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Slow day…….more aerospace geekery December 6, 2010

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Or, I would say, awesomeness, but my wife would say the latter.  It’s not just military aviation I obsess about, no, I also love golden age NASA.  Here’s a rare video of a Saturn V launch, this one from Apollo 8, and I don’t know what camera they had going for this, it almost looks like a high altitude airborne camera, but check out the super high resolution on the Saturn V, all the way up to SIC burnout and ignition of the SII second stage.  Awesomeness.

You can clearly see the blue-white exhaust from the LOX-Liquid hydrogen J-2 engines, same color as the Space Shuttle Main Engines, not orange like the first stage engines.

Anyone know of a higher resolution video of staging?

Keep in mind, staging occurred at an altitude of ~40 miles and about 100 miles downrange.

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