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A few thoughts on yesterday January 10, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, Dallas Diocese, North Deanery, sadness.

I’ve been having a few thoughts related to the tragedy we were part of yesterday:

If we hadn’t been delayed 20-30 seconds by the kids getting orange juice in the cafeteria at St. William, we could have been the vehicle that got struck by the sliding Dodge pickup.  We got to the scene about 30 seconds after the accident occurred.  And there I was, being my usual impatient self, pushing them to hurry.  Because I was worried about the deteriorating road conditions, but like 30 seconds would make a difference, right?

We never know when the Lord will call us to our real home.  Many Saints prayed not to die suddenly, to have recourse to the Sacrament of Extreme Unction/Holy Viaticum prior to death, to insure they died in a state of grace.  Today, many people hope to die quickly, suddenly, withou suffering.  To wish that is to ultimately deny oneself a final chance at dying in the Grace of God and to give up those sufferings that may be of great benefit to one’s own, or many other, souls.

In spite of all the safety advances of recent years, small cars are inherently dangerous compared to large, modern vehicles.  While the people in the small car were killed near instantly, the driver of the pickup, which flipped, was essentially uninjured.  Mass does matter, and a late model 3/4 ton Dodge weighs about 6000+ lbs, while a Neon weighs about 3200.  My truck, with all the add ons, weighs about 7200 lbs.  That doesn’t mean that I couldn’t roll it and die any day.  But on the whole, you’re more likely to survive being in a larger vehicle.  New fuel economy regulations promulgated by the Obama Administration will make large vehicles like full size pickups and SUVs virtually impossible to sell within the next 5 years or so, unless those standards are revised.  The smaller vehicles that result from this new standard will be inherently more dangerous than larger, legacy vehicles.

My wife had wanted to go to Mater Dei, since it was known that the temperatures and bad weather would be worse in Greenville than in the central Dallas area.  On the way to Greenville, she actually wanted to turn around.  But she wondered last night if God did not put us there for a purpose yesterday.  I am not one to try to ascertain the workings of Providence in cases like this – it is a possibility I do not discount, nor necessarily accept.   Only God truly knows.


1. Mary - January 10, 2011

Let me suggest prayers for those first responders, fire fighters, and medical personnel who may face this sort of thing frequently. After one incident, I don’t particularly want to experience that in my life again.
But I hope that in my offerings to do God’s will for the day, I pray my actions and words were made acceptable to God. There are so many things in my life that may not make sense to me, but I’m sure God has a reason for everything that crosses my path.
I must say, though, it brought to light that at any moment, my time may be up; life on earth is short and eternity is, well, forever. Is my soul prepared?

Juli Tauzin - January 15, 2011

My name is Juli Tauzin. I am the niece of J.W. and Judy Strickland, parents of Laci Betterton. I am 43 years old, married, and a mother of 3 children. First, I would like to say thank you for both of you stopping and offering help to our precious cousins.They were truly wonderful Christians and we have an unusually close family. My “Uncle Dubby”, as we call him, is really trying to make sense of the accident. He has been told that the accident report will not be ready for 30 days. I do not want them to read this blog secondary to the details about James and Laci’s condition However, my uncle was told that it appeared they were not wearing their seat belts. I was not going to mention anything about your blog because of the details of their condition at the site of the accident. However, I did want them both to know that they did have their seatbelts on so I told them that two people had stopped and that your husband had stated that they both had them on. They never left home without them buckled. I know this is very hard on the two of you, but if both of you could find it in your hearts to contact me I would appreciate it. I want them to know the good details that the two of you have posted. Words cannot express how much we appreciate the two of you stopping to try to help them. Please know that we are all so grateful. They were music ministers at their church and elementary music teachers. My cell number is 318-XXX-XXXX. May God continue to bless your family! Love, Juli Tauzin

tantamergo - January 15, 2011

We have your number now, thanks, but I deleted because I had a crazy post here earlier today. They were both buckled. The rear seats were down, folded flat, that’s how my wife, first, and then the fireman, climbed in the car – through the back door. Then they let the driver’s seat down to try to help him breathe. We straightened him up because he was kind of leaning over the console. Then they loosened his tie to aid breathing, and the off duty fireman suggested taking off their seatbelts to ease egress when the fire dept. got there. So, the firemen from Caddo Mills (not the off duty guy who got their just after us) saw them not wearing seat belts, and probably reported that to the trooper. The state trooper was running the show once he got there. Is it DPS running the investigation?

I would guess they’re trying to close the investigation quickly by giving alot of emphasis to the claim of no seat belts?

2. Jocelyn - January 11, 2011

yes Mary I wholeheartedly agree with about the prayers. My husband was a policemen for well over 25 years. Since this has happened he has been reliving every single accident scene in his mind almost constantly. Although he is now a choir director, he still suffers from sleepless nights regarding accidents and being a first responder. I am thankful you both were there. God had a reason for everything..even the orange juice.

3. Brian - January 13, 2011

I would love to talk to you privately. I am the pastor officiating at their service and I believe you could be a real comfort to the family.

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