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But we all know contraception PREVENTS abortion! January 5, 2011

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h/t to www.culturewarnotes.com, a 10 year study in Spain shows that increased contraceptive use leads to more abortion, not less, in spite of what all the pro-abort/pro-child sex ed/pro-contraception crowd claim:

Spain’s abortion rate more than doubled from 1997 to 2007, despite a steep rise in the use of contraceptives, a new study shows.

The authors of the study, puzzled by the results, conclude: “The factors responsible for the increased rate of elective abortion need further investigation.” But the same phenomenon has been evident for years in the US and other countries.

Pro-life activists have frequently pointed out that the promotion of contraceptives encourages promiscuity, with abortion quickly becoming accepted as an option when contraceptives fail.

Contraceptive use LEADS to abortion.  When one uses contraception, one is told won’t get pregnant, and one expects not to become pregnant.  When a person using contraception learns they are pregnant, they aren’t prepared for the eventuality, and in our self-pleasure at all costs focused society, people with “unplanned pregnancies” tend to look for second options, like abortion.  Because, they shouldn’t have their good time interrupted with something like a tremendous gift from God.

And the wheel turns ’round……

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