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American Life League exposes Catholic Health Association January 24, 2011

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What can I say – much of what I’ve said here in the past is repeated in this video, but the links between Catholic Health Association, Catholic HealthWest and groups and agendas antithetical to the Faith are more numerous and extensive than I had previously found.  Very good work from ALL:

Anyone loan me ‘Demonic Abortion’? January 24, 2011

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I’ve been trying to find a copy of Demonic Abortion, Fr. Euteneuer’s book detailing the profound link between evil and occult forces and the abortion industry.  I don’t want to buy one at the current asking price – $175 on Amazon, but I’d very much like to read it.  Anyone willing to loan it to me.  I’ll pay for shipping, and promise to return it in the condition that I received it.  I’d even be willing to “trade,” for a time, Exorcism and the Church Militant if you haven’t got a copy of that companion book to Demonic Abortion.

Thanks for your consideration!

Race based genocide? January 24, 2011

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Are we witnessing a race based genocide, inspired by liberal, or left wing, ideology, in New York and many other places?   It was national news (on the internet, not much mention in the lamestream) when it was announced that 41% of all babies in New York City are aborted.  However, that’s just the surface – looking at the data in more depth, it reveals that 60% of black children, and almost half of hispanic children, are aborted.  Almost 2/3 of black children are aborted in New York city.  For every three pregnancies, only one child actually survives to be born! 

Across the country, the statistics are similar, though not as severe as uber-liberal New York.  Blacks have an abortion rate more than twice that of caucasians, and higher than any other racial group.  Almost half of all african american babies are aborted.  

We have witnessed around the world, historically and to this present day, the pronounced tendency, bordering on a metaphysical certitude, for leftist governments/cultures to result in massive loss of life.  From the Soviet Union, to Communist China, to Cambodia, to the National Socialists of Nazi Germany, to Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela and the pseudo Marxist racial policies of Mugabe in Rhodesia Zimbabwe, left wing policies result in misery and death.  In this country, leftist political agendas that have resulted in the genocide of abortion (what else do you call the death of 53 million?), in the destruction of the family (especially of minority populations), and in a society inundated in violence and lack of respect for human life.  Certainly, all kinds of people have abortions, not just left wing types, but the left and its socio-economic viewpoint have been the intellectual enablers of abortion, and, in spite of their rhetoric claiming to desire to aid minorities, left wing policies cause an disproportionate of the misery to fall on minorities.  That this was essentially the plan of the founders of Planned Barrenhood and other groups is beyond question – how much a role it plays in the current day support for abortion remains to be seen.  

Whether intentional or not, whether anyone in favor of abortion has a secret antipathy towards certain populations or not, the fact remains that left wing policies are resulting in the deaths of millions of those they purport to help.  The hypocrisy, the lies that bear the stench of death – they are overwhelming.

A stunning question for the Dallas marriage tribunal January 24, 2011

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Another little gem from Texas Catholic, again not available on their website, concerning their regular “Tribunal” section where readers send in questions concerning the tribunal process.  For those that don’t know, marriage tribunals exist to review marriages that have ended in divorce, to determine if there was some reason that would have made the marriage invalid, allowing the now divorced individuals to re-marry in the Church.  The tribunals essentially review marriages to see if an annulment is warranted – and they are very successful, one report reveals marriage tribunals in the US find that 97% of the marriages presented to them were somehow invalid, and are thus annulled.  

So, a man sent in a letter regarding his parents.  He stated that his parents divorced a long time ago, and that his mother is looking to remarry.  His father feels she will seek an annulment, and this is where the interest lies – the man asks, if an annulment is granted, won’t he, and all other children of parents whose marriages are annulled by the Church, be illegitimate?  Now, the tribunal representative in Texas Catholic hems and haws, and gives a non-answer related to how the civil law will view him (not illegitimate), but that’s not his question – he’s asking how the Church will view him.  And that’s a very good question.  How does the Church view the children of those whose marriages are annuled? To understand, an annulment means that the marriage was invalid, for some reason(s), from its very inception, and so, never really existed. 

This is  a question that touches on canon law and I, would think, theology, and I’m not sure how to answer it.  I may send this to Ed Peters to see if he has any input, but if I were in the questioner’s position, I would be wondering much the same thing, and I’d not feel very good about the likely answer.  Is this an issue the Church has dealt with?  Anyone have any input?

Is the Dallas Morning News self-contradictory, or just biased? January 24, 2011

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The Dallas Morning News had coverage of the March for Life that was……frustrating?   The lede says “hundreds march”……..well, yes, I suppose there was 100 hundred (10,000 for normal people) there, so, you could say, “hundreds march”, but interestingly, the photo caption accompanying the article (the little girls are my daughters) claims “thousands march,” which is a rather more typical way to describe 10,000 odd people marching downtown. 

Oh, the little girl on the left in the photo is not Miranda, that’s Amelia.  That’s ok, the photographer was very nice.

I have to wonder – does the photographer write the captions for the photos, separately from the actual article (written by KATHERINE LEAL UNMUTH), or did the reporter just sort of hedge bets, trying to satisfy both sides?

Mission accomplished, however – many people only ever read the lede, and never the actual article.  So, conveying the false image of a small, inconsequential march, largely populated by nutwing extremists – check!  Planned Barrenhood happy – check!

Way to go, DMN!  I won’t even taunt you…..it’s just too easy.