American public is completely clueless. 

Really……gay couples having kids, unmarried mothers with 4 kids, these are positive developments?!?!  Did anyone of these positive respondents think at all when asked this question, or do they all make up one of those non-traditional groups?!?

I’m going to quit blogging, or I’ll wind up a serial depressive.

Msgr. Charles Pope on strong preaching November 18, 2010

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This guy is really good.  Many priests would do well to take his advice, and for those that are already boldly proclaiming the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church, thank you.

Preaching is about saving before it is about consoling, and God makes this clear to Ezekiel and to every preacher. I think a lot of people think that preaching is supposed to merely please and encourage them. There is a place for that but good preaching also afflicts and provokes response. Jesus was more than willing  to provoke people and unsettle them. It is not a goal in itself. Rather,  it is the necessary outcome of lancing a spiritual boil or setting a broken limb. Protests, anger, and so forth are not necessarily the sign of failure. I’ve had people come to me and say, You once made me mad but you also made me think and I’ve come to understand what you were saying was true. A lot of times powerful preaching takes people through a cycle of: mad, to sad, to glad.

I think we have long enough tried the “nice guy” preaching that is extolled by many, as the model. But all through these past 40 years with that model largely operative,  Mass attendance has steadily dropped. Currently, as noted, only 27% of Catholics attend Mass at all any more. We have, collectively become a rebellious house…….

The fact is, I think there is a general hunger for a return to vivid and strong preaching. I think this is more common among younger people, many of whom have had enough of polite but abstract sermons that preach ideas more than unvarnished Catholic and Biblical truth. I observe a hunger for strong preaching. I look at how popular priests like Fr. John Corapi, and Fr. Bill Casey are. Lay people too like Scott Hahn and Patrick Madrid don’t mince words, they say it plain. Looking back who can ever forget the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen? He was a real hero to me and I think I’ve listened at least once to every thing he ever preached. He too made it plain and did not apologize for preaching the cross and repentance as a prelude to victory. None of the men I have mentioned are dainty  in any way.

Go read the whole thing.

Watch this and see if you aren’t fired up November 18, 2010

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I really like Fr. Angelo Gieger of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

Abortion mills still illegally dumping aborted babies, medical waste November 18, 2010

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And for the perfect trifecta of professionalism and true compassion, patient’s private medical records!   Live Action strikes again, revealing the horrid nature of those involved in the abortion industry:

Heartbreaking, and maddening.  The abortion industry likes to sell itself as being compassionate and having the best interest of women, and even the babies, at heart (so they don’t grow up in a poor environment).  Does this look like compassion?  Or the cheapest way to dump the babies and serve the needs of naked greed?

Cultural elites compare children to litter November 18, 2010

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A Rutgers University professor on, dear Lord, how can this be, the Joy Behar Show, compares families with large numbers of children to litter.  All the hen party panel members twitter and cluck their tongues in agreement. 


Pat Archbold at NCR (the good NCR) notes that this is not aberrant behavior, this is becoming the dominant view of the self-styled cultural elites.  Most of these elites have few, if any, children, and the scope of this elite group goes far beyond the top tier of politics and those on TV, this applies to a wide swath of people who tend to be in a large majority in the NE and on the West Coast, but who are spread throughout the country.  Their politics tends to be uniformly left wing, and they are also almost universal in their abhorence of traditional Christian practice and morality.  So, don’t view these folks as some kind of outlier, view them as very representative of a substantial (but still minority) view in this country – children equal hassle, they’re bad for the environment, your career is so much more important, and, isn’t it much more fun not to have them, anyway?  A broader swath of the country feels that children are ok, even good, but you should only have one or two so you can plan and finance their lives in great detail.  Only a small proportion takes the Scriptural exhortations to let God determine how many children one has seriously. 

But, these folks are out there, and even though this elite is on a course to exterminate itself through its sterility, their influence on the culture will likely swing more people to their point of view.  Long term, those with large families who instill in their children similar value (who in turn have large families), will come to make up a very large proportion of the population, but the interregnum could be interesting, in a being hassled and persecuted kind of way.

None of this is to say that there aren’t good folks out there who just can’t have large families for a number of reasons…..just talking about the broad trends here.

Thursday non sequitir November 18, 2010

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It’s possible some have wondered what kind of person would write a blog like this, constantly harping and complaining, exhorting and cajoling.  What goes on in my mind?  Now you can find out:

That’s what it’s like inside my brain all the time!

Multiple partners precipitates divorce November 18, 2010

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I’ve seen this kind of information before, strong indications that, especially for women, the number of sexual partners a person has being a very strong indicator of future divorce.   You can see the methodology to arrive at these results at the link, but the results have a certain intuitive correctness that seems to correspond pretty well with observed reality.  One interesting note: if a woman has more than 20 partners in her life, her likelihood of divorcing if she ever marries is near 100%.  This is not to pick on the ladies, but the data seems to show that, for whatever reason, men with numerous partners are significantly less likely to get divorced.  The data does show that the more partners one has, the more likely divorce is.

It’s also rather gratifying to note that those who have only ever had one partner have divorce rates near zero.