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Alleged priest abuser tries to murder victim November 29, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic.

Many have probably heard of the story of an ostensible Catholic priest, already charged with child molestation, now facing murder charges after having tried to put out a hit on the victim of his pederasty.  But since I am tied so very, very deeply into not just the local, or national, but the international Catholic community (re: my father in law knows a bunch of priests), I can perhaps add a bit to this story.  Why?  Because not only does my wife’s family have some experience with this “priest”, this “priest” pretty much freaked some of my wife’s family out. 

So why am I putting priest in quotes?  Because, this guy, this John Fiala, showed up at the SOLT facility down in Robstown, TX one day several years ago and claimed to be a priest.  He claimed to have been ordained in the Phillipines, or in Mexico (I think the story changed), and wanted to get on with SOLT.  SOLT asked for his records or ordination, seminary transcripts, etc., and he would not/could not provide them.  On a personal note, he also started hanging out with a member of my wife’s family who had suffered a personal tragedy and during that time Fiala was behaving pretty oddly.  My father in law did not trust the guy at all.  Since he could not provide any of the requested information, he was never a priest with SOLT, although he may have claimed to be – SOLT never approved his joining their order. I guess he eventually went down to San Antonio and convinced them he was authentic, and he got on at a parish in Rocksprings, at the edge of the diocese.  He began abusing a boy some time later.  That odd behavior I mentioned earlier, it did involve his seeming to have an inordinate interest in both women and boys.  He was a very strange person.

And so now he has not only allegedly abused a teenage boy, he then tried to put a hit out on him.

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