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The heart of Heaven is to be with God January 11, 2011

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Msgr. Charles Pope hits a very important subject – Heaven, and our view of what it will be.  We live in very strange times – so many people assume just about everyone gets to Heaven, but very few actually do very much to get there.  After all, God would not be a God of Love if he actually damned people to Hell, would He?  The thing is, God doesn’t damn people to Hell, people damn themselves.  And when presented with the august majesty, the perfection, the incredibly brilliant glory of our Lord, it is thought by many Church fathers and theologians that those who have led selfish, sinful lives, will not be able to withstand the infinite Good that is God, and they will seek an escape, any escape, from His Presence.  Heaven is not about being reunited with family, or enjoying perfect comfort and leisure at every instant, or being presented with an infinitely bountiful and delicious buffet, it’s about worshiping and praising God for all eternity.  That is what the angels do.  That is why the Saints are Saints – they so directed their earthly lives towards God that they were perfectly comfortable (and they had an insatiable desire) to be with God and sing his praises for ever.  Msgr. Pope:

 I have lamented with you before on this blog that few speak much of heaven today but focus more on earthly creature comforts as the goal and measure of their happiness. Further, even when heaven is discussed, the description contains everything but the “one thing necessary.” Often when describing heaven one will hear of happiness that that never ends, mansions, gold streets, “purly” gates, and being able to “play all the golf I want.” Others will describe being reunited with loved ones or of being free of suffering. All this is fine and largely true. But what is striking, is the omission of any mention of God. God after all is the “one thing necessary” to make heaven be heaven.

Martha, Martha: This expression, “the one thing necessary” comes from Luke 10:42 where Jesus gently rebukes Martha for missing the main point of life: which is union with God. Martha busies herself with many things, even things that will serve the Lord, but in the end she misses the Lord! To put it in the terms of a modern euphemism: “Fail!”…………

The heart of Heaven is to be with God. Scripture says, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you. (Matt 6:33)

The heart of Hell is to lack God, to lack the one thing necessary. God is the sine qua non, the absolute requirement for every other joy or pleasure to make any sense or be operative. The heart of Hell is to have rejected God permanently, and to discover that the absolute and final rejection of Him is to experience the withdrawal of every other pleasure. Only in God will my soul be at rest! (Ps 62:5)

In life, don’t miss the one thing necessary, which is not a thing at all, but is God himself. The Father, in the prodigal son parable came out and begged his second son to enter the feast and celebrate with him. The Heavenly Father does the same now….What is your answer?

Getting to Heaven is not a topic frequently addressed by many priests.  It should be, for it is the one thing truly necessary in life.

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