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Race based genocide? January 24, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Basics, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, sadness, sickness, Society.

Are we witnessing a race based genocide, inspired by liberal, or left wing, ideology, in New York and many other places?   It was national news (on the internet, not much mention in the lamestream) when it was announced that 41% of all babies in New York City are aborted.  However, that’s just the surface – looking at the data in more depth, it reveals that 60% of black children, and almost half of hispanic children, are aborted.  Almost 2/3 of black children are aborted in New York city.  For every three pregnancies, only one child actually survives to be born! 

Across the country, the statistics are similar, though not as severe as uber-liberal New York.  Blacks have an abortion rate more than twice that of caucasians, and higher than any other racial group.  Almost half of all african american babies are aborted.  

We have witnessed around the world, historically and to this present day, the pronounced tendency, bordering on a metaphysical certitude, for leftist governments/cultures to result in massive loss of life.  From the Soviet Union, to Communist China, to Cambodia, to the National Socialists of Nazi Germany, to Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela and the pseudo Marxist racial policies of Mugabe in Rhodesia Zimbabwe, left wing policies result in misery and death.  In this country, leftist political agendas that have resulted in the genocide of abortion (what else do you call the death of 53 million?), in the destruction of the family (especially of minority populations), and in a society inundated in violence and lack of respect for human life.  Certainly, all kinds of people have abortions, not just left wing types, but the left and its socio-economic viewpoint have been the intellectual enablers of abortion, and, in spite of their rhetoric claiming to desire to aid minorities, left wing policies cause an disproportionate of the misery to fall on minorities.  That this was essentially the plan of the founders of Planned Barrenhood and other groups is beyond question – how much a role it plays in the current day support for abortion remains to be seen.  

Whether intentional or not, whether anyone in favor of abortion has a secret antipathy towards certain populations or not, the fact remains that left wing policies are resulting in the deaths of millions of those they purport to help.  The hypocrisy, the lies that bear the stench of death – they are overwhelming.

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