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Support the new liturgy! January 31, 2011

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If you are like me, and are anxiously looking forward to the new, vastly improved translation of the Mass into English (which we will start using for Advent this year), you can show your support by signing a petition here! This new translation will far more accurately reflect the intent of the original Latin, add significantly more reverential language back to the Mass, and highlight the true emphasis of the Mass – that of a Sacrifice of propitiation for, and ordered to, Almighty God, with much less emphasis on the Mass as a community meal.  Of course, there are some in the Church who can’t stand that, and they have their own petition.  Nevertheless, the implementation of the new translation is proceeding apace, thanks be to God. 

An article on the OregonLive website covers some of the ground regarding the new translations, if you are unfamiliar with the issue.  I found one comment top the article truly amazing:

As a non-practicing Catholic in my adult life, I am still appalled that after all the years of almost rountine saying of the mass, you are going to alienate me further by not knowing what to say when I would go. As it is, I know Lutherans that know about being Catholic then I. Just another reason to leave the church behind.

In other words: “How dare you change the liturgy that I haven’t practiced in years!  As I non-practicing, non-believing Catholic, I want my voice heard, and the Church should cater to my demands, that is, when I do decide to show up at Mass!”   Wow – I pray for this person.  We all suffer from pride, but, my goodness, that’s a humdinger of hubris.

Fr. Z decries bishops on failure to allow implementation of Summorum Pontificum January 31, 2011

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Fr. Z in pretty rare form:

Pope Benedict, in his ongoing effort to heal the rupture that occurred in our worship when a composed, artificial rite was suddenly imposed on the Church, in 2007 put into effect the provisions of Summorum Pontificum, by far surpassing the provisions of Ecclesia Dei adflicta.

This was, on the one hand, an emancipation proclamation and, on the other, a great gift to priests and congregations.

Not all were thrilled.  I note in particular some bishops who, now that Summorum Pontificum is in effect, are now eager and willing to implement Ecclesia Dei adflicta.

Too late.  They had their chance…………….

The provisions of Summorum Pontificum state that every priest in the Latin Church can say Mass with either the 1962 or 2002 Missale Romanum.  If a group of the faithful wants Mass in the older form, they may approach their pastors and their pastors must see to their requests.  If the pastor cannot do it himself, the diocesan bishop must help see to their requests.  Help … assist…. not block or thwart.  The bishop is relieved of the burden of decisions about whether they may have Masses in the older form.  Bishops have enough to do, after all, without worrying about something that should be left – according the the principle of subsidiarity – in the hands of priests in trenches.  Moreover, the Roman Rite is juridically identified in two forms.  If a priest of the Latin Church can say Mass at all, he can say it in either form, say his is office in either form, celebrate sacraments in either form.  It is his Rite, after all.

Again, when a group of the faithful request Mass in the older “Extraordinary” form, their needs must be met somehow.  The pastor is not to ignore them.  If the pastor is unable to help, and not even the bishop can find a good solution for them, the bishop is instructed to contact the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” in Rome for help.  The bishops doesn’t get involved in order to say yes or no.  At that point the bishop’s role is to help make it happen if the pastor can’t.

The above, completely accurate summation of Summorum Pontificum is the exact opposite of what occurs in this Diocese.  Priests who wish to celebrate the Extraordinary Form (or Novus Ordo in Latin) are told they cannot, without the bishop’s express permission, and the faithful are left hanging in their repeated requests.   The ‘priest shortage’ is cast about as a reason, but there appears there may be some antipathy in certain quarters to Latin Mass.  But, we do at least have an FSSP parish, now.   I understand many of the young men in the large groups of men on the path to be ordained in a few years around the country are very friendly to the Traditional Latin Mass and Tradition in general.  I pray that is so, as I pray for them.

Death comes for us all January 31, 2011

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The one great certainty of this earthly life is that it is finite.  Excepting the Blessed Mother, all humans have died or will die.  In our modern society, many like to pretend that death won’t come for them, or that it can be staved off almost indefinitely. But death comes for us all, as I was reminded very intensely recently, and we had best be as prepared as we can be.  Dying an unprovided for death used to be one of the great fears of Catholics, now many want to die suddenly, without suffering.  In so doing, they will be missing a great opportunity to gain many graces through their suffering, and may not have time for recourse to the Sacraments of Extreme Unction and Viaticum.

How many live their lives as if they could die and face their judgement at any time?  I try to, but I recognize my abject failure in this regard.  I pray God give me the Grace to focus more on death and judgement, so that I may, with His Grace, live a life more pleasing to Him and be with Him forever in Heaven, after my (very much earned) period in Purgatory.  

Some thoughts from My Daily Bread:


My child, your actions and thoughts should always be as orderly as though you expected to die this day.  If you are unprepared today, how will you be prepared tomorrow?  Tomorrow is uncertain.  How do you know that you will be alive tomorrow?  If you have ever seen a person pass away, just reflect that you too must pass away as he did.

You can do many good works while you enjoy good health, but when you are sick, who knows what you will be able to do?  Few peoeple are improved by sickness.  So, too, those who have too many worldly interests seldom increase in holiness, because they are full of distractions.  Recollection and prayer are the seeds of a good life; and a good life is the path to a holy death. 

It is better to provide for yourself while you are still here in this life.  Do not rely on the prayers and help of others after your death.  The present time is precious.  Now is your opportunity.  This is your day of salvation. Spend today profitably.  Send your prayers, sacrifices and good works to Me before you come to Me to be judged. It is within your power to earn eternal life by a wise use of this present time.

Think often of death, and remember that time lost will never return.  You have not a lasting dwelling on this earth.  In this life you are like a traveller.  You will never have rest until you are united with Me, your Saviour.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face thought of life as a small boat passing through a tempestuous sea, leaving a small wake that quickly disappears.  So many of the Saints had such a hunger for God they longed to pass from this life to the next, to be with God, to behold His Face and adore him forever.  These are very countercultural thoughts in anytime, but especially in our current time.   But death will come for all of us.  And, it has come for our family and friends – we should always remember to pray, frequently, every day, for those in Purgatory, so that they may be free from their torment and join God in Heaven.  There, they will pray for us. 

Lord, let me not fear death with an empty fear, but with a wise and holy fear.  An empty fear does not make men any better, but a wise and holy fear urges them to improve their lives.  I will prepare for death by trying today to please you more and more in my thoughts, desires, words and actions.  If I live this day as You desire, I shall be ready at any moment, and death will be nothing worse than Your loving call. Amen.

More abortion clinics found “unsafe” January 31, 2011

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I felt, at the time the story broke, that this Philadelphia abortion murderer story would be big. It appears I was correct (not because I have any special intuition, but perhaps a flash of Grace from God). Associated clinics in Delaware and Louisiana are now under investigation, after apparently not being inspected for  years.  And both are affiliated with the National Abortion Federation, the major “accreditation” body for abortion mills.  Watch the abortion industry and its supporters in the media/blogosphere lash out especially violently as more revelations are made:

The owner of Atlantic Women’s Medical Center in Delaware— who employed the West Philadelphia abortion doctor facing murder charges for killing infants who were delivered alive — also owns an abortion clinic in Louisiana that in 2009 was cited for a list of health and safety violations.

And a 261-page Philadelphia grand jury report on Dr. Kermit Gosnell portrayed his Women’s Medical Society clinic as unsanitary and unprofessional, with blood-stained furniture, substandard equipment and untrained staff.Yet Delaware regulators cannot say if Atlantic Women’s Medical Center — where Gosnell worked one day a week for a number of years — suffers from similar health and safety deficiencies because abortion providers are not subject to the kind of routine sanitary and safety inspections that restaurants, beauty salons and tattoo parlors get.

Yes, because nothing says “clean and sanitary” like a tattoo parlor.  I remember when I got a big ring put in my ear in an Austin tattoo parlor years ago – if I hadn’t been drunk, I wouldn’t have stepped in that place, because even in my inebriated state, I could tell it was about as sanitary as a…..grungy tattoo parlor.  What is amazing, is that tattoo parlor was at least as well kept (which is saying nothing) as several local abortion mills.  And, it turns out, the tattoo parlors may be held to a higher health standard.

Is that shocking?  Should we be surprised that a business dedicated to the quickest of bucks made off of people’s desperation and which involves ripping little babies limb from limb would be, ah, less than concerned, with details like maintaining high standards of cleanliness?

Winter weather drama January 31, 2011

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So, what do you think……is it going to be a serious storm this time, another near miss, or just a bunch of nothing?  I don’t have TV, so I’d appreciate your (local, Dallas) opinions.

The Fr. Euteneuer situation January 31, 2011

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So, the same two individuals who several days ago began spreading rumors of Fr. Euteneuer having committed sexual improprieties have come out in the past day with much more detailed accusations.  All of the evidence being presented is hearsay, from what I can tell, but the allegations are extremely serious if true.  I am still skeptical whether all this “orgy of allegations” is true – everything is based on “private conversation someone overheard at the chancery” and “a friend of a friend saw his resignation letter” kind of a thing.  May all be true, but it may not.

If true, that Fr. Euteneuer was using his position as exorcist to sexually abuse ‘vulnerable’ women (we have no idea of their state of mind, even if the allegations are true), it would be a violation of every standard for exorcist behavior he describes at length in his book and a seeming complete contradiction of his own most deeply held principles.  It could be he is a sociopath and can write a book on a position, a role in the Church, he knows full well he is abusing in order to satisfy his base desires – a bit like a firefighter writing a book on arson, knowing full well he is the arsonist the whole city is looking for.  That requires deep levels of mental divergence – or demonic infestation.  He could perhaps have become infected with demons in the course of his work – if the unsupported allegations are true.

My take, at present?  I would be prepared to  treat the allegations dismissively if Matt Abbot at RenewAmerica hadn’t expressed his opinion that they are true, and that he is devastated by them.  I don’t know the two main individuals who have been disseminating these rumors allegations?, and I won’t link them anymore, because their efforts appear co-ordinated, but I do know Matt Abbot and respect him.  If he has seen evidence that has left his faith somewhat shaken, then that’s pretty telling.  But since he hasn’t gone into any detail about what information he has, however, I’m still not convinced, because of this utter lack of evidence  and Fr. Euteneuer’s inability to defend himself.  I also remain skeptical because I know there are very powerful forces that would like to see exorcism – and likely Fr. Euteneuer –  relegated to distant memory.

If the allegations prove to be true – well, another priest has fallen.  Won’t be the last time.  Still wrote a good book.  Trust in God, not in man.  We’re all miserable sinners, anyway…….

Pray for Fr. Euteneuer. Pray for the Church. Pray for more exorcists.  IF it turns out there are victims, certainly pray for them. Just Pray.