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JustFaith has no place in a Catholic church December 9, 2010

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Earlier this year, I blogged on a “social justice” conference hosted at St. Elizabeth Seton parish in Plano, TX that had strong ties to an organization called “JustFaith.”  At the time, I stated that JustFaith was a self-described “progressive” organization and was an organization immersed in marxist “liberation theology.”  Now, the esteemable Stephanie Block has an article at Spero highlighting other ties between JustFaith and pro-abort, even anti-Christian rhetoric, as JustFaith puts their adherence to advancing progressive political causes ahead of their adherence to any particular Faith:

The bottom line, however, is how hapless Catholics, exposed to JustFaith materials, understand what they have experienced. In one Catholic Forum discussion, a participant writes:

I dropped out of JustFaith due to the curriculum opposing the basic tenets of the faith, like: Contemplation subordinate to action, sin not being emphasized as the problem but systems like corporations, systems, and even the hierarchy of the Church as opposed to ecclesial based communities as needed for improvement of the world. Jesus as a radical opposing the political powers of the day was the way they presented our Lord.

It smacked of temporal salvation by the correct “use” of divine revelation. Absolutely no Church-based books like the “Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church” or encyclicals, just what other people say about official Church documents. One book offered, “The Powers That Be, A Theology for a New Millennium” by “Jesus Seminar” member Walter Wink, intimated at the Church “making” Jesus divine in opposition to His actual Divinity. 

The reason for a 30 week, multi-hour classes and “immersion” weekends is to re-educate Catholics in a different Christian ethic in order to fit the “humanistic” ideals of the JustFaith program. This is not a problem for Protestant groups as they have such a varied theology that this is just another view added to their personal interpretations anyway. Official Catholic Magisterial teaching is oriented to sin and to our nature based on original sin with salvation through Grace. This JustFaith program is in no way faithful to that.

Another quote, this time from Rich Leonardi of Ten Reasons and the Sonshine Morning Show on EWTN.  Problems with JustFaith include:

1) The apparent total rejection of personal salvation and sin – which seriously distorts Church teaching, undermines evangelization, and could actually endanger people’s salvation. This often accompanies “Reign of God” theology in my experience.

2) Collapsing Revelation, authentic interpretation and the interpretation of an individual theologian so that average Catholics going through would not know that there was a difference and that one obliges and the other is just an opinion. The distinction between revelation and the application in a specific situation is not maintained. Much that is really prudential is dealt with as though it is obligatory.

3) Reducing everything in relationship to God, conversion, and discipleship, to a very narrow set of economic and political concerns.

There is much more at the link.  This is pure Marxism, given a veneer of “Catholicism” to suck in those with perhaps a dim understanding of the Faith and politico-economics.  Marxism insists, INSISTS, that everything be suborned to Marxist ideology, and creates an entire philosophy within which to interpret history, religion, politics, culture, everything.  This is what Pope Benedict stated when as Cardinal Ratzinger he took apart “liberation theology” in 1985.  While “liberation theology” as an open political movement has largely died, those committed to that kind of radical Marxist utopianism continue their eternal fight now, in a lower key manner, by infiltrating numerous churches with their rhetoric, or hermeneutic, if you will.  I spoke about this in a post last week – Marxism by default is an all-encompassing philosophy, or hermeneutic (world-view), that dominates all other considerations, and allies itself with all other progressive causes as a matter of course.  Thus, it is impossible to separate out a “Catholic” marxism that won’t be deeply entangled with pro-abort, pro-contracept, pro-fake gay marriage, pro-radical demolition of cultural mores, whatever.  They are one and the same, you can’t be “progressive” without embracing these other sacred “progressive” shibboleths. 

It pains me greatly that Seton and other parishes keep getting more and more involved, mired, in this kind of activity.  I am sure the intentions are very good, to help the poor, but getting deeper and deeper into Marxist liberation theology is not the way to help, and it has no place in a Catholic church-run program.  It is counter to the Faith, as our Pope has made clear.


1. Mary - December 10, 2010

Many Catholics think if a class or presentation is presented at the church, it must be “Catholic”. It should be, but unfortunately that is far from the case.
Actually, at places like Seton in Plano, they are not only bringing in people who aren’t teaching Catholic faith, they are teaching anti-Catholic information, time after time. In this case, with JustFaith, it is a 30-week indoctrination. Folks, these people are evil, coming into our Catholic churches and brainwashing those who are not strong in their faith. It is satan working to destroy the church from within.

How is it that priests who are head of their flock are allowing this, I can’t comprehend, unless they themselves are not educated in their faith (in which case I wonder what they DO learn in the seminaries).

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