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A novel idea – help gays live celibate lives…. January 19, 2011

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……instead of embracing and confirming their sin.   I wrote some time back about the problematic materials used at St. Elizabeth Seton in Plano in their “gay ministry.”   Those materials stridently endorsed the gay lifestyle and gave tacit approval not only to gay sexual relations but even to gay co-habitation and marriage.  This is not the way to help someone in a manner in consonance with the Faith, by confirming them in their sin.  However, the Diocese of Colorado Springs has launched a program associated with Courage to help gays follow Church doctrine and lead celibate lives.  This is a beautiful thing, and something I pray may take hold our own diocese:

The Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs is borrowing a page from Alcoholics Anonymous by launching a 12-step program that offers pastoral care and support for homosexuals.“It’s not about therapy and not about activism,” said the Rev. Larry Brennan, diocese director of priest formation. “It’s about support.”

The Catholic Church views homosexual relations as a sin, but not homosexual thoughts. It expects those with same-sex attraction to be celibate.

… The [Courage] program has 110 chapters worldwide, including one in Denver, according to its website.
Just for the record, since there seems to be alot of confusion about this, no, Courage does not try to “convert” gays.  It simply provides support and encouragement for homosexuals to live celibate lives, as they are called to do.  I’m an addict.  But I am called not to get high by the Church, even though I may have been born with a “loves to get high” gene.  I know this comparison makes gays mad, but it’s apt in alot of ways.
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