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Catholic Health West funds abortion groups February 3, 2011

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Catholic Health West, the group that was reprimanded by Bishop Thomas Olmstead of Phoenix for defending one of its member hospitals performance of an abortion, has donated $1.2 million to a group of “community clinics” that happen to include two abortion mills.  As if abortionists needed more money!  Catholic Health West is the most profitable member of the Catholic Health Association.  Catholic Health Association is supposed to represent non-profit Catholic hosptials.  See the entire story here:

By Fr. John Malloy, SDB –  On January 6, 2011, Catholic Healthcare West awarded nearly $1.2 million in grants to various nonprofit organizations in Sacramento, Placer, Yolo and Nevada counties.Catholic Healthcare West has been in the news often lately for its undercutting of Church teaching on the issue of abortion. In December, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix stripped one of its member hospitals, St. Joseph’s of Phoenix, of its Catholic designation. The Bishop’s action came in the wake of an abortion carried out at the hospital, followed by an attempted justification of the abortion by hospital staff.

CHW is represented in the Sacramento area by Mercy Hospitals. Among the organizations receiving “Community Grants” from CHW/Mercy was the Capitol Community Health Network. A CHW-Mercy press release describes the Capitol Community Health Network as:

“A member network of nonprofit community clinics and other health services organizations that provide a continuum of cost effective, culturally appropriate, high quality, primary health care services to all people regardless of ability to pay.”

The CCHN’s own webpage gives its background, in part:

“The Capitol Community Health Network (CCHN) started life in 1994, as the Sacramento Community Clinic Association. Initially, it was an advocacy organization for non-profit women’s healthcare clinics whose funding streams were threatened by the implementation of Geographic Managed Care in Sacramento County.”


Their Board Members include a Vice-President for Planned Parenthood

The CCHN consists of 12 member clinics, all of which are listed on its website. They include Planned Parenthood Mar Monte and Women’s Health Specialists. Members of the CCHN Board of Directors include Shauna Heckert, who is also the Executive Director of Women’s Health Specialists and Deborah Ortiz, the Vice-President of Planned Parenthood Monte Mar.

We know not the day or the hour February 3, 2011

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Chapter II, Book II, Vera Sapientia – Thomas a Kempis:

“Watch, because you know not the day or the hour” Matt 25

Happy the soul that often thinks of the last hour, when all things i this life shall cease – joy and sadness, honour and contempt.  Happy is the poor soul that became a pilgrim for God, and despised all worldly grandeur, be it ever so great and splendid.

In that last hour shall perish all castles, McMansions, villas, towns, all gold and silver, sumptuous furniture……There shall also cease the harp, trumpet, flute, guitar, all plays, jests, laughter, dancing, rejoicing and singing, all music and hilarity in the squares and houses, for the hears of all shall be brought to nothing, all the earth shall fear before the face of the Lord.

Blessed is he who willingly abandons all things that would give pleasure to the flesh in this world, which is full of snares and dangers.  Blessed is the pilgrim who often sighs and grieves in this exile, and desires to be dissolved, and to be with Christ in the Heavenly Kingdom.  Blessed is he who hates the world, and all those things which entice to sin, and who flees with Elias into the desert from the presence of many evils that often draw the unguarded into hell.  Blessed is he who watches night and day against temptations, and often prays with Elias, saying: “Its is sufficient, O Lord; take away my soul.” It is better for me to die with good hope, and to depart from this life in grace, than to witness evils, and to live in the midst of dangers. 

He therefore is very much deceived, and errs like a fool who desires to live long in this world, and proposes to do many things, but does not know whether he shall bge alive tomorrow.  Call to your mind a man, noble, rich, and enjoying every pleasure.  What shall he be when buried in the earth after death?  What then do riches and pleasures profit him?

All the pleasures and pomps of the world shall soon end.  What is the whole time of our life, unless the present short instant, as the wind blowing by…….Nothing is firm or durable upon the earth from which Adam and his sons were formed.

He is happy who desires with Paul to be dissolved and to be with Christ, for this is much better than to live longer in the flesh, to be a pilgrim from God, and to be struck and knocked about by the storms of this world.  If you always bear Jesus in our mind, and daily pray to Him, then indeed you shall have confidence in the kingdom of Him who said, “I will, O Father, that where I am, there also shall My ministers be.”  Blessed is the servant who shall deserve to hear on the last day, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…….enter into the joy of thy Lord.”

“Lose not, brother, thy confidence of going forward to spiritual things; there is yet time, the hour is not yet past…..arise, and begin this very moment, and say: now is the time for doing, and now iss the time to fight; now is the proper time to amend thy lifeWhen thou art troubled and afflicted, then is the time to merit! Unless thou do violence to thyself, thou wilt not overcome vice!”

Webcast 2nite on Planned Parenthood videos February 3, 2011

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There will be a live webcast broadcast tonight at exposeplannedparenthood.com with major pro-life leaders discussing the shocking videos that show several Planned Barrenhood employees engaging in criminal activities as they advise what they believe to be a man running a child prostitution ring on how to procure abortions and contraceptions for the young women he is terrorizing.  Should be quite an event!   Tune in at 7:30p CST. Speakers include:

  • LILA ROSE, Live Action
  • MARJORIE DANNENFELSER, Susan B. Anthony List
  • TONY PERKINS, Family Research Council
  • DAVID BEREIT, 40 Days for Life
  • ABBY JOHNSON, Former Planned Parenthood Director, Now Pro-Life Activist and Author
  • DR. ALVEDA KING, Priests for Life
  • WENDY WRIGHT, Concerned Women for America
  • CHARMAINE YOEST, Americans United for Life Action
  • STEVE WAGNER, The Renewal Forum

Planned Barrenhood has been shown, repeatedly, I mean, literally, well over a dozen times, engaging in illegal activities in the furtherance of their abortion business.  Each time, PB acts like it’s a completely isolated, one off case, and their allies in the state run media give them a pass.  They’re going to have a harder time doing so, this time.  From what I understand, the expose videos from New Jersey and Virginia represent less than half the locations where this behavior on the part of PB was evident.  As they say…….stay tuned.

Another video shows Planned Parenthood abetting child sex abuse February 3, 2011

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Planned Parenthood has reacted in the usual manner to the recent expose video by Live Action showing a Planned Barrenhood mill in New Jersey eagerly aiding and abetting a man claiming to be operating an illegal child prostitution ring.  They have fired the woman on the video, attacked the messenger (for using a fake crime ring to advance their right wing patriarchal political agenda), and tried to say that the videos were edited to make the exchange look worse than it really was.  All, patently false.  Oh, and did I say videos?  Yes, yes I did.  Busted again, in Richmond:

None of the excuses apply.  The videos were not edited – Live Action has released the complete videos from both locations.  In decrying LiveAction’s political agenda, Planned Barrenhood is engaging in that favorite pasttime of the left – hypocrisy.  They’re only mad because they’ve gotten caught, again.  How many employees must be fired before Planned Barrenhood’s systematic efforts to aid those committing child sex abuse, whether they be single girls abused by older men, or girls abused by family members, or girls caught up in underage child prostitution rings finally are accepted as real and true?  Planned Barrenhood makes money by killing babies.  Period, full stop.  As we have seen with the horrors at several abortion clinics nationwide, once one becomes involved in a very lucrative “business” involving the tortuous  murder of children within, or without, the mother’s womb, it’s not much of a mental leap to also become complicit in covering up child sex abuse, rape, or engaging in insane race war genocide. 

We all pay for this behavior. The federal government gives hundreds of millions of dollars a year to Planned Barrenhood.  That’s your money, and mine.  Will you call your congressperson and aske them to defund PB?  Will you call your senators?   When one is willing to murder babies for money – in spite of all the high sounding rhetoric, that’s what it is – any kind of criminal activity becomes fair game.  When in the name of the dear Lord will it stop?

This is a sickness, a deadly disease, eating away at the soul of this country.  The disease will be terminal, if we do not stop it.

Have a cough, respiratory problems – go to Mass today! February 3, 2011

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Today, Feb. 3, is the Feast of St. Blaise, famous for having miraculously healing a child choking on a chicken bone by making a cross out of candles and touching them to the child’s throat.  For centuries, Catholics have gone to Mass on this day to receive blessings to heal any of their throat ailments or breathing difficulties.  As if you needed another reason to go to Mass!   I have known people with chronic breathing problems who have benefited tremendously from these blessings.  Forget the ice, it’s mostly gone, and 19 degrees is positively balmy compared to some places, so get out to Mass today!

The banality of self-interest February 3, 2011

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It’s always interesting when one learns that someone they have read or known or seen on TV turns out to be not who they appeared to be.  Many people feared this about Fr. Euteneuer when accusations were flying around, and some still do, and always will.  I want to add that I did not believe the accusations directed at Fr. Euteneuer until I received a correspondence from an individual I believed was trustworthy.  I no longer believe the assertions made by this individual to be accurate, and I am more certain than ever that a rather well known website is publishing many accusations received from one person in particular, and possibly even picking up anonymous ‘claims’ from blogs and other sources.   They have shown no concrete evidence.  I do not believe they possess any.  It is all speculation and hearsay.   I am near certain that two or three individuals have coordinated their efforts in all these “revelations,” with one party making almost all, if not all, the accusations.  It appears now as if some of these parties are backing off their assertions, and/or directing their claims elsewhere.

My only concern in this entire ridiculous embroglio has been asking questions about why books published and selling successfully would be so quickly “pulled.”  I was interested because I feel exorcism and the demonic have been overlooked subjects in recent times.  I have found the reason, and it is the banality of self-interest: after Fr. Euteneuer left HLI, further publication of the books would lead to a royalty fight, since Fr. Euteneuer was the author but HLI held the copyright.  Rather than risk the bad publicity of such a fight and the concommitant expense of legal action, it was easier simply to no longer publish them.  While these books are relatively successful in their niche market, they are not successful enough to warrant tens to hundreds of thousands in legal fees.  Why I was informed by some booksellers that they had received instructions to send their copies back, I am less certain – this could also be explained by a banality, my asking leading questions and some bookstore clerk(s) just following my lead. 

I’m sorry for any doubt I’ve cast on HLI or Fr. Euteneuer.  HLI is a very good organization pursuing a vital apostolate.  They made decisions in an ugly situation that they thought best for their organization, and, I am certain, the Church.  I’m sorry I fell for the hype – even if only very briefly.  I think I’ve learned a fair amount – there are alot of folks out there pursuing their own agendas.  I need to be more careful making clear what my agenda is, and sticking only to that.  If you would, in your charity, perhaps say a prayer for all involved – I could certainly use many. 

I could still be made a fool of.  While I am reasonably certain of all the above, no one can be completely certain.  We’d have to peer into many souls in order to be certain, a priviledge God reserves for Himself (with good reason).   It could be information will come to light that will invalidate all the above.  But, for now, the best evidence, my reason, and my sensus fidei indicates that all the above is the clearest indication of reality.

I’m done talking about this (no, really!).  Comments are closed.   Don’t try to tack on Euteneuer items to another post, they’ll be deleted.  Commenters on this subject may be banned, depending on who you are.

For a probably better source on exorcisms and demonic activity, I recommend Fr. Gabriel Amorth’s excellent An Exorcist Tells His Story, and An Exorcist: More Stories

Awesome kid! February 3, 2011

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Awesome Pope!  And good on the security, not to freak out but let the kid go up.

I know alot of my readers read the great Fr. Z, but just in case you haven’t seen this, a young boy ambles up to the Pope during some kind of service.  He wasn’t part of a procession or anything, but he just goes on up.  My kind of boy.  Benedict, I’m looking at you!

I love the Pope’s reaction.  That good man has a genuine love for children.  It looks like Msgr. Gaenswein was pleased, as well. My sister in law was able to hold her infant son, Benjamin, for the Holy Father to bless.  When he saw her baby, he made a bee line straight for him – the Holy Father loves kids.