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Oh no, Firefox! January 6, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, disaster.

Well, not quite, but, maybe F-22 production should not have been terminated at 187 units.  Brilliant!  Let’s spend $50 billion on development, and once all those costs are sunk, only buy 187!  Is that tooling still around?

By the way, play this on mute unless you like overwrought, bombastic ChiCom “patriotic” music:

Sorry, I really don’t intend to turn this into a Catholic military aviation blog.  But, then again, it probably would be the first one……..HMMMMM

Did you get the reference?

Ah, yes, the “Mig-31 Firefox” from the movie of the same name……..a Mach 6 (!!) stealth fighter!  Mach 6 and stealth do not go together!

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