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Support the new liturgy! January 31, 2011

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If you are like me, and are anxiously looking forward to the new, vastly improved translation of the Mass into English (which we will start using for Advent this year), you can show your support by signing a petition here! This new translation will far more accurately reflect the intent of the original Latin, add significantly more reverential language back to the Mass, and highlight the true emphasis of the Mass – that of a Sacrifice of propitiation for, and ordered to, Almighty God, with much less emphasis on the Mass as a community meal.  Of course, there are some in the Church who can’t stand that, and they have their own petition.  Nevertheless, the implementation of the new translation is proceeding apace, thanks be to God. 

An article on the OregonLive website covers some of the ground regarding the new translations, if you are unfamiliar with the issue.  I found one comment top the article truly amazing:

As a non-practicing Catholic in my adult life, I am still appalled that after all the years of almost rountine saying of the mass, you are going to alienate me further by not knowing what to say when I would go. As it is, I know Lutherans that know about being Catholic then I. Just another reason to leave the church behind.

In other words: “How dare you change the liturgy that I haven’t practiced in years!  As I non-practicing, non-believing Catholic, I want my voice heard, and the Church should cater to my demands, that is, when I do decide to show up at Mass!”   Wow – I pray for this person.  We all suffer from pride, but, my goodness, that’s a humdinger of hubris.


1. Petes - February 4, 2011

You think you have problems? Have a look at what we have to deal with here in Ireland. Bear in mind that some of the people quoted here are responsible for producing catechetical materials for the country:


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