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Jesus and His Father’s Will January 28, 2011

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From the really very good Divine Intimacy, Chapter 60:

For us also, as adopted children of God, the way to sanctity, the rule of our actions must be our Heavenly Father’s Will.  Like Jesus, we must be nourished by this holy, sanctifying Will; we must feed on it at every moment, we must seek it and desire to live by it alone, making it the one great motive for all our actions.  “We must fully conform our will to God’s,” so that, as St. John of the Cross says, “there will be nothing in our thoughts or actions which is contrary to the Divine Will” (Ascent of Mt. Carmel I, 11, 2) [this implies conformity to all the Truth revealed by Christ through His Church – ED].

Conformity to God’s Will and the growth of Grace in us are the two constituent elements of sanctity and of a life of union with God.  These two elements are inseparable, for one depends upon the other.  Our increase in grace corresponds to our degree of conformity to God’s Will [as revealed through His Church, and the Truths revealed through the Church – ED].  Jesus said, “If anyone love Me, he will keep My word….and We will come to him, and will make Our abode with him” (Jn 14:23). Keeping His Word, that is, obeying God’s Will as manifested in the commandments, is the condition necessary for living in a state of Grace, and, hence, for enjoying the presence of the Blessed Trinity in our soul [and goes beyond the commandments to all the 418 dogmas of the Faith]. The more complete our confromity to God’s Will becomes, the more the life of Grace grows and develops within us.  The three Divine Persons, on Their part, give Themselves more and more to our souls, establishing their in-dwelling ever more fully and profoundly, thus drawing us to greater union with Themselves.

O Good Master, You know that nothing is of more profit to me than to consecrate my will to the Father’s.  You teach me to do this, knowing that it will win Your Father’s heart, and You also teach me how to serve Him…….

“O Divine Father, after your Son has consecrated to You my will, together with the wills of all, it would be unreasonable for me to refuse to give what He has offered.

“O Lord, what power there is in this gift of my will!  If made with due determination, it cannot fail to draw You, Almighty God, to become one with our lowliness, to transform us into Yourself, and to unite the creature with the Creator……O my God, the more You see by our actions that the words we use when speaking to You are not words of mere politeness, the more You draw us to Yourself and raise us above all petty earthly things.  Not content with having made our soul one with Yourself, You begin to cherish it and to reveal Your secrets to it……

“At this very moment, O Lord, I consecrate my will to You, freely and unreservedly!” (St. Teresa of Jesus, The Way of Perfection, 32).

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