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The necessity for interior purification February 15, 2011

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Why must be we be pure and holy?  In order to receive more Grace and lead lives with God’s presence dwelling in us, fully:

Before God comes to fully dwell in us, He waits until the soul resolves to free itself from every “creature stain,” that is, the stains of sin and inordinate attachments. As soon as God finds that a soul is free from mortal sin, He immediately fills it with His Grace.  This precious Gift is the first step in the great transformation which the Lord desires to bring about in us.  The more we become purified of all sin and imperfection, and of even the slightest attachment; that is, in proportion as we conform our will to the Will of God, not only in serious matters of obligation but even in the least details of perfection, the more capable we become of being entirely penetrated and transformed by divine Grace.

Grace, the Gift of God which makes the soul a participant in the divine nature, is poured forth into the soul in proportion to its degree of interior purity, which always corresponds to its degree of conformity with God’s WillTherefore, the soul that wishes to be totally possessed and transformed by divine Grace, must in practice strive to conform fully to the will of God, according tot he teaching of St. John of the Cross, “so that there may be nothing in the soul that is contrary to the Will of God, but that in all and through all its movement may be that of the Will of God alone (Ascent of Mt. Carmel, II, 2).

God ont only illumines our soul with the rays of His divine Grace, but He Himself, Unity and Trinity, takes up His abode within us…….Even if we possess but one single degree of grace, God dwells in us and invites us to live in real union with Him; nevertheless, He does not give Himself completely to us; He does not consummate us in His unity nor transform us completely into Himself as long as He finds in us the slightest thing contrary to His Will.  The smallest imperfection is opposed to the Will of God because God cannot desire the slightest imperfection, and a fortiori, He cannot admit to perfect union with Himself a soul who keeps any trace – not matter how insignifinicant – of opposition to His infinite perfection. The basis of all perfect union is total conformity of will and affection.  As long as we love and desire, even in small details, anything that God cannot love and desire, our will is not fully conformed to the divine Will…..

As long as we do not attain to this perfect union of wills,God, although He dwells in us, will not communicate Himself fully to our soul.  Hence St. John of the Cross teaches that “the soul disposes itself for union….by purity and love, that is, by renouncement and perfect detachment from all things for God’s sake alone.”  When the soul is thus disposed, God bestows on it “that supernatural favor by which all the things of God and the soul are one in particpant transformation, and the soul seems to be God rather than soul (something perhaps St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face came close to achieving, or perhaps achieved – ED), and is indeeed God by participation, although its natureal being is as distinct from the Being of God as it was before….” (Ascent of Mt. Carmel, II, 5, 8-7).

The only way to know and observe God’s Perfect Will is to follow, as best as we possibly can, the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  This is why dissent and heresy absolutely baffles me – I can understand having some trouble accepting doctrine that is counter to our nature, to our preferences, but to just reject it, to stand shaking our fist at God and shouting that He is wrong, and that WE KNOW BETTER – I just don’t get it.  I don’t know how such deluded souls can call themselves ‘faithful catholics.’  I have changed my thinking on a number of subjects in order to try to bend my mind to the mind of the Church, and more importantly, my will to the Will of God.  I fail alot, there are still areas where I struggle, but I don’t reject that Truth, I don’t say “I don’t need to conform to that Will.”  I pray I understand that Will better and better.  I pray for those who just can’t accept that Truth, who can’t lose their will in God’s.

UPDATE: If I have parts of my faith, things I’ve said or whatever, that you think are deficient, or wrong, TELL ME!  I need to be chastised!  Tell me what a fool I am!  I’d rather hear it now than at The Judgement.

For the love of! February 15, 2011

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This is not a church!  Yet, it was funded by the Italian bishop’s conference as an outstanding example of design for a Catholic church!  What a joke! It looks like a modern art museum.  There is essentially no identifying feature that says this is a Church, this is a place of reverence, this is a place where the most holy Sacrifice in the history of the world, the greatest miracle EVER, takes place!  I have 10 times as much Catholic art and symbols of the Faith in a single ROOM in my house than this entire church has!

When can we please stop these modernist excesses, these horrific exercises in faux attempts at being avant garde and design churches that won’t be horribly antiquated and laughe at as totally anachronistic in 30 or 40 years?  What about the Sacred?  Who would approve this?  What could they be thinking?

Dear Lord…… February 15, 2011

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……..make this man Pope someday.  Continuing my habit of ripping off many of the fine photographs posted at New Liturgical Movement, here are some recent shots of Raymond Cardinal Burke celebrating Mass.  I don’t think it too much to say that Cardinal Burke has a strong fondness for the Traditional Mass:

Cappa Magna!

I pray that one day soon, I’ll see a new altar at the Sacred Heart Catedral Santuario de Guadalupe with Bishop Farrell turning to bless the people. 

Can you imagine Cardinal Burke as Pope?!  He’s actually got a fair shot, not the best, but a fair one.  Can you imagine how many ‘spirit of Vatican II’ types heads would explode?  There are local priests who state they were depressed for some time at the election of Pope Benedict XVI – how would they react to Cardinal Burke?!  Can you say……Canon 915?

Many more pics at NLM!

When doctors are wrong…. February 15, 2011

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…..alot of times, babies die.  But in one very nice case, that didn’t happen.  A mom diagnosed with cancer when 21 weeks pregnant chose not to have an abortion so she could start chemo right away – she held onto her child, delivered a healthy baby girl, and is now on the way to recovery:

Victoria Webster, 33, was diagnosed with cancer during a routine blood test when she was 21 weeks pregnant.

Medics pleaded with her to have a late termination so she could start on a course of life-saving chemotherapy – but warned the medication would kill her unborn daughter.

The mother-of-two decided to keep her baby, and delay her treatment – and incredibly, she is now on the road to recovery after giving birth to a healthy baby girl.

Mrs Webster, from Birmingham in the UK, says there was never really any “decision” to make about baby Jessica — “I had to protect her.” Husband Martyn supported her in her stand.

For the baby’s sake she refused chemotherapy for her condition — chronic myeloid leukaemia — cancer of the blood, which is extremely rare in patients under 50 — but accepted at the doctors’ urging a milder treatment.

Straight after the birth she began chemo, and although sad to miss out on breast feeding her daughter, she has responded well to the treatment and hopes to be in remission soon.

‘I’ll never regret keeping my little girl and delaying treatment. I might have risked my life for her, but she was worth it.’

Shades of St. Gianna Mola!  Our first daughter was diagnosed as being at high risk for Down Syndrome.  The doctors wanted to do an amniocentesis, and were talking about “options.”  They looked at us like we were  quite odd for saying NO to both, that we would have our child however God intended her to be.  The test was wrong – Annabelle is perfectly normal.  I have a friend who was advised to abort his second son – again, the diagnosis was completely wrong.  I wonder how often this happens, that babies are aborted due to misdiagnosis.  Oh, that people would be willing to accept their child in whatever state God chooses to give them! 

Annabelle is on the left.  She’s 11, by the Grace of G0d.

Lila Rose and Planned Parenthood sinning to take down Planned Barrenhood? February 15, 2011

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Oy…..I don’t know why this topic had to come up NOW, just when LiveAction has scored such a tremendously revealing series of hits on Planned Parenthood that it seems that they may lose all federal and a great deal (if not all) state funding.  I’m referring, of course, to the claims that LiveAction has committed a series of lying transgressions (sins) against Planned Parenthood, the Church, the pro-life movement, the world, and even the enormous new gas giant that is deflecting comets out in the Oort Cloud through these expose videos.  To be honest, this topic makes my head hurt, and the timing seems odd – why fracture the pro-life movement now, when it appears on the cusp of scoring its biggest success, ever?   The person most responsible for making this claim, Fr. Reginaldus at New Theological Movement, is someone I admire.  I also admire Dawn Eden, who has backed up and expanded a bit on Fr. Reginaldus’ assertions.  But I’m having a seriously hard time finding fault with LiveActions tactics, especially since they seem to be about to yield such good fruit.  How can something good come from something rotten (a sin)?  I understand that to lie it to sin, and that the ends do not justify the means, and there have been numerous arguments back and forth as to whether LiveAction is, indeed, lying in their exposes, or simply performing the role of an actor in order to bring to light sins on the part of Planned Parenthood that already exist. 

I can’t reach a definitive conclusion on this.  I see what LiveActions critics are saying, but I wish they had perhaps made their concerns known later.  It would be a shame to splinter the pro-life movement now, over an argument at the extremis of Catholic moral theology.  This is a very nice thing for theologians to debate, but they may be undermining a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike a huge blow in defense of life.  Yes, all sins are offensive to God, but it seems like arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin to compare the possible lies told by LiveAction against the horrific, barbarous, there-aren’t words-to-describe-it actions of Planned Parenthood, which has murdered millions and constantly seeks to spread a culture of death and destruction.  It seems really far fetched to be casting aspersion at this effort NOW, when they have used these tactics for years, and at the moment of their greatest success.  I’m sure the critics feel their efforts are needed now precisely because LiveActions efforts seem to be crowned by success, but wow it is frustrating to be SOOO virtuous when the enemies of life can use any and all means at their disposal to be as vicious and sinful as they wish. 

St. Therese of Lisieux states that God knows we are imperfect, and he accepts those imperfections.  Yes, he hates sin, but in confronting the greatest evil of our time, I have a hard time criticizing those who have perhaps bent the rules in trying to end, or seriously reduce, that evil.  I think also this is an area of Catholic moral theology that needs greater clarification.  As it stands currently, the opponents of LiveAction’s tactics are even arguing that it would be “sinful” to lie to the Gestapo about the Jews one has hidden in the attic.  Even faced with the following choices – lie and possibly save the Jews, say nothing and you will die and likely the Jews, or tell the truth and you’ll all definitely die, Fr. Reginaldus and others have stated we MUST either tell the truth or say nothing.  Is that truly serving God’s Will – we must accept it is God’s Will that we die, so that we can maintain perfect virtue?  That may be the ideal, but in practice……good luck with that.

It seems so counterproductive.  As I said, I think this is an area that needs to be explored more.  I don’t have a strong opinion, but I have definite sympathies.  I’m not going to either excoriate LiveAction nor stop running their videos.  I will not disavow these activities as Fr. Reginaldus has stated we MUST. 

Here’s a number of articles written on the subject – by Steve Kellmeyer, a new one by Fr. Reginaldus, and Dawn Eden (published at the Paulist site – really, the Paulists?!?).   There is an entirely different line of argument centered around whether or not the pro-life movement is at ‘war’ with Planned Barrenhood, and wouldn’t that then allow deception?  I haven’t the time to go into that aspect.

I should probably add that moral theologians are divided on this issue.  Pia de Sollenni and Monica Miller find no sinfulness in LiveAction’s efforts.  But a man I greatly respect, Fr. Angelo Geiger FIM, does.  This is too much for my little head!