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Is the Dallas Morning News self-contradictory, or just biased? January 24, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, asshatery, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, scandals, Society.

The Dallas Morning News had coverage of the March for Life that was……frustrating?   The lede says “hundreds march”……..well, yes, I suppose there was 100 hundred (10,000 for normal people) there, so, you could say, “hundreds march”, but interestingly, the photo caption accompanying the article (the little girls are my daughters) claims “thousands march,” which is a rather more typical way to describe 10,000 odd people marching downtown. 

Oh, the little girl on the left in the photo is not Miranda, that’s Amelia.  That’s ok, the photographer was very nice.

I have to wonder – does the photographer write the captions for the photos, separately from the actual article (written by KATHERINE LEAL UNMUTH), or did the reporter just sort of hedge bets, trying to satisfy both sides?

Mission accomplished, however – many people only ever read the lede, and never the actual article.  So, conveying the false image of a small, inconsequential march, largely populated by nutwing extremists – check!  Planned Barrenhood happy – check!

Way to go, DMN!  I won’t even taunt you…..it’s just too easy.


1. Raulito - January 24, 2011

My thoughts, exactly. Chesterton’s quip concerning modern rulers, i.e. “Men are ruled, at this minute, by the clock, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern.”

2. FrDarryl Jordan - January 24, 2011

Nihilistic journalists cynically twisting the truth for mere political advantage because there is no truth only will to power? Say it isn’t so!

Hang on – isn’t that called propaganda?

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