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Every Jesuit college in the US supports homosexualist agenda December 14, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, sadness, scandals, sickness.

Via www.culturewarnotes.com, a petition by tfpstudentaction that relates the fact that 41% of all Catholic university have “pro-gay agenda” clubs or groups on campus, or offer courses that run directly counter to unchanging Catholic Doctrine.  And, every single Jesuit run ‘Catholic’ university has pro-homosexual clubs on campus.   You can sign a petition here to let these universities know that you do not support this embrace of the culture of death by ostensibly Catholic universities. 

How is it that so many Catholic universities not only fail to strengthen the faith of the young people who attend them, but actively work against it?  How can this be?  This is not “academic freedom,” this is simply embracing the world and its mores, no matter how transitory and counter to the unchanging beliefs held by the Church they may be.  It is difficult to see this misbegotten child of “academic freedom,” this ultimate conclusion to the rejection of the Faith that began at the Land o Lakes conference over 40 years ago, as anything but a rejection of the One True Faith and a base desire to earn the respect of fallen men.  Fortunately, there are still faithful Catholic institutions of higher learning, and there are many secular universities, like, I am forced to admit, Texas A&M, that have very vibrant, faithful Catholic communities.   You can use the recommendations of the Cardinal Newman Society as a guide.

I know some people who think the Jesuits can be reformed.  I know one very devout young man who really has his heart set on that mission.  I cannot see how this can happen, short of a miracle, or a whole series of miracles.


1. Colleen Hammond - December 14, 2010

Texas A&M is actually known for the number of Catholic vocations that come out of there…probably more than many officially Catholic colleges!

2. Teresa - December 14, 2010

I knew that a majority of Jesuits departed from Church teaching and Jesuit colleges were beds of dissent and heresy but I didn’t know that dissent from Church Doctrine had spread to ALL Jesuit colleges. There needs to be major reform within the Jesuit community. I have heard that there a number of men who have entered the Jesuit order recently who believe in Tradition and following the Magisterium, but it is going to take quite a bit of time to do a major house cleaning in the Jesuit community.

tantamergo - December 14, 2010

Teresa –

I have a friend who has been trying to enter the Jesuits for some time. He is a very faithful, devout young man. He has been refused entry to more than one seminary because he is too orthodox, if you will. He believes in what the Church believes. Many Jesuit seminaries will not tolerate that! I don’t know, I pray there are some good young Jesuits, but my friend’s experience has been awful.

Pray for the conversion/reconstitution of that order.

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