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Pastor stops use of (un)extraordinary ministers of Communion February 14, 2011

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At one time in the Church, who could rightly handle the Blessed Sacrament was a very limited set of folks.  Think ‘consecrated deacon or above.’  Nowadays, anyone with a few hours training – or not! – can handle the Blessed Sacrament in most parishes.  Well, one pastor, following the very plain explanations of doctrine available online, from the Vatican, and in many books, has ended the practice at the two parishes he serves.  Via Fr. Z:

Extraordinary Ministers No More *Gulp*

Fr. Rick Heilman | Feb 14, 2011 |

This past weekend I made one of those decisions in my two parishes that was very difficult, only in the sense that my own silly pride seems to forever inclined to seek the approval of others. It was one of those decisions that I could’ve waited on … to see if many other parishes were doing this first, but that stupid “integrity” thing wouldn’t let me wait for that.

This weekend we made the move to refrain from the use of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion[NB] Thanks to this internet age in  which we live, the appropriate teaching on this was hard to escape. [Reverend Fathers, have you read Ecclesiae de mysterio?] Up to now, I hid behind my “ignorance”, but once I received the truth, the culpability of my dissent became more grave. I could no longer cower behind my lack of knowledge. My conscience got the better of me as I realized my dissent would now be direct.

In my larger parish, with the church about 90-95% full, it took only 8 minutes 45 seconds for me to give everyone Communion (also, like the Holy Father, I place a kneeler in front of me to give our people the option kneeling or standing). There just isn’t a case for “unduly prolonged” Communion.

Oh, how I wanted to hang out in my ignorance.  Besides, look what happened to some of the priests who did this? (here) [About Bp. Morlino and the great priests near ultra-liberal Madison, WI.  OOH-RAH!] … I mean c’mon … national news? But, they inspired me to be join our Holy Father’s vanguard in reeling in some of the abuses which have crept into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Of course, I spent the weekend giving our people the teaching (with love) on this, and the response (so far) has been anything from, “Thank you, SO MUCH, father … we have been waiting for years for this” to “I’m leaving the parish.”

There are wonderful teachings out there in “Google Land,” but this one cuts to the chase pretty well (here).

I pray that more pastors will consider discontinuing the use of (un)extraordinary ministers.  My personal experience is that doing so does not add a large amount of time to the Mass, if any.  At Atonement parish this past Saturday, about one thousand people received Communion from two priests and a deacon in about 10 minutes.  And that was with everyone kneeling.   There are really no serious reasons why (un)extraordinary ministers are needed at regular Mass celebrations – it’s simply because of the faulty interpretation of certain VII documents that call for “full, active participation”……that doesn’t mean everyone has to have a little “job” to perform at Mass.

Monastic life and the Traditional Mass February 14, 2011

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This is pretty hardcore.  I dig this – especially Mass celebrated Versus Dominum.  Really, shouldn’t we all be facing God when celebrating the Source and Summit of our Faith?

I know a monk from the Benedictines at Norcia.  Here is the prior of that order celebrating TLM in the Shreveport Cathedral.  The Bishop of Shreveport, Bishop Michael Duca, is from Dallas. Ahem <cough cough>.  Many cathedrals around the country have now celebrated the more traditional form of the Mass.  When will we in Dallas?

All of the above ripped off from NLM.

30 day Novena to St. Joseph for the unemployed starts Feb 18! February 14, 2011

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Thanks to my ‘secret correspondent’ for this heads up!  I didn’t even know of this Novena, but now I’m sure to pray it!  I know a number of unemployed people.  It is such a trial.  Please, in your charity, pray for them!

You can actually pray this novena for any (or many) intentions.  Good St. Joseph always has great intercessory power.

The Novena is here!

I’m soooo totally like an environmentalist! February 14, 2011

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Well, I think my regular readers know better, but having just returned from one of my many trips to the Hill Country, God’s Very Own Country, I must admit I do despair a bit to see all the development going on, the roads getting filled (bikers……..ufff), the hills cleared and filled with giant houses.  It hurts a bit.  And while I’m not one to call for limits to development, I do wish folks could perhaps learn to make do with a little less.  Do 2 people really need a 5000 sq. ft. house on top of that hill?  Did you have to clear out ALL the trees? 

I look at my wife’s family’s photos of Harper and the environs back in the 30s and 40s……it was alot different back then.  More grass.  More open spaces.  Less brush (a result of over grazing and lack of water).  Oh, well.  With all the oaks dying off, it might look a bit more like that again before too long. 

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Pelosi makes clear she’s against ‘them’ February 14, 2011

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And the ‘them’ is us – faithful Catholics who oppose abortion

Her most recent outburst– an attack on supporters of the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act—is particularly instructive. Pelosi says that those who support the Act are “in a different philosophical place” from people like herself and her supporters. In a sentence that is grammatically incomplete but rhetorically clear, she continues:

So that’s why homosexuality, that’s why birth control, all these things that are not consistent with their beliefs that are all about procreation.

Notice the wording. Pelosi speaks about “their” beliefs. Who are “they”—these people who are “in a different philosophical place” from the former Speaker? They are people who oppose abortion, homosexuality, contraception, and embryo research. They are pro-lifers.

Not all pro-lifers are Catholic, but all Catholics are pro-lifers. For anyone who is in communion with the Church, it is morally obligatory to take the pro-life side. Pelosi doesn’t. 

The pressing question, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, is whether she remains a Catholic in good standing, or whether she has separated herself from the communion of the Church.

Does anyone serious about their Faith have any doubt remaining on this issue?  How many times must Pelosi directly contradict solemn Doctrines of the Faith before she is publicly denied Communion?  Is the fear that a schism will develop?  It already exists!  It’s just been papered over by ‘pastoral’ efforts that allow rank heresy to somehow exist in these people who call themselves ‘faithful catholics’ but who reject all manner of the Faith, with no visible penalty.  How much harm is done to the Faith through this misguided approach?  How many souls will be placed in grave jeopardy by following the example of Ms. Pelosi?  She bears an awful responsibility, to be sure, but so do the bishops who have failed to discipline her, as we as the priests who continue to give her the Blessed Sacrament every time she presents herself. 

This pastoral approach, this attempt to “keep people in play,” has been a disastrous failure.  There hasn’t been a single major “conversion” to acceptance of the Truth revealed through the Church by any of these many public figures who constantly apostasize on core issues like abortion.  Instead, the faith of many rank and file catholics has been demonstrably weakened (pick any visible measure you wish – Mass attendance, donations to the Church, vocations, etc) as they either persist obstinately in sin by following the example of their cultural leaders, or they just muddle along very confused about what constitutes Truth.  God will not be mocked.  And these situations with Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, the Kennedys……the list goes on…….make a mockery of God.  Good luck with all that.

My Saturday Mass experiences February 14, 2011

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It almost feels like belonging to two different churches.  I assisted at two Masses on Saturday – the first, the Confirmation Mass for my nephew at Our Lady of the Atonement parish in San Antonio, and the second, the anticipatory Mass for Sunday at St. Louis in Castroville, TX.   For those who don’t know, Our Lady of the Atonement (OLA) was the first Anglican Use parish in the world – this Anglican Use Mass is celebrated in the vernacular using modified prayers inherited from the Anglican liturgy.  OLA also celebrates Novus Ordo Mass in Latin every Sunday.  The Confirmation Mass where we assisted was a sung High Mass in the vernacular, celebrated Versus Dominum.  The prayers inherited from the Anglican Use, and agreeing completely with Catholic orthodoxy with a special emphasis on the Sacrificial nature of the Mass and our unworthiness to partake of this great Sacrifice, are of such a quality that I feel they would make a fantastic option for the revised English “new translation” we will be using in our (vernacular) Masses starting on the first day of Advent this year.  The music, and the prayers, are beautiful.  The bishop performing the confirmations, the retired Bishop of Amarillo, gave a very good homily on the nature of the Holy Spirit and the impact this most significant reception of that Gift should have on our lives.   It was truly a fantastic Mass.  And then there is the Church – beautiful, with some signs of Anglican patrimony but only those that are in line with Tradition and serve to accentuate the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and uplift the soul.  The several side altars are spectacular, the number of relics the Church possesses is very substantial, and the Adoration Chapel is very fine.  I don’t know how all this has been financed, for Atonement is not a huge parish, but somehow, it has been done (possibly by not having 37 parish ministries and the concommitant staff), and the results are proof that it is still quite possible to design and outfit beautiful churches in a more traditional style.  But the main thing is the Mass – the celebration is very reverent and always highlights the Sacrificial nature – there is no confusion that what is being offered is a community meal.

As I said, later that day we assisted at a different parish – St. Louis in Castroville.  St. Louis has many of the same design features as a number of other Catholic churches built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the Hill Country by recently arrived European immigrants – limestone exterior, a very tall steeple, a traditional layout, and generally very fine altars configured, of course, for worship with all facing the Lord.  St. Louis has all these things, and used to have more – after Vatican II, various murals on the ceiling and columns were painted over in a plain white.  I understand they were very beautiful, but have been painted over for decades now.  I have heard similar stories – of marble altar rails torn out and literally left as trash (or parking lot curbs), of great altars removed and cut up – suffice it to say, many mistakes were made in those days shortly after VII ended.  Still, even with the new altar located 30 feet in front of the old and jutting well out into the nave, by modern standards, it is a nice church.  Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the Mass celebrated there.  Without being uncharitable, it was almost like a different religion.  The music – all the standard and incredibly tired (and very dated) hippy dippy fare – Gather Us In, Sing a New Song, etc.  The stretching hands across the aisle during the Pater Noster.  The very extended “kiss of peace,” with folks leaving their pews and going across the aisle, or half the length of the church, to shake hands, hug, talk, etc.  And the homily – well, one doesn’t always get to hear apostasy during the homily, but we did.  The venerable Father, a visiting priest, after explaining how, since Vatican II, the Church isn’t a construct of “rules” to obey anymore, he offered his opinion that hell doesn’t exist.  This being in response to one of those “hard” Gospel passages – Matt 5:17-37, wherein Jesus states that hating our fellow man is the same as killing him, looking at a woman with lust is the same as committing adultery, or divorcing and remarrying is also adultery.  Possibly since reinforcing these very challenging articles of Faith (coming, as they did, from Our Lord!) would offend the good folks in the pew, the priest chose to minimize these Doctrines by stating that our God is a God of Love, and that we should not fear any harsh judgement.  I pray for the sakes of the souls who seemed to really appreciate this message that he is correct.  What could have been a great opportunity to challenge people to conduct their lives in a manner more consonant with the Faith turned into a back-patting exercise of “I’m okay you’re okay.”  The music and the lack of reverence are difficult to take, but to hear out and out apostasy and all the false dichotomies about the pre-and post-VII  Church – there is only One Church, and only One Truth! 

Keep praying!  This can’t/won’t last forever…….

Totally admin – does your dishwasher stink at cleaning? February 14, 2011

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And did the problem begin about 6 months ago (ours did)?  The problem isn’t your dishwasher – it’s the soap.  The environuts got the soap manufacturers to change their formula to a nice, “safe,” totally ineffective product! 

It so happens that in the last six months, a lot of people have suddenly discovered their dishwashers don’t work as well as they used to. The problem, though, isn’t the dishwashers. It’s the soap. Last July, acceding to pressure from environmentalists, America’s dishwasher detergent manufacturers decided to change their formulas. And the new detergents stink.

Ah – environmentalists.  They won’t be happy till most of us are dead, or at least reduced to leading dark, cold, hungry 19th century lives.