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A whitewash coming on women religious? December 17, 2010

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I had meant to talk about this last week when the story broke, but decided not to.  Voris has motivated me to bring the subject up.  Via Fr. Larry Adamcyzk (check him out!), Voris has a video wherin he expresses great, GREAT exasperation at some statements made by the newly appointed Secretary of the Vatican Congregation of Consecrated Life, Archbishop Joseph Tobin, which seemed to imply that new age heretical femal religious, and the investigation thereof, were somehow unjust towards these female religious and that they had justifiable anger at the process.  Well…….that’s a pretty incredible statement, and Voris doesn’t hold back.  First the video, then some thoughts afterwards:

Do his comments cross the line into uncharitability?  Is this egregious?  Below, a comment I left at Fr. Adamcyzk’s site:

I want to preface what I say below with this statement – I have at times, in trying to be kinda smart alecky funny or express exasperation, lapsed into scorn for other people and groups within the Church.  I have to fight this tendency on a daily basis, and I know I do not always succeed. 

Having said that, I have a high tolerance for this kind of righteous anger. Voris presses the limits, but I don’t think he goes too far in this video, except perhaps around the 3:00 – 3:20 mark and a couple of brief statements later. I understand his anger, and I share it to a certain extent. I have a very strong attraction to the lives of female religious, especially Carmelite, and to see what has occurred in so many female religious orders in this country and others is beyond shocking, it’s beyond scandalous, it’s heartbreaking.  I am concerned that we have not had enough voices with this kind of righteous anger in the past, and, to the extent they have existed, they tend to get marginalized, as I have seen occurring increasingly with regard to Voris, even among many one would normally think would be sympathetic to him.  We must remember that the first spiritual work of mercy is fraternal correction.  Sometimes, in egregious situations like this, that correction may need to be vociferous, because this outright rejection of the Faith and heresy has been tolerated for far too long.  Bishop Tobin’s comments are extremely concerning to me – they make it appear that the massive outbursts from the “persecuted religious” have had their desired effect, and that this badly needed investigation will result in no changes whatsoever. 

It may be easier for the Vatican to just let nature take its course, and let these orders die out of their own accord.  That is certainly where they are headed.  But I think it would be a furtherance of a grave scandal not to have some form of public rebuke for the horrid path so many female religious orders have chosen.  They speak of being “beyond Jesus” and “post-Christian,” for the love of Mercy.  Without a formal rebuke, potentially millions of the faithful will continue to be led astray by these very wayward female religious

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