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Voris on liturgical reform January 20, 2011

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I posted Monday on the growing movement among some in the hierarchy of the Church to ask the Pope to issue some kind of formal, doctrinal statement that will clarify the intent of portions of Vatican II.  Michael Voris has his take on this issue:

Now, that’s one view, and the view shared by Bishop Schneider – that there isn’t much problem with the documents of Vatican II, per se, but that they were perhaps worded poorly and that they were definite, concrete efforts to take advantage of that poor wording to produce, in effect, a much different, post conciliar Church.  These people feel all that is necessary is to issue some doctrinal statement that will squash the abuses.  Others, including Msgr. Gherardini, feel differently – they fell that there ARE problems within the documents themselves, including statements on personal conscience, how the liturgy is constructed and viewed, and ecumenism that appear, with plain interpretation, to be a break with previous Catholic Tradition.  I have read Gherardini’s book, and find his arguments rather compelling in some areas, less so in others.

These changes that are being requested will not happen with the current Pope.   I say that for many reasons I’m not going to go into right now, but, primarily, this Pope has repeatedly stated that the documents of Vatican II stand on their own, they need no clarification, and he will not countenance any “re-evaluation” of their contents.   Orthodox Catholics will be very fortunate to get a clarification of Summorum Pontificum.  A major re-evaluation of Vatican II in the light of Tradition will not happen under this Pontiff.


1. thewhitelilyblog - January 20, 2011

Pray and sacrifice for him!

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