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Voris on how to improve the Church January 10, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, North Deanery.

If you’re unhappy with the direction your parish, with the teaching materials used in Catechism classes, or in the schools, or with speakers who are coming into the parish, etc., or if you’re concerned about the larger Church, Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV has some suggestions on what to do.  Don’t just tune him out, this is very good advice for everyone:

I agree with everything he says, except for labelling those who have been behind the dissent in the Church as the “left.”  It’s not a left-right issue, and I think it undermines faithful Catholics to allow the debate to be framed as such, because then we, faithful Catholics, just get accused of playing politics.  It’s an issue of Truth, whether what goes on in our various parishes is truly the Truth revealed by Jesus Christ, or not.  It’s orthodoxy – adherence to that Truth, versus heterodoxy, deviating from that Truth.  The Truth has been revealed and is unchanging.  If you deviate from it, you are telling God He’s just not that smart, and that what He has revealed doesn’t work anymore.  If you are, for instance, insisting that women have the right to be ordained priests, when that has never occurred before, there is no basis for such ordination in Scripture or Tradition, etc., then you are telling God that His plan for His Church is flawed, that He did not quite get it right.  That is an impossibility.

Steve Boor and I will be teaching a Catechism at St. Mark in Plano starting on January 22 at 7:00 pm in the parish library.  This course if free, except for the cost of the materials.  I pray this class will be a way to help many grow in the Faith.  The course will meet weekly for 12 weeks.

One final note – those who are heterodox in the Faith are not nearly so well grounded in the Faith as they like to let on, in my experience.  There is a thin veneer of knowledge, but beyond that not much more than straw men and shibolleths.


1. thewhitelilyblog - January 10, 2011

Who you calling heterodox!

Tant, my main man! Thanks for alerting me to this video! But about using the term liberalism: the popes use that term, dude. It has meaning within the church and that meaning corelates to the one in the political, furthermore. (correlates?)

Check out, as one e.g., ‘Liberalism is a Sin.’ I think it’s Pius XI, but I forget.

tantamergo - January 11, 2011

I know, I know, but unfortunately in my personal dealings with many over issues of the Faith, if I, or others, use the terms “left,” “liberal,” etc., which I do on this blog alot, but mainly with regard to societal issues, not Church issues, I hear “well, you’re just a rabid right-winger and your political preferences are necessarily valid,” or something to that effect. So I try to use orthodox and heterodox to focus on differences from the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church. But, it’s a complicated subject. I have strong sympathies, for instance, with what may be considered heterodox opinions by some in the Church, opinions or beliefs expressed by the SSPX, for instance. I have even read some things from sedevacantists that make some sense, and have a truly excellent, brief biography of Padre Pio by Brother Michael Dimond (just because one is a sedevacantist does not mean one cannot write really good books about various Saints). In truth, when I use terms like heterodox, I am thinking primarily of those who stand against Tradition and Scripture in a sort of naked way, almost invariably some leftist ‘progressive’ way.

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