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Boxer – US just like N. Korea, Iran…… November 19, 2010

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……because we don’t have gays in the military (http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/sen-boxer-compares-us-iran-north-korea-a).  Thanks for re-electing her, California!  Anything else you’d like to do for us while you’re here?  Oh, yeah…..you’d like us to bail you out when your government goes completely insolvent.  No, thanks:

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) today likened the United States of America to Iran, North Korea and Pakistan because those nations also do not allow homosexuals in their militaries.

Boxer likened the U.S.A. to the Communist regime in North Korea, the Islamic regime in Iran and the Pakistani government at a press conference in which she called for repealing the ban on homosexuals in the military during the lameduck session of Congress, which is taking place now before the new members elected on Nov. 2 can arrive in Washington, D.C. and replace the members who are retiring or who were defeated. 

“We now stand with this rule with countries like Iran, North Korea and Pakistan in banning gays and lesbians from military service,” said Boxer. “Our brave young men and women fight alongside allies like Australia, the United Kingdom and others who allow gays and lesbians to serve openly. Let’s not stand with Pakistan and with North Korea and Iran.”

The truly amazing thing is, she has internalized lockstep leftist groupthink to the point that she actually believes what she’s saying,  just like “human rights” NGOs at the UN lump the US into categories with similar countries because most states have the death penalty and, especially, because abortion “rights” are threatened.  We’re just not as enlightened as our European betters.  I think that’s why many of our forebears came here, to get away from sanctimonious elites who always know better, but now we’re growing our own.

True story about Boxer – she would blast criticisms of oil companies, especially ARCO, my dad’s former employer, and then hit them up for million dollar campaign contributions.  They would pay, they had no choice.  She is also widely considered, quite literally, the dumbest person in the Senate, if not the entire Congress.  She is one of the most fervently pro-abort politicians in the country.

Child claims visit to Heaven November 19, 2010

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Could Acquinas have been wrong?  Anyway, a child and his family claim their son went to Heaven during emergency appendectomy surgery when he was 4 years old.  The child claims to have met his sister who died in a miscarriage, and a great grandfather he never knew.  True story?

Except for the “smile which lit up the heavens,” a turn of phrase rather beyond most 7 year olds, sounds pretty real to me.  I don’t know that the purpose of heaven is to be reunited with our loved ones, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Admin note – embedded linking messed up November 19, 2010

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WordPress has done something to  make it impossible for me to embed links in the text, so I’m pasting them in to give credit where due.  Sorry for any annoyance.

Couple leaves baby’s life to internet vote November 19, 2010

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I’d say sick, but I think WTF is wrong with people is the better expression.  This is why God created life, so people could auction it off?  Moloch must be so pleasedhttp://www.creativeminorityreport.com/2010/11/horror-couple-hold-online-vote-on.html:

This is nothing short of sickening. A couple is pregnant with their first child and are now leaving it up to a vote whether to abort their child or not. They’ve established a website called BirthorNot.

While they say the final tally is not binding they will take it into consideration. The two post images of their baby’s ultrasound but still are threatening to abort.

I thought about putting the link in but I really don’t want to send traffic their way because that’s really what they’re after. If we give publicity to these kinds of things I think we’ll only get more of them.

Pete and Alisha Arnold have created a website called Birthornot.com, where they’ve been posting updates on Alisha’s pregnancy since September. But this site is unlike any other expectant parent’s blog: this site has a poll that asks viewers, “Should we give birth or have an abortion?”

So you know how pro-aborts are always saying that women don’t take abortion lightly, well this kind of puts the lie to that.

Uh, just a bit.

We want our Holy Days back November 19, 2010

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We don’t want them done away with if they fall on a Monday or Saturday, and we don’t want them rolled up into a Sunday in some misguided notion of being “pastoral,” which the current operative definition of seems to be “don’t expect very much of people.”  Thomas Peters (http://catholicvote.org/discuss/?p=11646) comments on a George Weigel (http://www.firstthings.com/onthesquare/2010/11/countercultural-time) suggestion that many of the traditional Holy Days of Obligation be put back into the liturgical calendar:

As things now stand, the Church has bent its sense of liturgical time to the imperial demands of that modern cultural artifact, the weekend. The Holy See has permitted local churches to lower the bar of liturgical expectation by transferring solemnities like Epiphany and Corpus Christi to Sundays, and the bishops of the United States have gone a step farther by lifting the obligation to attend Mass on certain holy days if those days fall on a Saturday or a Monday: thus, just a few weeks ago, the Solemnity of All Saints dropped off a lot of Catholic radar screens because it fell on a Monday, and was thus not a holy day of obligation.These are very bad ideas, it seems to me. If the time we spend worshipping God through Christ in the power of the Spirit is, in truth, an experience of enriched time (because it anticipates the time-beyond-time,) then we should not look for ways to cut temporal corners by shifting to Sunday long-established feasts whose celebration during the week once gave a unique rhythm to Catholic life. So let’s put Epiphany back where it belongs, on January 6, and let’s get the Solemnity of the Body and Body of Christ, Corpus Christi, back where it belongs, which is during the week.

Weigel then goes on to suggest that some other Holy Days be added, like the Solemnity of the North American Martyrs and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Or, we could just go back to the old calendar and be done with it! 

Peters suggests that some people nowadays just go to Mass on what should be a Holy Day, anyway.  That’s a good idea, and I think a few people do that.  Perhaps an even better idea would be to go to Mass every day!

But seriously, give us our Holy Days back.  There is a growing number of Catholics who aren’t interested in doing the bare minimum style of worship.