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A good priest needs your help January 5, 2011

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I’ve written before about the “debate” raging between the people of El Paso regarding the city providing benefits to gay partners  of city employees.   Recently, the people of El Paso voted to deny this kind of benefit.  The city council has determined to try to have that vote overturned in court – the favorite recourse of the marxist inspired left.  But sadder still, is the debate that has gone on within the Church, with one, lone, stalwart priest defending Church doctrine, and, it would seem, virtually the entirety of the diocese, including his bishop and brother priests, ranged against him (but, many of the laity are with him on this).  Many of these brother priests have “come out” in favor of gay marriage, ahem.  The priest in question is Fr. Michael Rodriguez, parish priest at San Juan Bautista Church.  He and his seeming nemesis, a Fr. Ed Roden-Lucero, have sparred again recently in the El Paso newspaper.  I present their respective op-eds courtesy culturewarnotes, with Fr. Ed’s first:

Grant health benefits, uphold will of God

By Ed Roden-Lucero, Guest Columnist

El Paso Times, Dec. 26, 2010. Opinion section, page 9B

      In a world of so much conflict and division, it is disturbing, even scandalous, that a group of Christian ministers have led a prejudiced campaign against the gay community of El Paso.
      The effort that has been made to deny health insurance benefits to same-sex partners amongst our city employees is both un-Christian and un-American.
      The framers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence did not qualify who has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are simply stated as being endowed upon every person by our Creator.
      We know from history that our country has not always lived up to the ideals enshrined in the Declaration and the Constitution. There have been times in our history when Americans, in the name of God, took positions favoring the exclusion of other groups in our society.
      Now, in our time and place, there are those who treat gay persons as if they are something less than human, undeserving of those rights that belong to every human being.
      Catholic Social Teaching states that every human being, regardless of any other circumstance, is entitled to a good reputation, fair employment, just wages, benefits, housing and a good education.
      In this teaching, the Church simply states that the dignity of every human person is God-given.
      Just as slavery and the extermination of Indians were grave social sins, so it is also to deny health benefits based on fundamentalist interpretations of isolated biblical passages.
      The ministers, Protestant or Catholic, who have driven the denial of health-benefits issue this year are the new mullahs of a Christian Taliban that are attempting to legislate and impose an extremist ideology that neither reflects the Gospel nor American values.
      This is an inhuman ideology that El Pasoans of all faiths should reject.
      In the Christmas narrative of Saint Luke’s gospel, it is said that shepherds were the first to receive the announcement of the Messiah’s birth. Shepherds were among the marginalized of their time; not considered clean or good people. Yet, to them, the angels sing, “Glory to God in the Highest. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All.”
      Let traditional family values be based on goodwill to all.

Rev. Dr. Ed Roden-Lucero is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso.

So, those opposed to the undermining of marriage and Catholic moral doctrine “are the new mullahs of a Christian Taliban that are attempting to legislate and impose an extremist ideology that neither reflects the Gospel nor American values.”  I’m glad Fr. Ed doesn’t  let his emotion get the better of him.  Wow, he certainly seems, ah….invested….. in this issue.

Now, Fr. Rodriguez:

Jesus Christ’s praise of John the Baptist is without parallel, “among those born of women, no one is greater than he” (Luke 7:28). Thus, in John the Baptist, a “voice crying out in the desert,” we’re given the greatest prophet.
      Well, how did he meet his end?
      Faithful to God’s law, John the Baptist rebuked Herod Antipas, ruler of Galilee, and told him he couldn’t take his brother’s wife as his own. As a result, Herod had John arrested, bound, imprisoned, and eventually beheaded (Matthew 14:3-12).
      St. John the Baptist suffered martyrdom for crying out in defense of the institution of marriage!
      Fifteen centuries later, in England, another saint and martyr, Sir Thomas More, was beheaded for witnessing to the truth about marriage.
      Another political leader, this time King Henry VIII, sought to redefine marriage in order to suit his own particular agenda. The king wanted to obtain a “legal divorce” from his wife, Queen Catherine of Aragon, in order to marry Anne Boleyn.
      Thomas More, lord chancellor of England at the time, and second in rank and power only to the king himself, courageously opposed Henry’s sin. This cost More his life.
      St. Thomas More was beheaded on July 6, 1535.  He shed his blood out of love and fidelity to Christ, the Catholic Church, and the sacrament of marriage.
      Today, in the year of our Lord, 2010, in El Paso, Texas, a number of our City Council members appear to be morally blind, if not depraved. They seem intent on abusing their political power and undermining the institution of marriage, all in the pursuit of an agenda which could, at best, be described as misguided.
      If in the future, a majority of City Council members are adamant in seeking government recognition of same-sex unions under the cloak of “toleration, fairness, and equal rights,” then every single Catholic must reject these machinations which are tantamount to a blatant corruption of public morality.
      Catholics can never permit a “non-discrimination amendment to the city charter” which intends, or will allow, gravely sinful relationships to be equated with the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony.
      Rome has been very clear in mandating that all Catholics must oppose any and all government attempts to legalize same-sex unions.
      The U.S. Catholic bishops, in their November 2009 pastoral letter on marriage, have written, “One of the most troubling developments in contemporary culture is the proposition that persons of the same sex can ‘marry.’
      “This proposal attempts to redefine the nature of marriage and the family and, as a result, harms both the intrinsic dignity of every human person and the common good of society.”
      They teach further, “to promote and protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman is itself a matter of justice.”
      The Roman Catholic Church is categorically opposed to the legalization of same-sex unions, and with good reason.
      This position has nothing to do with discrimination.
      Discrimination is against persons; we Catholics are opposing sinful actions. It’s irresponsible and irrational to ignore the essential moral distinction between a person and his/her actions.
      No one has a “civil right” to redefine the institution of marriage!
      It’s an utter breakdown in basic logic to speak about “fairness and equality” without first settling the issue of right vs. wrong! The latter is the moral foundation of the former!
      Dear Catholics, it’s in our blood to be voices crying out in the desert, witnessing to the truth with love!
      St. John the Baptist, pray for us. St. Thomas More, pray for us.

Hmmm…..one op-ed is full of appeals to emotion and straw men, the other uses Scripture, Church and USCCB documents, and sound reasoning to explain the issue in question.  Irrespective of the differing styles, Fr. Rodriguez makes some very salient points – in defending his views (and castigating others), Fr. Ed is not only defying numerous Scriptural prohibitions against gay sex (or trying to ‘normalize’ them, in this case), but also very plain, very clear, and repeated doctrinal guidance provided by the Vatican and by the USCCB. 

If you would like to contribute to the “conversation”, which I have read  is so critical these days, especially to those of a certain political bent, you can mail the bishop here, and send a copy to Fr. Rodriguez at the second address.  Please don’t call the bishop foul names or say he’s satan or anything like that, you can make your point without going over the top, and doing so hurts way more than it helps.  It is more important that you pray for Fr. Rodriguez and his continuing witness to Truth.  I have been remiss in doing so, but I will begin tonight.

His Excellency, Bishop Armando X. Ochoa
Catholic Diocese of El Paso
499 St. Matthews St.
El Paso, Texas 79907

Rev. Fr. Michael Rodriguez
San Juan Bautista Roman Catholic Church
5649 Dailey St.
El Paso, Texas 79905

Self-oblation January 5, 2011

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So, my attempts at humility appear to have gotten off to a rocky start in ’11.  I’ve already told the Bishop how to run his diocese and told people to withold their donations from their local churches, among other things.  So, apparently the humility needs further work.  Along that line, here’s a discourse on that topic from My Daily Bread:


My child, every moment of My earthly life was an act of self-oblation.  As man I had a human will, and as God I have My divine Will, which I possess in unity with My heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. As a victim for your sins, I submitted My human will to the divine Will.  By My obedience and self-sacrifice I made reparation for your sins, opened the gates of Heaven to you, and earned the graces which you need in order to enter eternal life.

On the cross, I hung in agony, the perfect victim for sin.  By My self-sacrifice the divine justice was completely satisified.  A man I represented all men, and as God I was worthy to blot out the offense which sin hurled at the Holy Trinity.

I instituted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to remind you of My self-oblation upon Calvary.  In it I continue the work which I began upon Calvary.  Ini each Mass my body and blood are offered to My Father as an act of perfect adoration, thanksgiving, reparation, and petition for your needs.  As I once represented you upon the cross, so, now in each Mass, do I represent you upon the altar.  As the Mass in Mine because I am teh victim and high-priest in it, so, too, is it yours because it was instituted entirely for your salvation.

In each Mass I am still performing My supreme act of love for you.  I am there for your sake, doing what you yourself should be doing; namely, begging pardon for your sins, adoring the Divine Majesty, thanking My heavenly Father for His numberless gifts, and asking for your daily needs.   You should be devoted to Me in the Mass, because in the Mass I show once again My devotedness to you.

Your devotedness to Me will be proved most perfectly when you have learned to join your daily life to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Attend Mass as often as possible.  Then go forth and prove your love for Me by transforming your daily life into your Mass for Me.  In other words, as I offer Myself upon the altar for love of you, so should you offer yourself for love of Me in your daily occupations and activities.  Thus there will be a close bond between My work for you and your daily work.

This will make your dialy life a perfect self-oblation.  No longer will you seek what you like, at any price.  For My sake you will guard your patience, your generosity, your confidence in Me, and your desire to please Me in all things.  In your disappointments, difficulties, fears, failures, efforts, and labors, you will unite your will to Mine.  You will seek to belong ever more perfectly to me by practicing greater self-control and mortification.  As I offer Myself to you in Holy Communion, so must you learn to make each act of yours an act of self-offering to Me.


Many important activities are taking place today in the lives of individuals and of nations.  Of all the activities and events occurring this day, the greatest and most important by far is the holy sacrifice of the Mass.  This is the central action of all salvation.  It is the main source of God’s Grace.  In attending Mass I behold the loving self-oblation of Christ as truly as the mob which stood at the foot of the cross.  Should I not be eager to attend as many Masses as possible?

A final thought, from me:  Jesus does not like to be left alone in the tabernacle, even when it is not a period of Adoration.  Many great saints and leaders in the Church strove to keep Jesus company in the tabernacle all day.  Blessed Louis Martin helped organize a vigil at his parish in Lisieux to keep the Blessed Sacrament company at all hours.  He took many of the night hours, along with his brother in law Isidore Guerin.  I shall endeavour to visit the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus, outside the timeframe of Mass and Adoration.  There are many graces available for those who keep watch with Jesus.

But we all know contraception PREVENTS abortion! January 5, 2011

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h/t to www.culturewarnotes.com, a 10 year study in Spain shows that increased contraceptive use leads to more abortion, not less, in spite of what all the pro-abort/pro-child sex ed/pro-contraception crowd claim:

Spain’s abortion rate more than doubled from 1997 to 2007, despite a steep rise in the use of contraceptives, a new study shows.

The authors of the study, puzzled by the results, conclude: “The factors responsible for the increased rate of elective abortion need further investigation.” But the same phenomenon has been evident for years in the US and other countries.

Pro-life activists have frequently pointed out that the promotion of contraceptives encourages promiscuity, with abortion quickly becoming accepted as an option when contraceptives fail.

Contraceptive use LEADS to abortion.  When one uses contraception, one is told won’t get pregnant, and one expects not to become pregnant.  When a person using contraception learns they are pregnant, they aren’t prepared for the eventuality, and in our self-pleasure at all costs focused society, people with “unplanned pregnancies” tend to look for second options, like abortion.  Because, they shouldn’t have their good time interrupted with something like a tremendous gift from God.

And the wheel turns ’round……

Prayers for the intercession of St. Andre Bessette January 5, 2011

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St. Andre Bessette was a French Canadian priest whose intercession regarding suffering and healing is known to be powerful.  My secret correspondent sent me this, which is making my return to work/blogging much easier!

See prayer for healing below.  Feast is Wed. Jan. 6.

(1).Lord our God, friend of the lowly, you gave your servant, St. André Bessette, a great devotion to St. Joseph and a special commitment to the poor and afflicted. Through his intercession help us to follow his example of prayer and love and so come to share with him in your glory. (mention your intention) We ask this in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen.

St. André Bessette, pray for us.

(2).A Prayer for Healing
to St. André Bessette
“People who suffer have something to offer to
God. When they succeed in enduring their
suffering, that is a daily miracle.”
Bro. André,
I come to you in prayer for healing.
(state your need)
You were no stranger to illness.
Plagued by stomach problems,
you knew suffering on a daily basis,
but you never lost faith in God.
Thousands of people
have sought your healing touch
as I do today.
Pray that I might be restored to health
in body, soul, and mind.
With St. Joseph as my loving Protector,
strengthen my faith and give me peace
that I might accept God’s will for me
no matter the outcome. Amen.

(3).Saint Brother Andre, your devotion to Saint Joseph is an inspiration to us. You gave your life selflessly to bring the message of his life to others. Pray that we may learn from Saint Joseph, and from you, what it is like to care for Jesus and do his work in the world. Amen

Voris on a subject near and dear to my heart January 5, 2011

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Michael Voris discusses the National Catholic Reporter, their naming Sr. Carol Keehan as “Person of the Year” and the constant un-Catholic, and even anti-Catholic, sentiments that are present, week in and week out, in that publication.  He asks the question, how is it that this publication appears in most parishes in this country?  How is this being allowed to happen, when NCR and similar publications routinely spout dissent, and outright heresy?  How are these being promoted in parishes throughout the country?

I would add, how is it that parishes in our Diocese routinely invite speakers in to speak on topics that are dangerous to the faith of parishioners, and can even be construed in some cases as being anti-Catholic?  How do we have the annual cavalcade of new age speakers in the five churches that make up the “Collin County Catholic Churches Association?”  I have been through the process with the Bishop, and I know what he will say regarding these speakers.  He, or his staff, actually, will say that “no ecclesial prohibition exists against Sr. X, or Fr. Y, and so they are free to speak in our Diocese.”  You see, that’s how it works – no one takes responsbility to stop this kind of action, and so we have new age Maria Schwan coming to St. Mark in Plano, and new age Fr. Bill Sheehan coming to St. Joseph in Richardson, both during Lent, after we had the supremely new age Joyce Rupp last year.   Because the large majority of bishops over the last 40 odd years have been, out of a sense of being “pastoral” (read, anything goes), extremely reticent to put a prohibition on dissenting, even heretical religious and priests, and because the Vatican generally has more important things to do than to chase down every dissenting female religious, there are no prohibitions, and so these speakers are free to come and speak and spread their new age (or whatever dissent they hold) message year after year.  The pastors at the parishes involved allow this to happen, I suppose, either because they kind of like this sort of new age catholicism themselves, or they don’t want to upset Mrs. So and So, Director of Family Affairs and ‘Religious Education’, who arranges for these conferences to happen every year.   The pastor, or Mrs. So and So, may also happen to be a big fan of the Distorter, America, Commonweal, and the like, which is why you see those publications lying around all over. 

It’s the perfect scenario for deflecting responsibility.  If you go after the pastor, he will say it’s the bishop’s call. If you go after the bishop, he will say it’s up to the pastor, or his hands are tied because of a lack of prohibition.  That the bishop himself, in our case, Bishop Farrell, is perfectly capable of issuing such a prohibition is, of course, never mentioned.   There is cover there, too, of course – “well, it’s the responsibiltiy of the bishop who oversees the particular convent involved,” although “convent” is used generously, as some of our modern female religious now live paired up in a condo, and call that a “convent.”   That doesn’t prevent any bishop from regulating the speakers who come into his diocese.

The point I am trying to make is, the dissenters and those who permit the dissent to occur have evolved a near perfect system of deflecting responsbility in order to allow the dissent to continue, all in the name of being “pastoral,” or “tolerant,” or whatever the excuse de jour is.  Only in rare cases where the Vatican gets involved, as in the case of Thomas Reese or Charles Curran, does some limitation occur, but even men such as these regularly speak in Catholic parishes.  They are simply no longer allowed to teach courses at Catholic universities.  But they get plenty of newspaper interviews…….

The only way, THE ONLY WAY, I have seen that seems to work in terms of putting a stop to this kind of activity is for concerned parishioners to speak with their checkbook.  If you don’t like this kind of activity at your parish, stop putting money in the basket, but leave a note saying you’d be happy to give again as soon as the parish stops inviting in speakers like Schwan, Sheehan, Rupp, Curran, Rohr, etc ad nauseum.   Give that money to the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, or to the Poor Clares, or the Carmelites in Dallas, or Food for the Poor, or whatever.  Do not feel guilty.  You are merely responding to a situation not of y0ur own making.  You bear more culpability in continuing to fund these kinds of activities, through your donation (money is fungible, and your tithe may wind up paying the light bill when madam new age comes to town), than you do for “mooching” off your parish while you are not contributing in protest.  Yes, I’m being harsh, but if you read this blog, chances are, you’re a more substantial contributor to your parish than most other parishioners, and your refusal will be felt.  Nothing will change unless you act, and that’s a fact.

UPDATE: I promise I wrote all of the above before I saw this, yesterday’s video:

You could do all the organizing that Voris mentions, which might be as effective as de-funding, but would definitely be a great deal more work.  Your call.

OT – F-35B STOVL variant January 5, 2011

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I’m still trying to figure out what Colleen’s connection to military aviation is, so I’ll keep posting things  like this until she tells me. 

The test program director’s statements are a bit of a stretch.  There are penalties associated with STOVL, although it appears LockMart have done the best job yet with this very difficult requirement.  For one, the STOVL variant cannot carry as much internal fuel or weaponry as the land based or carrier strike variants.  It has a shorter range and less payload.  If it takes off in the vertical, which is probably will not do too often, the range is quite short compared to the other variants.  He also doesn’t mention cost – the STOVL variant is the most expensive, and with the Brits now dumping out of that program, to ostensibly buy the arrested landing carrier version F-35C, the cost will be even higher per unit.  It is no accident this video was produced now, after the British announcement to not buy the STOVL variant.

More on F-35 capabilities below.  Even though the F-35 cannot perform like the F-22 in some areas, in others, like sensors and sensor fusion, it will be even more advanced: