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Bishop Tobin on ‘separation of Church and state’ January 13, 2011

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‘Separation of Church and state’ is a chimera, a statement found nowhere in the Constitution, a fabrication dreamed up by leftists to advance their agenda in the face of religious opposition.  You will note, when bishops or priests or whatever religious figures speak on topics that the left views favorably, the left fully endorses ‘a religious voice in politics.’  But when the religious voice is in oppostion to the leftist agenda, the howls of ‘church and state’ echo endlessly through the chambers of government, and reverberate ad nauseum in our electronic media.   Christianity was always meant by our Lord to be the most public of religions, and its constant morality and fidelity to Truth make it an increasing enemy of the left, an enemy to be squashed without mercy.  Bishop Tobin:

The point is this: religion has an important, indeed a unique contribution to make to the governance of our society. Can we, once and for all then, put to rest the bogus interpretations of the “separation of church and state” so often cited these days?

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, in his outstanding book, “Render Unto Caesar,” makes this observation: “Americans have always believed in nonsectarian public institutions. But the founders never intended a nation that privatizes religion and excludes it from involvement in public affairs. Nor did they create any such nation. The secularism proposed today for our public life is not religion-neutral. It is antireligious.” (p. 29)

The Archbishop goes on: “A truly secularized United States would be a country without a soul; a nation with a hole in its heart . . . Secularism as a cult – the kind of rigid separationism where the state treats religion as a scary and unstable guest – hollows out the core of what it means to be human.” (p. 30)

A “country without a soul.” A “nation with a hole in its heart.” I wonder – is that the kind of nation we long for? Is that the kind of state we want Rhode Island to become?

Pope John Paul hit the nail on the head when he wrote about the “practical and existential atheism” of our age. He describes the individual who is “all bound up in himself.” For such an individual, “there is no longer the need to fight against God; he feels that he is simply able to do without him.” (Pastores Dabo Vobis, #7)

The Pope’s insight leads me to wonder: Is our nation, and our state, in frequently appealing to “separation of church and state,” promoting an atheistic worldview? Are we creating a secular wasteland, bereft of any spiritual or religious influence? And is that how we want to live?

As I said, the left and its authoritarian media allies are perfectly happy to have vibrant religious voices in the public square, provided they support whatever agenda the left is pursuing.  But when authentic Chrisitianity, as it must, opposes vast swaths of the leftist political viewpoint, then it is an intolerable intrusion that must be “separated” (read as silenced). 

The broader implications of the increasing, practical atheism of our society are darker and more disturbing.  Atheist societies are not beacons of tolerance and human advancement, they fetid wastelands of hate, suffering, and death.

The war against Christianity is really just beginning.  It will get much,  much worse.


1. Raulito - January 13, 2011

Well said! I am pleased to know that I am not the only one who recognizes the existence of ‘practical atheism’ in our present society. One may convince oneself that he is religious, however, in actuality one may be deluded especially if it is a religion left unlived or simply neglected.

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