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Reminder! All night Adoration with the Carmelites January 7, 2011

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Have I mentioned how much I love the witness of nuns?  The Carmelites in S. Dallas have a monthly First Friday Adoration that is open to the public.  I am very certain the good Carmelites would enjoy your presence, and they can always use supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, and vegetarian items like completely vegetable soup (no meat broth).  I shall have to be there this time, I have been most remiss in supporting the Carmelites!

All Night Adoration First Friday, Jan. 7/8



Pray for Our COUNTRY and its future

Discalced Carmelite Nuns Invite YOU!!

Starts Friday night     come as early as 4 PM

Ends just before 7 AM Mass on Saturday, Jan. 8


First Mass (prayed in Latin) 8:00 PM

there are English/Latin and Spanish/Latin red books at back of church to follow

Food & Drink available in the room next to the chapel.

 Please help yourself!

2nd Mass (in Latin)  3:00 AM

Leave your personal prayer requests

The Nuns will storm heaven!

The Monastery is at 600 Flowers Ave., Dallas, 75211, off of Jefferson. 

convenient from I-30  and Loop 12.

From downtown:  take I-30 going west, exit LOOP 12 south,

For more information, please see attached flyer or
call 214-704-4541
 take the second exit, which is
Go through the stop light and straight
 drive past 7 or 8 blocks, you will see tire & auto repair shops, then a small church (drive past)
shortly after that, TURN RIGHT ON FLOWERS Street. Address is 600 S. Flowers. Go through the Monastery gates.  park anywhere. 

You’re a rotten parent…… January 7, 2011

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…..unless you begin to “ease” your child into sex-ed instruction from birth!  So sez the uber-intellects of Planned Parenthood (motto: we’re always raising the next generation of customers).  Yes, irony intended.

A program touted as “a bold, nationwide, social change effort” is being launched by Planned Parenthood to alter family dialogue about sexuality and encourage parents to ease their children’s transition into a sexually active lifestyle.Entitled “Real Life. Real Talk,” the program was first used in Connecticut, New York, Maine, and Arizona between 2004 and 2008, and its nationwide distribution is now being funded by groups that include the Ford Foundation.

The stated goal of the program is “to positively change the social climate in communities” with “more open, honest, and balanced talk” about sex; it targets parents and guardians of children as young as 8 years old.

“A more positive social climate will, over time, help to ensure that people — particularly young people — have adequate information and services to enable them to make healthy sexual choices,” states Planned Parenthood, noting that “getting people to talk openly … about … sensitive or stigmatized” issues is always “a critical step in making social change happen.”

The program teaches parents to promote communication and “clear up slang” regarding such topics as oral sex and masturbation, and to help children navigate the sexually active lifestyle by “point[ing] out…condoms” in the drugstore and providing other forms of contraception.

Take your teen to a clinic for contraception and exams, or let your teen know where to go for help to prepare to be sexually active,” advises the document. In conclusion, the group expects that “a cascade of positive behavior change in sexual health will follow” from the program.

Well, that’s their hope anyway – get your child very accustomed to Planned Parenthood facilities, for when the contraception fails, they’ll be there to, uh…..”take care of things.” 

So, it appears that since LifeSiteNews ran their story, Planned Barrenhood has gotten busy flushing webpages down the memory hole:

Planned Parenthood’s own website offers examples on how to educate teenagers on navigating sexual activity, including anal sex and masturbation. The page entitled “all about the anus” is visible as of publishing from the site’s search page, although it is no longer directly accessible

If you go to that second link in the paragraph above, you’ll find that pulled page on “all about the anus” (I have a trash can nearby for  my wretching), and a page on “guys who sleep with guys”, including important instructions on rimming (trash can alert!).  It’s a one stop shop for everything your toddler needs to know about how to simulate God’s gift of human sexuality in a completely perverse, using way.

But that’s not all!  Not merely content with indoctrinating teens and children in a hyper sexualized lifestyle, where sex exists on a plane with things like food, sleep, and clothing as absolutely essential “needs” for life, you need to start sexualizing your child from birth!:

At the very foundation of a pyramid of all human needs lies “needs of the body,” which Planned Parenthood describes as including sexual satisfaction, and whose sexual aspect should involve even the smallest infants: “We couldn’t live without nutritious food, clean water and air, and regular sleep. We also need to feel good about our bodies and our sexuality, and take pleasure in them.

“We need to give babies a sense of themselves, their sexuality, and their bodies from birth.”

Planned Parenthood goes on to explain that babies who masturbate should not be discouraged, or else they will become “ashamed” of their sexuality and “may not trust us later in life when they need guidance about sex and sexuality.”

Because, after all, that newborn you have at home may be very sexually frustrated, and you just aren’t encouraging little Janey without providing a neo-natal vibrator.  Think I’m exageratting?  Not in the least: “Elsewhere, the organization instructs parents to tell children up to the age of five that “it’s normal to touch one’s sex organs for pleasure” and “to seek privacy” when doing so.”  Sorry, that’s just sick.  It doesn’t make your child “healthy” to teach them that their body is an open all hours amusement park for their perpetual self-manipulation.  That’s a far cry from the Biblical exhortation not to spread one’s seed on barren ground [Gn 38:9-10].  But who needs that stuffy, preachy ol’ Bible anymore?

As one commenter at LSN stated: “A cascade of promiscuity will follow this program, but that’s what PP wants, since promiscuity leads to unplanned pregnancies, which lead to abortions, which are the very lucrative cornerstone of their business.”

Exactly.  And that is what they are all about.  But on another level, you can see here how many in our culture have made pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, the be all and end all of existence.  Alduous Huxley had no idea how right he would be.  We have an increasing segment of our population who see children as sexual objects, and see nothing wrong with children being both sexual and sexualized.  This trend will accelerate, and, I’m sorry to say, it will be very difficult to insulate children, especially those in schools, from it.  In the case of schools, it will be virtually impossible, as your child will be exposed to the least worst raised child present.  In addition, many school districts teach this kind of material without prior parental consent, and Planned Barrenhood is seen as a “trusted source” by many leftist school administrations.  I’m sure I’ll offend many by saying this, but here is reason #3 (yes, it’s that high) for homeschooling – keeping my children from being turned into li’l porn stars.

This got to me January 7, 2011

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As someone who has had too many children in the hospital, this one got to me.  Everything I have read about the Holy Father indicates he has a great sentiment towards children.

Friday fun post January 7, 2011

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I’m not normally a big fan of soul, but I don’t know how you don’t like this, especially the chorus: