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Fr. Z decries bishops on failure to allow implementation of Summorum Pontificum January 31, 2011

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Fr. Z in pretty rare form:

Pope Benedict, in his ongoing effort to heal the rupture that occurred in our worship when a composed, artificial rite was suddenly imposed on the Church, in 2007 put into effect the provisions of Summorum Pontificum, by far surpassing the provisions of Ecclesia Dei adflicta.

This was, on the one hand, an emancipation proclamation and, on the other, a great gift to priests and congregations.

Not all were thrilled.  I note in particular some bishops who, now that Summorum Pontificum is in effect, are now eager and willing to implement Ecclesia Dei adflicta.

Too late.  They had their chance…………….

The provisions of Summorum Pontificum state that every priest in the Latin Church can say Mass with either the 1962 or 2002 Missale Romanum.  If a group of the faithful wants Mass in the older form, they may approach their pastors and their pastors must see to their requests.  If the pastor cannot do it himself, the diocesan bishop must help see to their requests.  Help … assist…. not block or thwart.  The bishop is relieved of the burden of decisions about whether they may have Masses in the older form.  Bishops have enough to do, after all, without worrying about something that should be left – according the the principle of subsidiarity – in the hands of priests in trenches.  Moreover, the Roman Rite is juridically identified in two forms.  If a priest of the Latin Church can say Mass at all, he can say it in either form, say his is office in either form, celebrate sacraments in either form.  It is his Rite, after all.

Again, when a group of the faithful request Mass in the older “Extraordinary” form, their needs must be met somehow.  The pastor is not to ignore them.  If the pastor is unable to help, and not even the bishop can find a good solution for them, the bishop is instructed to contact the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” in Rome for help.  The bishops doesn’t get involved in order to say yes or no.  At that point the bishop’s role is to help make it happen if the pastor can’t.

The above, completely accurate summation of Summorum Pontificum is the exact opposite of what occurs in this Diocese.  Priests who wish to celebrate the Extraordinary Form (or Novus Ordo in Latin) are told they cannot, without the bishop’s express permission, and the faithful are left hanging in their repeated requests.   The ‘priest shortage’ is cast about as a reason, but there appears there may be some antipathy in certain quarters to Latin Mass.  But, we do at least have an FSSP parish, now.   I understand many of the young men in the large groups of men on the path to be ordained in a few years around the country are very friendly to the Traditional Latin Mass and Tradition in general.  I pray that is so, as I pray for them.

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