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The Fr. Euteneuer situation January 31, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, General Catholic.

So, the same two individuals who several days ago began spreading rumors of Fr. Euteneuer having committed sexual improprieties have come out in the past day with much more detailed accusations.  All of the evidence being presented is hearsay, from what I can tell, but the allegations are extremely serious if true.  I am still skeptical whether all this “orgy of allegations” is true – everything is based on “private conversation someone overheard at the chancery” and “a friend of a friend saw his resignation letter” kind of a thing.  May all be true, but it may not.

If true, that Fr. Euteneuer was using his position as exorcist to sexually abuse ‘vulnerable’ women (we have no idea of their state of mind, even if the allegations are true), it would be a violation of every standard for exorcist behavior he describes at length in his book and a seeming complete contradiction of his own most deeply held principles.  It could be he is a sociopath and can write a book on a position, a role in the Church, he knows full well he is abusing in order to satisfy his base desires – a bit like a firefighter writing a book on arson, knowing full well he is the arsonist the whole city is looking for.  That requires deep levels of mental divergence – or demonic infestation.  He could perhaps have become infected with demons in the course of his work – if the unsupported allegations are true.

My take, at present?  I would be prepared to  treat the allegations dismissively if Matt Abbot at RenewAmerica hadn’t expressed his opinion that they are true, and that he is devastated by them.  I don’t know the two main individuals who have been disseminating these rumors allegations?, and I won’t link them anymore, because their efforts appear co-ordinated, but I do know Matt Abbot and respect him.  If he has seen evidence that has left his faith somewhat shaken, then that’s pretty telling.  But since he hasn’t gone into any detail about what information he has, however, I’m still not convinced, because of this utter lack of evidence  and Fr. Euteneuer’s inability to defend himself.  I also remain skeptical because I know there are very powerful forces that would like to see exorcism – and likely Fr. Euteneuer –  relegated to distant memory.

If the allegations prove to be true – well, another priest has fallen.  Won’t be the last time.  Still wrote a good book.  Trust in God, not in man.  We’re all miserable sinners, anyway…….

Pray for Fr. Euteneuer. Pray for the Church. Pray for more exorcists.  IF it turns out there are victims, certainly pray for them. Just Pray.


1. Cori Hyland - January 31, 2011

Whatever might’ve happened, he’s done so much good, it’s amazing. Anyone can fall and anyone can be redeemed. I can’t imagine having been able to handle the kind of spiritual warfare that he’s undergone. Fr. E’s certainly got a target on him. The devil loves taking people like him down. One only has to turn their head for a second to be taken down by Old Scratch.

tantamergo - January 31, 2011

Yes, I’ve been amazed how one blogger, who describes having had a close relationship with Fr. Euteneuer, to the extent that she claims he was godfather of 3 of her 5 children, has completely, totally turned on him. He did do much good, and we don’t know how he might have fallen, under what circumstances, if he has fallen at all. Reading through the reports last night, there are three sources of claims – one from this blogger I just alluded to, one from HLI (which credibility I think is in question, for a number of reasons), and then allegedly a statement from the vicar general of the West Palm Beach diocese that Fr. Euteneuer will never perform exorcisms again, and that he may still be in at least one abusive situation. All of the above is hearsay, much of it 3rd or 4th level hearsay, because all the reports are “someone heard someone say, how relayed it to me”, except for the vicar general’s statements, which I’m not certain were made in an official capacity. The reason why I am sensitive to these unsourced, or barely sourced, allegations is because I have personal knowledge of priests who were railroaded, or nearly so, based on completely fabricated “evidence.” I mean, totally, 100% fabricated. In one case involving this personal knowledge, this was not an abuse allegation, but something to do with the celebration of Mass, and happened incredibly fast. Only by thinking very quickly and being very aware of his rights, and by retaining a very good canon lawyer immediately, did this priest manage to keep from being run out of the priesthood.

It’s possible all the allegations are true, but there is something in them that sets off alarm bells. It’s very conflicting – if the folks who are making the claims about Euteneuer are right, they are probably justified in their actions, but if they have reacted to hearsay that may not be accurate, then they have done immense damage to a man’s reputation.

2. thewhitelilyblog - January 31, 2011

I’m not Father Euteneuer’s biggest fan, due to the kind of pro-life work he does. It’s strictly ecumenical, and I find that to be poor work for a priest. I’m a little ahead of the game, I think, but eventually Catholic pro-life workers are going to wake up to the fact that in spite of all our coalition-building, Roe v Wade isn’t going away. The Republicans sure don’t have a handle on the plan, and any effort is going to be a gesture, not an assault. We need to wake up and put forward a Catholic pro-life movement that insists on baptism for infants saved in pro-life work, and makes instruction in the Faith as automatic as handing out the diapers and baby seats and all other good material supports that Catholic generosity makes possible at the very numerous ‘pro-life’ centers. They are run by Catholics, there are chapels behind the scenes, no outreach whatsoever is made to the clients. We have to wake up. Babies have souls. We have to begin to do distinctly Catholic pro-life work, and Father E. isn’t wit it. He has been making, it appears, a decent living as is. I wish all pro-life priests would hang up the guitar and put on the stole, and hear some confessions outside abortion clinics. Well, I’m pushing it there. But *more* Catholic content and outreach.

melinda - February 1, 2011

Fr Tom Eunteneur is a man chosen for spiritual warfare not handing out diapers.
Unless we have prayed deeply concerning this and prayed for Fr Tom, we are at a terrible disadvantage for understanding.
Does anyone remember St Paul being accused and imprisoned? Who is behind this attack on Fr Tom? This is something we should consider prayerfully before speaking.

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