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More abortion clinics found “unsafe” January 31, 2011

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I felt, at the time the story broke, that this Philadelphia abortion murderer story would be big. It appears I was correct (not because I have any special intuition, but perhaps a flash of Grace from God). Associated clinics in Delaware and Louisiana are now under investigation, after apparently not being inspected for  years.  And both are affiliated with the National Abortion Federation, the major “accreditation” body for abortion mills.  Watch the abortion industry and its supporters in the media/blogosphere lash out especially violently as more revelations are made:

The owner of Atlantic Women’s Medical Center in Delaware— who employed the West Philadelphia abortion doctor facing murder charges for killing infants who were delivered alive — also owns an abortion clinic in Louisiana that in 2009 was cited for a list of health and safety violations.

And a 261-page Philadelphia grand jury report on Dr. Kermit Gosnell portrayed his Women’s Medical Society clinic as unsanitary and unprofessional, with blood-stained furniture, substandard equipment and untrained staff.Yet Delaware regulators cannot say if Atlantic Women’s Medical Center — where Gosnell worked one day a week for a number of years — suffers from similar health and safety deficiencies because abortion providers are not subject to the kind of routine sanitary and safety inspections that restaurants, beauty salons and tattoo parlors get.

Yes, because nothing says “clean and sanitary” like a tattoo parlor.  I remember when I got a big ring put in my ear in an Austin tattoo parlor years ago – if I hadn’t been drunk, I wouldn’t have stepped in that place, because even in my inebriated state, I could tell it was about as sanitary as a…..grungy tattoo parlor.  What is amazing, is that tattoo parlor was at least as well kept (which is saying nothing) as several local abortion mills.  And, it turns out, the tattoo parlors may be held to a higher health standard.

Is that shocking?  Should we be surprised that a business dedicated to the quickest of bucks made off of people’s desperation and which involves ripping little babies limb from limb would be, ah, less than concerned, with details like maintaining high standards of cleanliness?


1. Cori Hyland - February 1, 2011

Yes, I’m totally aghast that an abortuary would be poorly kept and not care about the health and safety of human beings. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

You would think that the pro-aborts wouldn’t be this sloppy, but it shows you that they think they’ve won the war. This is the time to really amp it up.

tantamergo - February 1, 2011

we’re praying hard for your, michael, and you family, Corey. I pray it all works out.

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