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Voris on the inertia setting into pro-life movement January 26, 2011

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I agree with all of this. 

I’ve already mentioned some reticence I have regarding the inertia that may be inadvertantly setting in with the pro-life cause, where folks seem to view abortion as an institution that will be around for a long time.  I can’t agree more with the link between contraception and abortion.  It is very sad that contraception is such a rare topic for homilies.  It is avoided because it is controversial, and it might make people mad.  By justice, it should be an A#1 topic repeated throughout each year, with priests exhorting the faithful to live in accord with the doctrine of the Church, especially because we know so few Catholics do!  And, of course, the topic is mentioned even less often by our bishops.  I was disappointed when Bishop Farrell did not tie abortion to contraception during his sermon prior to the March for Life.   Until exhortations to follow Church Doctrine on contraception become frequent and forceful, from all levels of the Church, Catholics will be fighting abortion with one hand tied behind the back. 

I do want to give a shoutout to a few local priests who ARE strong in the Faith and who do address the topic of contraception.  They are definitely the exception, and they need our prayers.

Then, there’s the whole issue Canon 915.  If Canon 915 were strictly enforced in all diocese, would we even have abortion?  Or would we have a new ‘American Catholic-Episcopal Church?’

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