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How “dissent” affects the Church January 28, 2011

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From Dom Prosper Gueranger’s excellent The Holy Mass.  First, a note regarding the prayers for the Church recited after the Sanctus during the consecration:

…..In order that all her members without exception may be named, Holy Church here speaks of all the Faithful….that is to say, those who are faithful in observing the Faith of Holy Church, for to be included in those mentioned here [those prayers preceding the Consecration, some of the most solemn prayers of the Church – ED], it is necessary to be in this Faith; it is necessary to be Orthodox, as she takes care to specify, omnibus orthodoxis, which means, those who think aright, who profess the Catholic Faith, -the Faith handed down by the Apostles.  By laying such stress on these words: omnibus orthodoxis atque Catholicae et apostolicae fidei cultoribus, Holy Church would have us see, that she excludes from her prayer, on this occasion, those who are not of the household of the Faith, who do not think aright, who are not orthodox, who hold not their Faith from the Apostles [in other words, those who reject aspects of the revealed dogmas of the Church – ED].

The terms in which Holy Church expresses herself, throughout, show very clearly how far Holy Mass is alien to private devotions.  She, then, must take the precedence, of all else, and her intentions must be respected.  Thus does Holy Church give all her members a participation in the Great Sacrifice; so true is this, that were the Mass to be done away with, we should quickly fall again into the state of depravity in which pagan nations are sunk; and this is to be the work of Antichirst: he will take every possible means to prevent the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, so that this great counterpoise being taken away, God would necessarily put an end to all things, having now no object left in their further subsistence.  We may readily understand this, if we observe how, since the introduction of protestantism, the inner strength of Society has materially waned.  Social wars have been waged on after another, carrying desolation along with them, and all this solely, because the intensity of the Great Sacrifice of the Mass has been diminished…….[and, I would add, as the reverence with which the Mass is celebrated has waned in many locales, and with many of the abuses that have come on the scene over the past 40-50 years, there is an even further weakening of the Graces God provides with the celebration of the Mass, so that society is made doubly ill – ED].

Is the above too harsh?  Too judging and legalistic?  Or is it a valued part of the deposit of Faith, something that has perhaps been lost in many quarters of the Church?  We can never know how much the Church, and the world, has been affected by the fragmentation of Christianity (there are now something like 50,000 protestant denominations), we can never know how much has been lost by lack of Faith within the Church.  We shall never know, in this earthly exile, anyway, how much better, happier, more Grace filled, the world could be.  Vatican II called for a great increase of devotion to all those Truths the Church has always held, but an illusory spirit rose up and crushed that increase in its nascent stages.  I don’t know if some of the Council documents played a role in giving rise to that spirit – perhaps, but I do know if the Council documents had been interpreted in light of the constant Tradition of the Church, the Church, and the world, would be a far better place today.


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