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Fr. Z – poll on veiling February 9, 2011

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Fr. Z has asked other bloggers to bump his stats send him readers to bump his stats participate in a poll addressing the issue of whether or not women should veil in the Mass.  Go bump his stats vote!

I’m pretty clear on this – I think veiling is a beautiful thing to do.  I think modest dress is most appropriate for Mass.  I do not think women should be obligated to veil, but I think it is wonderful when they do.  I think it’s a wonderful thing that more and more women are doing so, and that the trend appears to be growing.

New Motu Proprio coming on improving the Liturgy February 9, 2011

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One of Pope Benedict’s biggest aims for his Pontificate has been to improve the Sacred Liturgy, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  He has felt for a very long time that many of ‘reformations’ after VII were nothing of the sort, but actually ‘deformations.’  Certainly, it can be said that many changes were not organic, but radical departures from Tradition which severed many connections with the perpetual practice of the Liturgy from the past.  Pope Benedict has sought to roll much of this back, or at least get back to a more traditional, reverent, beautiful Liturgy.  Details:

In the coming weeks a document of Benedict XVI will be released which reorganizes the competences of the Congregation for Divine Worship, entrusting it with the task of promoting a liturgy more faithful to the original intentions of Vatican II, with less room for arbitrary changes, and for the recovery of a dimension greater sacredness.

Cañizares told Il Giornale, in an interview published on the eve of last Christmas: “The liturgical reform was carried out with great haste. There were very good intentions and a desire to apply Vatican II. But there was precipitancy… The liturgical renewal was seen as laboratory research, the fruit of imagination and creativity, the magic word then.” The cardinal, who had not been unbalanced in talking about the “reform the reform”, had added: “What I see as absolutely necessary and urgent, according to what the the Pope wishes, is giving life to a new, clear and vigorous liturgical movement throughout the entire Church”, to put an end to “arbitrary deformations” and the process of “secularisation, which unfortunately is at work even inside the Church.”

It is known how Ratzinger has wanted to introduce in the papal liturgies significant and examplary gestures: the cross at the center of the altar, communion kneeling, Gregorian chant, the space for silence. It is known how much he values beauty in sacred art and how much he considers it important to promote Eucharistic adoration. The Congregation for Divine Worship – which some would also like to rename [sc. Congregation] for the Sacred Liturgy or for Divine Liturgy – will thus have to concern itself with this new liturgical movement, also by opening a new section of the dicastery dedicated to sacred art and music.

Let us pray that this new liturgical movement will be resoundingly, exceedingly successful, and also that the provisions of Summorum Pontificum will be finally faithfully observed everywhere throughout the Church.

An evangelical looks at Catholicism…. February 9, 2011

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……and finds evangelicalism wanting?  More total gold from Msgr. Pope at the Archdiocese of Washington blog.  I must say, way to go Cardinal Wuerhl, this blog is superior.   Msgr. Pope has a post with an evangelical criticizing the evangelical’s lack of engagement on cultural issue, and it is followed by a video, which I will include, which blew me away, because except for one huge point, it is exactly what I have been trying to clumsily convey here for a long time.  Msgr. Pope’s post is long, so I’ll give an excerpt, you can read the rest there.  First, the evangelical’s comments in bold, then Msgr. Pope’s:

Why are Catholics and Mormons increasingly bold when so many evangelicals are increasingly timid? Why are Catholics so often leading on life and Mormons so often leading on marriage? The answer, I think, is theological and cultural, two words that expose profound weaknesses in American evangelicalism. [I would like to say I think Catholics are also showing something of a lead on marriage issues, but in an incomplete way. It is clear we are against Gay “marriage.” But how well do we really uphold true marriage in our lives? Our doctrine is clear enough, but in practice we have high numbers of divorce and annulments. Whereas the Mormans have large, strong,  and stable families, our witness in the actual way we live is sore comprimised. Hence,  our author does not see us as the strong witnesses to marriage we ought to be].  

First, theology. One cannot spend five minutes with thoughtful Catholics without understanding how the defense of life is a fundamental and integral part of the DNA of the church. Since the defense of life is theologically-grounded, it is functionally and practically independent of any secular ideology. Nuns who one day attend a sit-in for immigrant rights may the next day do sidewalk counseling outside of Planned Parenthood. Bishops, “progressive” or conservative, defend life in Catholic hospitals. Catholics who study church doctrine, who immerse themselves in the teachings of the church, understand that to defend life is to imitate Christ. Life is not just an “issue,” for a Catholic; it is at the core of the Gospel. [Well, I wish what he said here was wholly true. There are unfortunately some aspects of  politics that separate Catholics out into two wings as we have discussed elsewhere on this blog. On one wing are Catholics who are pro-life and focused on the great moral issues of our time: Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem cell research, sex education and so forth. On the other wing are Catholics  focused on the social issues: poverty, immigrant rights, capital  punishment, health care and so forth.  

Our author’s picture of the nun sitting in for immigrant rights and protesting later in front of the PP “clinic” is beautiful but rarer than I would like. Not all Catholics easily stride back and forth between the two wings. I know many who do and would like to think I am one who does, but the truth is there ARE secular ideologies that negatively impact our ability to be truly prophetic. But pay attention fellow Catholics, someone sees us as strong in this area. Why don’t we strive to live up to the powerful image our Evangelical brother sees?  

Thank God, too our theology IS very clear on life, seeing it not merely as an issue but as deeply rooted in the Gospel and the Tradition going all the way back to the Didache. Recall the strong reaction to Nancy Pelosi by ALL the bishops when she said it was something less than settled doctrine and only of recent origin. But it is long standing doctrine.  Abortion is an intrinsic moral evil without exception (ex toto genere suo). The doors are quickly closing on any Catholic who would hold otherwise].  

Tons more at Msgr. Pope’s site – go hit him up! I agree that the evangelical has an overly sanguine view of Catholicism – sort of the outsider’s grass is always greener view.  If all Catholics accepted all Doctrine and practiced it to the best of our abilities, his comments would be very true.  Now, the video, which, well, you check it out:

Hearing this from an evangelical is incredibly refreshing.  It’s all very accurate, except for the huge point of contention between Catholics and protestants – the evangelical claims we are justified by faith alone, whereas Catholics know we are justified by Faith and works.  In fact, the evangelical knows, it too……he claims we are saved by ‘faith,’ but then says we must have repentance to be saved.  REPENTANCE IS A WORK!  He’s contradicting himself, but pray for him, he’s very much on the right path.  James 2:20-22! 

The number one thing that led me to reject protestantism (aside from the total moral-theological collapse of ‘mainline’ protestantism) is the failure of ‘faith alone,’ and the notions of ‘once saved always saved’ that come from it as well as the idea that “if I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, I get a get into heaven free card.”  Sorry…..that isn’t supported by Scripture, or the Church fathers, or the example of the Saints, or any classical theologian.  When you go through Scripture and start connecting the dots of theology, they lead one place – The Catholic Church.  There was only ever meant to be one Church, and I pray that this very spirited, very moved protestant will cross the Tiber and become one with the Body of Christ, warts and all.   What a great speaker, and boy, do I worry about the same thing – the primary reason I rant on this blog is because I SO fear for the state of the souls of so many people, including a huge number of Catholics.  I agree with this evangelical Paul Washer – I fear we may be very surprised (Phil 2:12).

I would remind our evangelical (and Catholic) friends of a few other things God hates, probably even more than TV shows (and I have no TV): contraception, divorce and remarriage, porn, adultery, drunkeness, licentiousness, immodesty……..

I shant complain about the snow…… February 9, 2011

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……, our third in a week, after seeing these pics, ostensibly from South Dakota, although I’m thinking Canada is more likely:

Thank you Lord for letting me live in Texas!

Many parents opposed to their children becoming religious? February 9, 2011

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Well, this one flabbergasts me.  It appears a recent study has shown that over half of the young religious in this country were actively discouraged in their vocation to the religious life by their parents!  That stuns me.  I’m sure there are individual cases where parents may have concern if the call their child discerns is genuine, but over half were opposed?  My problem is the opposite – I have to shut myself to stop waxing poetic in front of the girls what an awesome vocation nuns have (especially, my favorite, cloistered nuns – I don’t know why, the nuns of the cloister have made my heart sing for a long time now), because I don’t want them to feel that I’m pushing them in that direction.  I wonder if part of the reason is that few Catholics have experience with nuns anymore, and view their lives of sacrifice and prayer and self denial as something too bizaare to contemplate.  Maybe they fear their children will be lost and unhappy in that life.  That doesn’t square with my experience – virtually every young nun I have met has been bouyantly joyous – infectiously so, another reason I like nuns so much, the joy they radiate is very catching.   Perhaps it’s just the ‘wisdom of the world,’ that says to be ‘happy’ a woman must needs a career, a partner (we don’t want to judge), and a family. 

I have alot of readers with alot of kids.  Would any of you have a basic opposition to your child following a religious vocation, if they discerned one?  I don’t mean a bad situation, or perhaps confusion on the child, I mean a basic oppostion, as in, “I really don’t want my child being a nun/monk/priest.”  Any feel that they’d be very blessed to have their child called to a religious vocation?

Anne Rice – UPDATED February 9, 2011

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Am I the only one who isn’t the least bit interested what one moderately popular author with no great talent has to say about the Church?  She apparently thinks a great deal of the Church, because she cannot stop talking about it for 15 seconds.

You can go over to Fr. Longenecker’s and see some of the reaction to what I thought was a rather generous post regarding Rice’s most recent attacks on the Church.  Unfortunately, many of her supporters are imbued with a very modernist, worldly view of Christianity.  I doubt they’d get the post on dying to self.

UPDATE: I had one of those moments last night, where I sort of woke up and thought “Hoh boy, maybe I should have thought more about that.”  I have those moments about 15 times a day, but n e ways, I was thinking about Anne Rice, and that I should actually care very much about her apostasy and her now seeming hatred for the Church.  The Church and the Lord are inseparable.  Since Christ gave the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter, the Church has been Christ’s Church, His Mystical Body, it is inextricably linked to Our Savior, His Life on earth, and His Sacrifice.  When one attacks the entire Church as being a misbegotten, misogynistic, hateful, judgemental, plainly EVIL institution, one is saying essentially the same about God.  The Church did not just “make up” its doctrine.  The Doctrine of the Faith was not written by some secret medieval cabal.  It is the Truth Christ has revealed to His Church through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  It is unchanging, and unchangeable.  With all Ms. Rice has done recently in her attacks on the Church, she has totally cut herself off from that Mystical Body and the life-giving Grace that sustains the entire world.  That is a tragedy of epic proportions – for the loss of even one soul is a loss of incalculable magnitude.  I will pray for her conversion, and for her son to understand that the Church isn’t being “mean” or “judging” by condeming homosexual acts – it is striving as well as it can in its limited human fashion to uphold that Truth Christ has revealed through His Church and to gather as many souls into this great Body as it possibly can.  I am sorry for dismissing Ms. Rice’s rants – they are likely driven by deep pain and conflict.  It is so very difficult to reject the wisdom of the world and accept that timeless Truth, and it must be immeasurably more difficult for one who is wealthy and very comfortably esconced in that wisdom.  While her comments have been false, mean spirited and wrong headed, I should have reacted with greater charity for the loss of one person from Christ’s Church.  It is very easy, very human, to react with anger when one feels attacked, when the institution that one sees as the ONLY vehicle of salvation for all of us, that means so very much, is attacked.   But that is not what Christ Wills.  He Wills that we turn the other cheek and try, in charity, to convince Ms. Rice of the error of her ways.  I left a comment at Fr. Longenecker’s trying to explain, as briefly as I could, why one MUST accept the Doctrine of the Faith, for obedience is the first act of Faith.  Sadly, I doubt Ms. Rice, or her many virulent fans, will accept any reasoning at this point.  I will pray.