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Death comes for us all January 31, 2011

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The one great certainty of this earthly life is that it is finite.  Excepting the Blessed Mother, all humans have died or will die.  In our modern society, many like to pretend that death won’t come for them, or that it can be staved off almost indefinitely. But death comes for us all, as I was reminded very intensely recently, and we had best be as prepared as we can be.  Dying an unprovided for death used to be one of the great fears of Catholics, now many want to die suddenly, without suffering.  In so doing, they will be missing a great opportunity to gain many graces through their suffering, and may not have time for recourse to the Sacraments of Extreme Unction and Viaticum.

How many live their lives as if they could die and face their judgement at any time?  I try to, but I recognize my abject failure in this regard.  I pray God give me the Grace to focus more on death and judgement, so that I may, with His Grace, live a life more pleasing to Him and be with Him forever in Heaven, after my (very much earned) period in Purgatory.  

Some thoughts from My Daily Bread:


My child, your actions and thoughts should always be as orderly as though you expected to die this day.  If you are unprepared today, how will you be prepared tomorrow?  Tomorrow is uncertain.  How do you know that you will be alive tomorrow?  If you have ever seen a person pass away, just reflect that you too must pass away as he did.

You can do many good works while you enjoy good health, but when you are sick, who knows what you will be able to do?  Few peoeple are improved by sickness.  So, too, those who have too many worldly interests seldom increase in holiness, because they are full of distractions.  Recollection and prayer are the seeds of a good life; and a good life is the path to a holy death. 

It is better to provide for yourself while you are still here in this life.  Do not rely on the prayers and help of others after your death.  The present time is precious.  Now is your opportunity.  This is your day of salvation. Spend today profitably.  Send your prayers, sacrifices and good works to Me before you come to Me to be judged. It is within your power to earn eternal life by a wise use of this present time.

Think often of death, and remember that time lost will never return.  You have not a lasting dwelling on this earth.  In this life you are like a traveller.  You will never have rest until you are united with Me, your Saviour.

St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face thought of life as a small boat passing through a tempestuous sea, leaving a small wake that quickly disappears.  So many of the Saints had such a hunger for God they longed to pass from this life to the next, to be with God, to behold His Face and adore him forever.  These are very countercultural thoughts in anytime, but especially in our current time.   But death will come for all of us.  And, it has come for our family and friends – we should always remember to pray, frequently, every day, for those in Purgatory, so that they may be free from their torment and join God in Heaven.  There, they will pray for us. 

Lord, let me not fear death with an empty fear, but with a wise and holy fear.  An empty fear does not make men any better, but a wise and holy fear urges them to improve their lives.  I will prepare for death by trying today to please you more and more in my thoughts, desires, words and actions.  If I live this day as You desire, I shall be ready at any moment, and death will be nothing worse than Your loving call. Amen.

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