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My triumphant self-congratulatory post of the day January 17, 2011

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I got an e-mail from Charlie Duke!  Not a form e-mail, a real one!  Woot!  Charlie Duke is so awesome to listen to in all those old Apollo videos I have – his down home charm is a distinct pleasure compared to the almost mechanical speech of some of the more rigid test pilot types that populated much of the Apollo program.  Oh, yeah, and he did walk on the moon!  Yay me!

Here is Brig. Gen Duke on the moon with Apollo 16 – “and the old flag……..”

Here he has trouble with a drill –

Charles M. Duke served on the support crew for Apollo 10 and 11, was the backup LMP (lunar module pilot) for Apollo 13, and the LMP for Apollo 16.  He also was the backup LMP for Apollo 17 – a “dead end” assignment (since it was the last lunar flight) that required a great deal of work.

While not a Catholic (as fellow Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Gene Cernan are, of which I know), Charlie Duke had a conversion in the mid-70s and is a devout Christian.  I will pray for him.


1. Colleen Hammond - January 17, 2011

LOL!!! Duke was the one who exposed everyone to measles, which ended up causing the switch of pilots.

How utterly awesome you received an email from him!

2. Colleen Hammond - January 17, 2011

The whole measles mess up with Apollo 13, that is…

3. tantamergo - January 17, 2011

So, did you know that the oxygen tank which blew on Apollo 13 was originally installed in the service module of CSM-106 which flew on Apollo 10. It was pulled from Apollo 10 a few weeks before launch. Can you imagine if the “dress rehearsal” for Apollo 11 (which 10 was) had the explosion experienced on Apollo 13? I wonder if that would have freaked people out to the point of cancelling Apollo?

He’s a class act.

4. Colleen Hammond - January 18, 2011

I didn’t realize that, but it would explain the differences and the problems.

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