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Another bishop favors a “clarification” of VII January 18, 2011

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Last summer, I read a recent book by Msgr. Bruno Gherardini requested…….nay, begged…..the Pope to establish a group of Church experts to review the documents of Vatican II and issue clarifications on them, clarifications of an authoritative nature, in order to end the “discontinuity” that exists between the actual documents of Vatican II, and what those documents say, and what certain elements within the Church like to claim those documents say.  This discontinuity also represents a breach with the solemn Tradition of the Church, Tradition practiced over the bimillenial history of the Church.  This book was endorsed by some big names – Bishop Olivieri in Italy and Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith of Sri Lanka.  It was published by the very good Franciscans of the Immaculate.    You can add now another name calling for that ‘clarification’ – the good Bishop Athanasius Schneider, improbably of Kazakhstan.   What does Bishop Schneider call for? 

In recent decades there existed, and still exist today, groupings within the Church that are perpetrating an enormous abuse of the pastoral character of the Council and its texts, written according to this pastoral intention, since the Council did not want to present its own definitive or unalterable teachings. From the same pastoral nature of the texts of the Council, it can be seen that its texts are in principle open to supplementation and to further doctrinal clarifications. Keeping in mind the now decades-long experience of interpretations that are doctrinally and pastorally mistaken and contrary to the bimillennial continuity of the doctrine and prayer of the faith, there thus arises the necessity and urgency of a specific and authoritative intervention of the pontifical magisterium for an authentic interpretation of the conciliar texts, with supplementation and doctrinal clarifications; a sort of “Syllabus” of the errors in the interpretation of Vatican Council II.

There is the need for a new Syllabus, this time directed not so much against the errors coming from outside of the Church, but against the errors circulated within the Church by supporters of the thesis of discontinuity and rupture, with its doctrinal, liturgical, and pastoral application.

Such a Syllabus should consist of two parts: the part that points out the errors, and the positive part with proposals for clarification, completion, and doctrinal clarification.

In essence, there have been two impediments preventing the true intention of the Council and its magisterium from bearing abundant and lasting fruit.

One was found outside of the Church, in the violent process of cultural and social revolution during the 1960’s, which like every powerful social phenomenon penetrated inside the Church, infecting with its spirit of rupture vast segments of persons and institutions.

The other impediment was manifested in the lack of wise and at the same time intrepid pastors of the Church who might be quick to defend the purity and integrity of the faith and of liturgical and pastoral life, not allowing themselves to be influenced by flattery or fear

Bishop Schneider does claim there are two opposing poles that impede the true implementation of the council – those who seek to water down and “prostentantize” Catholicism, and those who reject the council from a traditional standpoint.  In terms of the size and scope of these poles, and the influence they have had on the Church, the latter is almost negligible compared to the former, and emerged largely as a reaction to the former, so it’s a bit of a strained relationship, in my view. 

Good stuff nonetheless.   In a larger article on the same subject, it appears noted Professor Roberto de Mattei has also requested a “new examination of the conciliar” documents in light of tradition, specifically asking Pope Benedict XVI to initiation this examination.


1. FrDarryl Jordan - January 19, 2011

… improbably of Kazakhstan …?

Nyet! Nyet!

Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world
All other countries are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan, number one exporter of potassium!
All other countries have inferior potassium.

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