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More like this December 14, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic.

Via that good priest Fr. Larry Adamcyzk:

I think that’s a pretty darned effective 2 minute Biblically based apologia/catechesis.

You should go visit Fr. Adamcyzk’s sites.  Both of them are really good.


1. thewhitelilyblog - December 15, 2010

Oh Tantum! When I am ‘out’ I am looking like mad–to help if needed, with a hand or a kind word or an alm or a joke, and to make eye contact and find someone to whom I can give the Good News. And for every time I ‘annoy’ someone, I can remember someone who was grateful. Custody of the eyes? Okay–if a person’s looking around for fun. We can’t look around too much if we’re trying to practice charity. We need to look around MORE!!!!! (Is that too many exclamation points?) There are people who are really good at ‘custody of the eyes’ because they don’t want to see the need around them. There are lots of them at my traditional church. They never see the trash needs taken out, or a kid needs a kleenex, or the dishes need washed after the potluck, or anything. They appear to be very holy–and unstressed!

tantamergo - December 15, 2010

Well, that’s sort of an aspect of Carmelite spirituality that has been critized, that it is so interior focused that they miss opportunities to aid others, to have a more exterior apostolate. And, Divine Wisdom Intimacy was written primarily for cloistered Carmelites, so you have to take that into account. As a man, however, practicing custody of the eyes in many respects would be good, because I was definitely born with wandering eyes. I think alot of guys are, and not just ogling women, it’s part of man’s nature to survey his surroundings and assess them, but in that assessement there can at times be occasions to sin. I know what you’re saying, and if you have an exterior apostolate, as I and certainly most of my readers do, it’s sort of a balance. But our modern culture is SOOO pervaded with sexuality and self-indulgence, and with being catty and assessing people on the most surface of bases, that it can be beneficial to be reminded to try to focus one’s thoughts as entirely on God as possible. Carmelites try to develop a profound interior life, and then direct that life outward once they have mastered themselves to the extent they can. It was more a post about being counter-cultural, rejecting the mores of the culture, than being so inwardly focused that one ignores needs around them.

Good comment, though.

As far as the space opera……heh, I have a fascination with space travel, but alot of my interest is historic and less forward thinking, although I find things like the Falcon 9/Dragon launch very exciting. Gene Cernan (last man to walk on the moon) said that Apollo was a bit of the 21st century plopped down in the 20th. I think that’s about right. You’ll have to tell me more about your colony, where it is, some basic design parameters – are we talking like a massive O’Neill cylinder, or a rotating ring a la 2001?

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