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February 2, 2011

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I haven’t been visiting Fr. Longenecker’s site as much recently, for some reason.  Shame on me:

There are many problems in the Catholic Church that might be thought to be the ‘smoke of Satan’ entering the church, but for my money one thing, above all others, has been the successful work of Satan, which has undermined the church, emasculated her ministry, sabotaged the aims of the Holy Spirit and captured a multitude of souls.

It is the modernist re-interpretation of the Catholic faith. The reductionist results of modern Biblical scholarship and the infiltration of a modernist, rationalistic and materialistic mindset meant that the supernatural was assumed to be impossible, and therefore the Bible stories (and also any supernatural elements of the faith) had to be ‘de-mythologized.‘ Everything supernatural within the Biblical account and within the lives of the saints and within the teaching of the church were assumed to be impossible and had to be ‘re-interpreted’ so they would make sense to modern, scientifically minded people.

So the feeding of the five thousand wasn’t a miracle. Instead the ‘real miracle’ was that everyone shared their lunch. [I’ve heard this one within the last year from a local priest who really, really should know better – ED] Everything had to be questioned and ‘re-interpreted’ in such a way that it could be accepted and understood by modern people. So when we call Jesus Christ “God Incarnate” what we really mean was that he was so fully human, and that as he reached his potential as a man that he shows us what divinity looks like. When we speak of the Blessed Virgin we mean she was ‘a very good and holy Jewish young woman.’ When we speak of the ‘Real Presence’ we mean that we see the ‘Christ that is within each one of us.”…

It’s the smoke of Satan, and it’s virtually triumphant within the mainstream Protestant churches, and sadly,  the modern Catholic Church in the USA is riddled through with the same noxious heresy. The reason it is so obnoxious and disgusting is because priests and clergy of all sorts still use all the traditional language of the liturgy, the Scriptures and the creeds, but they have changed the meaning of it altogether. [This was always the goal of the modernists within the Church.  I was just reading the entry on ‘modernism’ in a Catholic Encyclopedia dating from 1910 – it makes very plain that the modernists in the Church always sought to use the same signs and symbols, even the same wording as the Church had always used, but with a radically changed meaning.  They intended to gradually bring the modernism on the people while continuing the use of the ancient Liturgy and other familiar sources.  This was all repeated, refuted, and declared heresy by Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi Dominici Gregis in 1907.  When someone within the Church acts, knowingly, from a position of modernism or seeks to advance modernist ideas, they are acting as a heretic-ED]They never actually stand up and say that they have changed the meaning, and that they no longer believe the faith once delivered to the saints. They don’t discuss the fact that they have not only changed the meaning, but robbed it of meaning altogether. Instead they still stand up week by week and recite the creed as if they think it is true, but what they mean by ‘true’ is totally different from what their people mean.

So Father Flannel stands up on Easter Day and says, “Alleluia! Today we rejoice in the glorious resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.” His people think he really believes that Jesus’ dead body came back to life by the power of God and that he went on to live forever. In fact what Father Flannel really means is that “in some way the beautiful teachings of Jesus were remembered and continued by his followers long after his tragic death.” The people don’t know why Father Flannel’s Catholic life is so lightweight and limp and they don’t know why his style is so lacking in substance, and they go on in their muddled way thinking that he really does believe the Catholic faith when, in fact, he doesn’t at all. [It’s like Fr. Longenecker was writing this for a priest in the north deanery.  This is so dead on its actually funny – ED].

Consequently, Fr Flannel doesn’t really have much of a message at all. He doesn’t believe any of the gospel except as some sort of beautiful story which inspires people to be nicer to each other. All that is left of his priesthood, therefore, is to be a nice guy to entertain people with inspirational thoughts and get everyone to be nicer to one another and try to save the planet. [Yep, pretty much], but it is so widespread, it’s postivly tragic]

The poor faithful have swallowed this stuff for two or three generations now, and they don’t even know what poison they’re swallowing because the lies are all dressed up in the same traditional language the church has always used….The faithful don’t know why their church has become like a cross between a Joan Baez concert and a political activism meeting……

This is why evangelization of the American Catholics in the pew is probably the most difficult task of all. They don’t know what they don’t know. For three generations now they have been given watered down milk and been told it was wine. They actually think that Catholic lite is what it’s all about, and are astounded to think that there are some of us who think that they have actually been fed a version of Christianity that is scarcely Christianity at all. [It’s so difficult it’s dang near impossible.  Try telling someone who has been told new age is A-OK for Catholics to practice for decades that it’s wrong, that it’s counter to the Faith, that it’s been condemned by the Vatican, etc., etc. – they look at you like you just fell off a truck.  I know a different local priest that has been trying to step up his homilies, to go more into the Doctrine of the Faith, and he’s gotten run out of his premier Sunday morning Mass because of all the complaints.  “But Father, it’s like you think we’re bad Catholics!”  What an asinine statement in the first place, but its the deeply engrained notions that are false, but have been represented as true, for so long, that it’s going to take decades of slow, patient effort, or a sudden, shocking, miraculous event, to change things.  Pray alot, and bank on the former. Lord, have we some work to do. – ED]

Sorry for the long post.  Go visit Fr. Longenecker’s site and show your support.

From a commenter at Fr. Longenecker’s site: “Please tell me WHY a parish needs over 45 ministries? The TRUE ministry is in the healing graces received in participation in the Mass and the Sacraments”

Exorcist warns of demonic websites February 2, 2011

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Even though the very necessary, and underserved, apostolate of exorcism may have gotten a bad rap, by association, through all the (likely false) accusations being directed at Fr. Euteneur, another well known exorcist, Fr. Gary Thomas, warns today that too many websites (and books) are exposing people to the demonic:

An American exorcist has blamed the internet for rising numbers of young people who say they are possessed by the Devil.

Websites dedicated to the occult, witchcraft, Tarot cards, psychics and séances were increasingly exposing young people to demonic influences, said Fr Gary Thomas.

The priest, whose story has just been made into a major Hollywood film starring Welsh actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, said that pornography and drug abuse were also “doorways” to harassment by evil spirits.

He said there were “no statistics” on how many people might be possessed but said there was a definite increase.

“What I can tell you is that there are more and more Catholics involved in idolatrous and pagan practices,” he said. “That’s really why there’s more demonic activity. There’s the absence of God in the lives of a lot of people.”

He added: “A lot of parents today have no critical eye of faith with which to even recognise the dangers their children are in. A lot of this is going on with the internet. There are lots and lots of demonic websites.”

Speaking to the Catholic World Report magazine he continued: “A demon doesn’t show up. He has to be invited in … The involvement in pagan, satanic, or occult practices are the classical ways.

“Pornography is a doorway. But addictions of any kind can be – not are, but can be – a doorway, but it’s coupled with other things. For instance, drug use alone isn’t going to invite the demonic in, but coupled with the occult it could.”

I am fairly certain there was some demonic harassment with me when I was in active addiction, and I know that early on, when I was getting clean, we had some truly bizaare things occur which were likely demonic in nature.  These attacks were not limited only to me, but also to my wife.  A very good local priest has warned repeatedly that using porn on your home computer can be a doorway to allowing the demonic into one’s home, and into one’s family.  My entire family really enjoys going to Half Price Books, because we all love to read, but my wife and I are shocked in particular by the kids section nowadays – it seems half the books are about vampires or witchcraft or magic.  It’s heinous.  We don’t let our kids read any of that stuff.  Some of the most popular movies targeting young people today involve the occult.  I don’t think this is an accident.  Satan certainly isn’t opposed to the proliferation of these kinds of materials.  And, as Fr. Thomas said, many parents today are, often unwittingly, unable to discern the danger in not only demonic websites, but also in movies, dress, books, and friends.

No, there is not a demon under every rock, but there are growing influences of the demonic in the culture.  All, but especially parents, need to be aware of these influences, and seek to guide their children to more wholesome, Christian activities.

Orthodoxy nets results for schools February 2, 2011

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Enrollment is dropping at many Catholic primary and secondary schools around the nation.  However, some schools are seeing their enrollments boom. The reason?  There is a demand for orthodoxy, for curricula that strongly convey the Catholic Faith, that is being unmet at many schools.  Unfortunately, many Catholic schools are little different in the curricula they use than public schools.  Why pay the extra thousands of dollars a year, if that is the case?  But those schools that present the Faith in a complete and devout manner are booming, in most cases.  Some of these schools have firm, and detailed, oaths of affirmation required of all who work in the school, requiring all who are employed in the school to make a formal oath stating that they accept all the Doctrine of the Faith, including those social items that so many Catholics reject.  Many schools, apparently, have some kind of similar documentation, but they are either not as detailed, or their provisions are not enforced.  Colloquially, I can relate the story of one parent, who described a situation where a child of theirs was present in a class where another student asked the teacher why there weren’t female priestesseses.  The female teacher helpfully answered “because the Pope is a male chauvinist pig.”  It’s easy to see why a parent would be reluctant to pay the $7-12k extra per year (on top of thousands in property taxes for public schools) for such superlative expositions on the Faith.

Anecdotal evidence to be sure, but with some diocese determining to allow those with gay parents to enroll, and numerous other examples of schools seemingly encouraging dissent from the Faith in certain areas, it would appear that, aside from prevailing economic conditions, that the curriculum, specifically the presentation of the Faith, may be playing a significant role in dropping enrollment numbers.

I would add, as an aside, that the Baltimore Catechism is an excellent resource for forming children in the Faith, especially those preparing for First Communion.  For Confirmation, My Catholic Faith is another wonderful, but more advanced and detailed, resource.  I encourage all parents to check out these resources, especially those who are homeschooling their children.  You DO NOT have to place your child in the Communion/Confirmation formation classes at your parish – this is a construct that is not backed by any formal guidance of the worldwide Church.  You may be “leaned on” by Deacon X or Ms. So and So at the parish, but parents always have the right to form their children in the Faith, and receiving the first Sacraments of Communion or Confirmation is not contingent on completing a parish program.   There are many alternative avenues for the celebration of the initiative Sacraments.

UPDATE: Speaking of problems in Catholic education, especially with orthodox presentations of the Faith – Georgetown yesterday allowed a vehemently anti-Catholic gay rights leader, in fact, the head of the Human Rights Campaign, one of the most vociferously anti-Catholic groups in the world, to speak on campus.  This is subversion from within.  Prominent faculty and leadership at Georgetown have made no bones of the fact that they intend to work to change unchanging, unchangeable Church Doctrine, Doctrine grounded in the twin pillars of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  I do not know why any faithful Catholic parents would allow their child to attend this sadly fallen institution.

2nd snow day! February 2, 2011

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Err……ice day.  2nd day off work.  The kids are becoming increasingly feral.  I didn’t realize my wife locks herself in the attic for most of the day.  I’ve had to arm myself just to get to the kitchen.  The dogs are terrorized – no wonder they act so relieved when I come home from work.  A room completely clean can be totally destroyed in 30 seconds.  I’ve had to resort to supplementary oxygen to keep up.  This can’t go on much longer……..

…..oh, and the rolling blackouts, of which we’ve already had two, are an added treat!  Our alarm system has a hissy fit every time the power comes back on.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!