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At long last, have we left no sense of decency? February 4, 2011

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With three more Planned Barrenhood clinics busted aiding and abetting organized crime and child sex abuse, when will all funding, from any governmental agency, stop for this evil institution?  How in the name of the dear Lord can a Catholic institution like Catholic Health West give money to groups like this?  Live action has caught three more:

An institutional crisis has engulfed the highest levels of Planned
Parenthood. Now, three more Virginia clinics have been caught up on tape willing to aid and abet traffickers of underage girls. Footage from clinics in Falls Church, Roanoke and Charlottesville.

Roanoke Planned Parenthood Full Video

Falls Church Full Footage

Charlottesville Full Video

5 clinics so far as being VERY willing accomplices in the commission of state and federal felonies, to the extent that it appears they’ve given this kind of “advice,” on how to obtain abortions and contraception for underage sex slaves, many times before.  Of course they have!  This is an industry founded on murdering babies!  How many born alive infants are killed outside the womb in these places every day?!?  Of course they have no compunction aiding and abetting other crimes!

It’s all, always been a sham. It’s never been about “empowering women,” except for the crazed feminists.  It’s always been about money.  Abortions are very lucrative.  There are millions, billions to be made.  If you have to break a few laws to keep the gravy train rolling – well, so be it.

There are many more videos to come.  We’re still not halfway through. Think about that, Cecile Richards and all you Planned Barrenhood defenders. By the way, the most recent “defense” of the indefensible?  “The PB staff intentionally led the individuals posing as a pimp and his underage prostitute so they could later have the cops come get them when they came back for services.”  Oh, please…..then why do they look so nonplussed, so eager to help?  Why do they all, uniformly, act as if performing illegal acts like this is part of their everyday business, their modus operandi?  Keep defending, you’re only digging yourselves deeper.

BREAKING NEWS! Distorter disproves existence of hell! February 4, 2011

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Well, thank goodness we have the vast intellects of the NCR to tell us this!  This is an actual quote from the article: “I don’t care if scripture mentions hell or Jesus talked about it, if saints had visions of it, or if it’s a time-honored Catholic teaching. It simply can’t be justified on any level.”  Translation: “I don’t like hell.  I don’t want to think about it.  MY version of god doesn’t require hell, so I can do what I want.  I don’t have to worry about eternal punishment because of “sin,” which is just a means of control, anyways.  My god is a god of infinite mercy and love, and nothing else. I don’t believe in Divine Justice.”  Actually, I’d love to fisk this truly laughable exercise in special pleading and wishful thinking, but LarryD at Acts of the Apostasy has already done a fine job of that.  Providentially, I was reading a bit on hell earlier today. You can not believe in hell all you want – it still exists:

Hell was made for the devil and his rebel angels. Man was made for Heaven. In refusing to live for Heaven, a man chooses to exist without Me.  He shall have his wish – he shall join the rebel angels in hell.  In refuseing to follow My law,a man actually turns his back on Me as the fallen angels did.  If he dies in this condition, he condemns himself to hell.  The jury which convicts him is his own sinful life. I merely pronounce sentence on what he himself has chosen.

There is nothing on earth which can compare with hell.  It is beyond all description.  One must see it to know it.  Words fall far short of the reality which is hell.  I make no threats here.  I simply want you to face this fact: Unless you live for Heaven, you shall one day be in hell.

All the sufferings known to man are as nothing in comparison with the sufferings of hell.  The wise man would rather bear any trial on earth than place himself in danger of hell.  One single hour of hell will be harder than a hundreds of suffering on earth. in this earthly life people have some rest from their labors and trials.  They get some measure of consolation.  In hell, however, there is no rest, and no consolation.

The fires of hell will never die.  There will be no end to suffering. One will find no comfort in knowing that he has been there a thousand years. He can never hope for an end to his tortures.  All the other sufferings would be bearable if only the damned could hope for relief.  But there is no relief.  Despair is hell’s bitterest pain.

And yet, the worst pain of hell is none of these. Their keenest torment is that they have forever lost me, the Source of all joy and perfect happiness.  This suffering makes hell the home of despair and undying hatred.

My child, follow My Will in your daily life, and you need never fear hell. In fact, you have every reason to be joyful and merry if you are following My commandments and using My sacraments. Do not condemn yourself to hell by refusing obedience to My Church.

But the Distorter types, they don’t want to be obedient, even though the Catechism, quoting St. Paul, declares obedience to be the first act of Faith.  Without obedience, charity will be false, truth will be a lie, hope will be illusory, and faith will be pointed at ourselves, the religion of man.  That is what the battle between the Church and those within her who seek to usurp her Doctrines has always been about – replacing the religion of God with the religion of man.  This is the essence of modernism. Wrapping up:

Hell is a fact.  Christ, Our Lord, pointed this out time and again during His earthly life.  Whoever rejects this fact is simply denying the Word of Christ.  HE IS GOD. He proved His divine power many times during and after His earthly life.  His Word is Truth.  He preached the Truth of hell and continues to preach it today through His Church and Holy Scripture.

Woe to those who reject hell!




Another snow day! February 4, 2011

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Sorry the blog’s been slow, in addition to the 1+ of pure ice we got on Tuesday night, we picked up 6 inches of snow last night and today.  I’m off work again, because in the South, we don’t know what to do with the stuff.  Actually, a surprising number of people are out and about, but not me.  Took the kids to the park for some sledding fun.  It was a blast, till they got too wet and cold.

Anyway, it’s going to be a light day blogging, I believe.  Here’s some silliness form 1951 – Tennessee Ernie Ford:

Tennessee Ernie Ford was a country boy from Bristol Tennessee who was a bombardier on B-29s in the PTO during WWII.  He had a very successful career, but was also an alkie from the 50s on.